Tuesday, January 18, 2011

There is no more such thing as a "Third World"

In the last 500 years of European expansion a certain belief system emerged.The belief of Euro centrism.This means Europe and the West being the place where all major decisions are made.All inventions,thoughts,discoveries ect.Indeed the West did advance past most of the world during the mercantile/maritime era.Most of the world stayed in their same state and did not advance.One of the biggest reasons for this was invention and technology.The Industrial Revolution and the steam ship meant people can get more goods faster.Now people had more time to think and progress even further.The growth of cities and urban life meant more people in contact with each other and the more people were able to think and build even better culture.Now during the last 200 years most of the European nations became advanced not all industrialized(Portugal and Spain)but they had the logistics and military power to hold vast territories.World War 2 weakened much of the advanced world.After WW2 many developing countries fought for independence.They demanded a place in the world.They argued like President Franklin D Roosevelt that the blessings of modern civilization belongs to all of mankind not just White people.This was the fundamental impediment of people fighting against imperialism.On one hand nationalist wanted to liberate their countries but on the other hand many knew that the populations were mostly backward and illiterate.Very little understanding of the modern world.We still have people in parts of India,Africa,Asia who are cut off from the modern world.But unlike 1955 the so called "Third World" is not confined to whole countries anymore.In fact there is no clear definition of Third world anymore.
Globalization and telecommunications bridges the gap
Because of globalization construction firms such as Julius Berger,Phizer,Bhectal ect can have offices in any country and have smaller companies co owned by the host government and have a technology transfer of info.So why do people still use the term "Third World".It is still an attempt to portray Western nations as superior of non Western nations regardless of what the actual reality of the two countries.
Military power is the last sanctuary of the First World
If the economic,social,telecommunication,education gap around the world has been erased,and even poor countries have electricity,running water,roads,railways,and newspapers what does America have to justify it's superiority complex?America has the most violent streets in the world.Gangs,rouge racist,murderers,unemployed,racial tension.The only thing that America has left is military might.And in the coming years Americans will use its military might to feel significant and in control.So what does that mean for African Americans?Do we go along with the coming wars of feel good to justify our existence in America?Or do we build our own nation and forget this fallacy of living in a "First World Country"?

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