Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kalagenesis:Message to the Grassroots

To my brothers and sisters of Africa,North America,and the diaspora.We are at a defining moment in our history.We the victims of the worst possible crime man has ever committed against his fellow man-The Trans Atlantic Slave trade now have the opportunity to bring our people to its zenith.We are becoming more and more familiar with each other.Brothers from Nigeria,Ghana,Kenya,South Africa,are communicating with us everyday via the internet.It is so heartening to hear the love and concern brothers on the continent have for the plight of their brothers in America.Also the well known outreach the African American nation has given to Haiti and Africa.This unity is what the enemies of Africa and Black people fear.They will lose, history is on our side.The reason we are fighting the same enemies now is because we have not dealt with the enemies within.Yes we have enemies.An enemy is someone or something that is a impediment to our progress and prosperity.An enemy want to see you with less than them.He wants to see you fail.He delights in Africa's shortcomings and setbacks as proof of our racial inferiority.He romanticize history to make his seem noble and we backward.He steals our history and denies our past accomplishments.This same enemy now want us to forget the pain and suffering we still feel everyday.He does not wish peace he want our silence.Silence is what slaves do.A slave never has peace.For the master will remind him of his wretchedness every chance he gets.
Identifying the enemy within
It seems our Mother continent is being raped, pillaged,and bled by greedy capitalist and their Black puppets in Africa.These people the African pillar of humanity is counting on to be gatekeepers and protectors have decided that it is better to obey their masters in London,Brussels,Washington,Rome,Lisbon than to protect and provide opportunity to the people Africa belongs to.This is because we have let them get away with this.But things are changing and like the great Pan Africanist Patrice Lumumba said Africa will write its own history one day.Well the day has come.We have to grab this opportunity while we have it.The love and new interest in Africa among African Americans is revolutionary.The future belongs to us.
Kala Nation's intentions in South Africa
There are many who are against our unity who are trying to spin what it is I am saying in Africa.I respect the integrity of all nations in Africa.But like any other man I have the right to comment on any country,visit any country and settle in any country.No one ever ask Whites why are they in Africa,Hong,Kong,Japan, ect.It is assumed Whites own the world so the planet belongs to them.When A Black man talks of his ancestors homeland suddenly there is surprise and suspicion.Why is that?Its because we are living under White Supremecy.It is sad so many African play into the White man's hand.Whites is Africa are given carblantch treatment in Africa Kenya,South Africa specifically.When African American have a trillion dollar a year potential spending power dwarfing Europeans.But many unfortunately see us as a threat not as a partner.We have to come together our survival is at hand.