Monday, June 7, 2010

Kalagenesis.Exodus The African American Zion Quest

Exodus is a chapter in the Bible when the Children of Israel were given signs and wonders by Moses to leave Egypt the land of their oppressors into the valley of the shadow of death to get to the promise land.When Moses commanded Pharaoh to "Let my People Go"he did not listen.This caused plagues to infect Egypt.To the end when his own son was killed.Now there were many who disagreed with Moses and wanted to stay.When the going got tough they turned on Moses and God sent his wrath down upon them who disbelieved.The moral of the story is when it is time to leave it is time to leave and there is no turning back.Those who do face their own peril.
The Kansas Exodus of 1879
When people look at St Louis they notice large numbers of African Americans in the middle of no where it seems like.The story behind the Blacks in St Louis is they are refugees in a failed trek towards Kansas.Although a large number made it many did not.This was the famous Trek of 1879.After the Union withdrew its troops from the South the KKK was now free to terrorize freed Blacks into submission.Many felt betrayed by the US and decided to leave the South in large number.African Americans have been on a Zionquest since the end of the Civil War.Zion is the Biblical place for the home of the Jews.African Americans drew parallels between themselves and the Jews of old.Some 20,000 people made the Trek much to the dismay of leaders like Fredrick Douglass who said the South not the West or Liberia was the African American home.How could anyone believe second class citizenship and degradation be home?This was because many well meaning leaders spoke from the position of what is best for America or in this case the so called New South.Imagine they were running that game about a New South back then.
The IAAC is the last Zion movement
The International African American Caucus is the last of many Zion movement the African American people will see.This is a real movement to settle a African American nation in Africa.We understand the plight of the people in this wilderness of North America.An African American state on the coast of Africa is the best option for a sojourning people.This is where our people will have peace.We will finally be free.

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