Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Plan for White Female Supremecy

CAUTION: This was written by a White Female. The language is harsh so please brace your self for it.

DerKosmonaut1972 White Female Supremacy White Female Supremacy
WF=White Female
WM=White Male
BM=Black Male

Many reader will no doubt be perplexed how IR Sex is a form of white
supremacy. After all doesn't white supremacy forbid IR Sex and all
relations between whites and blacks? Isn't IR Sex the worst nightmare
for white supremacists? The answers will surprise not only the IR Sex
Community but white supremacists as well.
IR Sex more than anything else will solve the Nigger Question once
and for all. More than civil rights and race equality legislation,
more than affirmative action does IR Sex sort out the Nigger Question.
First IR Sex is the best method to appease niggers. The biggest
manifestation of racism is the lack of access of BM to WF. If every BM
in North America and Europe are given at least one WF, BM will be
Second, racism has created a self hatred among BM that is
unsurpassed by the most ardent white racist. The only thing BM is
proud of is his Nigger cock, Nigger balls and Nigger semen. Everything
else about himself he despises. IR Sex is the ultimate _expression of
Nigger self hatred. BM hates his race so much that he refuses to fuck
and mate with BF. This will be further elaborated in the essay.
Finally, sex is the second tool after political/social repression of
domination. Britain France, Spain and Portugal conquered colonies
first with deception, second with military force and finally through
sex. In the past it was the WM that dominated and conquered with the
WF herself subservient to WF.
Fortunately time has passed and society more progressive. Niggers
have been granted formal equality. WF are independent and no longer
seen as the property of WM. Still white supremacy is perfectly intact.
Whites still have all the money, property and political power. There
is a noticeable decline of the power of WM. Though WM still controls
the wealth, information and power, his social weakness is obvious.
For the past 15 years, WM has been the subject of ridicule and
derision. Jokes about his lack of sexual potency are mocked and
jeered. It is popular to blame all of the world's problems on the WM.
WM them selves express their sex hatred. Witness the best selling
success of Michael Moore's book Stupid White Men. This was unheard of
20 years ago.
It has been stated that BM has more culture and sexual potency than
WM. WM is now a joke. Still white supremacy is firmly intact.
Enter WF. WF hates WM. The first part of the manifesto explained why
this is so. More and more WF reject WM. However, while WF may hate WM,
WF is all too aware of her whiteness. The WF will fuck and breed with
Niggers but she is well aware of her whiteness. WF sees herself
superior to BF. Indeed WF knows that her power of BM is her white
skin. WF knows that if she didn't have white skin, BM would not be
interested in her. In Part 1, we discussed how WF can fuck Niggers and
still be racist. WF knows that she is superior to everyone else
because she is white. She's superior to BM because she is WF.
WF will submit to Nigger cock. She will admit that Niggers are
superior to her sexually but she knows that her white skin gives her
social and special privileges. WF can be a white supremacist and fuck
Niggers at the same time. Many WF hate BM but love Nigger cock. WF has
the psychological and sexual advantages over BM that WM could never
With the social decline of WM for reasons mentioned above, WF has
more trust and credibility among BM than WM does. BM loves WF. BM
lusts and desires WF. They are natural mating partners. WF can get
away with racism and racial oppression without arousing the anger and
bitterness in BM that WM do.
WF is in the last stages in her war with WM. WF are better educated
than WM. While WF finishes off WM she is in no way ready to give up
her white supremacy. The sexual and political rise of WF over WM must
happen through her conquest and dominance of BM. This is how feminism
meets white supremacy a al IR Sex.
WF engaging in IR Sex is White Supremacy With a Human Face. To fend
off any threat to WF hegemony, my must dominate niggers sexually.
How does IR Sex lead to racial genocide? Let's take a look at
Canada. Whites conquered the First Nations natives first by
encouraging them to fuck and breed with whites. When First Nations
natives refused to do so, Canada created the Royal Canadian Mounted
Police to attack them and defeat them militarily. The main purpose of
the Canadian army is to conquer the Canadian Indian.
Canadian WF are keen to have Indian kids. It's cheaper to have and
raise a Native child than a non-native child. All Canadian Indians are
given Native Status Cards. That means that they don't have to pay
taxes. Canadian WF who want children realize the advantages of having
native babies. Food, clothes and other goods are tax free making them
15% cheaper. As well all persons in Canada with Native Status can go
to University for free. The children of WF and Native fathers grow up
white. Most of them go on to marry whites and in turn their kids are
white. Canada can say that there's no racism against Natives as most
white Canadian have Indian blood themselves. First Nations natives in
Canada are given two choices of extermination: The bullet or white
Canada is less harsh with its Niggers. Canada is the best country
for IR Sex. Niggers are encouraged to marry whites. The most sought
after men by Canadian WF in the mulatto. When Mulattos marry and have
sex with whites then their kids turn out white who in turn marry and
breed with whites until the black is erased.
What is the WF role? Her role is to steal the sperm of Niggers. The
WF role is the prevent BM form breeding with BF. Other WF steal Nigger
semen to prevent BM from reproducing at all. This is done most
effectively through oral sex. There is a saying: "Once you go white,
you know you've been licked right."
Hardcore racist WF that don't want Nigger cock in her cunt but want
to prevent Niggers from reproducing engage in oral sex. This
accomplishes two things: First it satisfies and pacifies Niggers
sexually. Second, when she drinks Nigger sperm her stomach acids kill
it. This is also why many WF prefer anal sex with Niggers. Again
Nigger semen goes inside the anus of WF where it drips or get shitted
Finally IR Sex acts as another form of birth control. WF that love
Nigger cock and semen in her cunt can go on the pill. Niggers fuck and
pump semen inside them but reproduction is prevented. This is the best
form of White Supremacy. Niggers fuck WF in the cunt and ejaculate but
no more Nigger babies. Also just having Niggers fuck WF is a form of
birth control in of itself.
Now we come to the importance of BI-racial children for the White
Supremacy Project. First lighter babies are produced. The children of
BM/WF will be educated to hate blacks. They will be raised in
all-white settings. The children will date and fuck whites. Finally
these children will marry and have kids with whites. Their offspring
will turn white.
From the BM perspective IR Sex is a form of racial suicide. Most BM
have a deep seated hatred and resentment towards their BF mother. They
don't mind coming from Nigger sperm but detest the fact that they come
from a Nigger egg and come out between the black legs of Nigger cunt.
BM wants to impregnate WF to give their kids the privilege they could
never have: A white mother.
Moreover, BM does not want his children to face racism and
discrimination. BM desires to have white kids. He knows that's
impossible but wants to have white grand children and white
Finally for BM, IR Sex is a desperate attempt to be white. The
closest he can come to being white is by having his Nigger cock inside
white cunt. His ejaculation inside white cunt is a desperate attempt
to expel blackness out of his body. to expunge niggerness out of him.
Still, no matter how many WF he fucks, no matter how much semen and
sperm he pumps into a white cunt, he remains a Nigger to the day he
dies. His attempt to do so is simply a from of racial suicide.
Why must White Supremacy embrace IR Sex? The fatal flaw of past
white supremacy was segregation and Apartheid. By outlawing and
preventing IR Sex, it led to more pure blacks being bred. Separating
whites did not erase Niggers.
When WM prevented WF from fucking niggers, WM set up his own
downfall. WM preserved white supremacy but debased his own standing.
By confounding racism with his sexism against WF, WM painted himself
into a corner. WM was always ready to deal with resistance from
Niggers but unprepared to confront the rebellion by WF. By banning IR
Sex it all but guaranteed that Niggers would not die out.
Whites have no idea how much Niggers love them. The only reason why
Niggers haven't risen up and wiped out whites is because of BM love
and devotion to WF. This is coming back to haunt WM. Letting BM fuck
WF will once and for all end all bitterness and resentments BM has
against whites.
It will also reduce the crime rate. Most BM crime is economic but
also comes from sexual repression. BM violence and aggression is due
to a lack of proper sex outlets. BF will never be able to satisfy BM.
sexually. By giving each BM in North America and Europe a WF, the
crime rate among BM will go into free fall.
In North America and Europe whites greatly outnumber Blacks. There
are enough WF for every Nigger with plenty left over for WF/WM sex and
reproduction. This is already happening in the UK. According to
statistics for the year 2003 over 60% of BM in the UK live with or are
married to a WF. The UK can easily accommodate 90% of BM(leaving out
the 10% of BM that are gay) marrying and breeding with WF not to
threaten white supremacy. Having the children of these unions bred
with whites will ensure the existence and survival of the white race.
Here is a table of the total population of the UK, Canada and the US
with the total number of BM and WF.

UK Total Pop.=60,000,000
BM Pop.=1,350,000
WF Pop.=20,250,000

Canada Total Pop.=30,000,000
BM Pop.=750,00
WF Pop.=8,500,000

USA Total Pop.=300,000,000
BM Pop.=17,500,000
WF Pop.=84,000,000

As the table above shows, it is possible for all BM in those 3
countries have sex with WF and have no impact on the decline of the
white population too much. When the kids of IR unions are bred by
whites then the numbers will be regained.

Here is The Final Solution for White Supremacy. Society needs to go
to the opposite extreme of past segregation and Apartheid. Here are
some legal solutions:
1. Ban and outlaw BM for dating, marrying and having sex with BF.
2. Have a law that requires all WF by the age of 18 to lose their
virginity to BM.
3. Have laws forbidding the children of WF/BM for dating marrying and
having sex with Niggers.
I have included additional safeguards to ensure that Niggers are
still produced:
1.For all BM in prisons to only fuck and breed BF. This is very
important in regards to the Black community. Harsh sentences and
capital punishment has done little to prevent BM criminality. However,
if the penal code is changed to state that any Nigger that gets
convicted of a crime not only will they be imprisoned but the lost of
the right to WF sex will be the real deterrent to crime.
2.Have laws that prevent BF from fucking BM expect for BM convicts and
BM from Africa and the West Indies.

This will enhance and cement white supremacy and help reduce the
Nigger race in North America and Europe. Whites that have a Nigger
grand parent or great grand parent will be genetically stronger than
those with pure white genes. This is the future. White Female Supremacy forever.

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