Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kalagenesis battles Internet trolls,Racist,Sociopaths

The internet is the last great chance we have in setting the record straight and setting our people free.Online you really hear and see the hatred and garbage people have in their hearts and minds.From the safety of their bedrooms,racist many of whom would never look me in the eye without blinking or breaking the stare.I have really exposed many of them.Also there are people in Black America who are comfortable with the Whole Ghetto Chic culture.This is because most of the mainstream media promotes it to destroy our community.People who like distorting us to make us look bad now are being challenged by Bloggers.The Kalagenesis recently delivered a knockout blow to a few racist in South Africa.My fist went through the computer screen and into some glass jaws.This is what it is going to take to counter 400 years of ingrained racism in the mind of the White man.And the inferiority complex and cowardly behavior in the Black man.
Purpose of the Kalagenesis
Our purpose is the unify our people and celebrate the greatness of our people.Our past,present and future.I will not hesitate to do battle with people who attack our people.We have many people who misrepresent us in the media.The housing crisis that was us.Crime that is us.Afirmative Action that is us.The immorality in music that is our culture.This is the subtle message the media Black and White put out around the world.When you are too lazy to type and respond you are no different then the Blacks who gave up their seat before Sister Rosa Parks refused to give up hers.Or the Black people who went to see minstrel shows and laugh.Misimformation and misrepresentation are the new forms of slavery so fight it and put a fist through your computer screen.

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