Monday, February 18, 2008

Tavis the Smiling coon.

Recently Senator Barack Obama captured the hearts and minds of the vast majority of African Americans.For a people who are only given illiterate rap singers,ball players and professional fools to look up to and identify with,Obama seems like a godsend.This popularity has brought out the snakes in Black America.Most of us regular people are shocked that the self hate,jealousy,and evil some so called leaders have are trying to undermine his chances for the presidency.We would have expected this from right wing nuts,but from our own people?For personal gain?These traitors have made a fatal mistake.Thanks to the internet,blogs talk radio the real voices of the community is being heard.And what they are hearing is sending them into a terrifying shock.It is one thing to say I disagree with the Senator,but to undermine him out of envy?You may ask how did this happen?I have been saying this for years,that the so called people who claim to speak for us are chosen by outside forces and don't have a clue about what the average Black person thinks.On the net we hear what people are saying.We are not this monolith, but a diverse people with diverse opinion.No so called leader fully represents us.That is the media image making machine.
The person in the Kalagenesis focus tonight is syndicated talk show and television show/author Tavis Smiley.Now I have been following Tavis for some time I remember when he came out with his first book the New Left,I read it,he had some good points in it.But even back then I thought he was kind of fishing for an audience,not having a core value system.This all changed when he got on BET,still his style was not the traditional Black host it was more free bird.He had porn star Heather Hunter on interviewing her giving her prime time and legitimacy.Her career has not stopped since.Recently he took the bold step in bringing all the old time who's who of Black America to "solve" our "problems".Now if you sucked up to Tavis and his crew you got invited.Now you were a big shot in the who's who of Black leadership.Not that anything will ever be accomplished,but the main thing is these people feeeel gooood!They feel like they are doing something and Tavis rights a book and he is the go to person for anyone who want to loot or exploit us economically,socially or politically.There is just one problem no one has ever asked the masses of Black people who should be their spokesperson.Tavis is on spent time and we the Black bloggers are going to show him and the rest of these bought and sold self hating traitors they cant sell us out anymore.
Tavis Smiley decides to convene the Black America State of the Union.I think its 5th year.Point is this meeting was probably good before the Jena six and the growth of Black bloggers.Tavis says he now knows what the heat these bloggers can bring.So what is this all about.It turns out mysteriously he happens to invite Obama on to "address"Black America and discuss "our"issues.Obama said because he is in a heated contest in the next three states,his time is already spent.That was not good enough for the self described emperor of the Blacks.He seemed ready to attack Obama's Black credibility because of it.He miscalculated,Black people are furious.He is now receiving death threats,and hate mail.Black congressmen are changing their support for Clinton,to Obama or neutral.Barack Obama even said he would send his wife Michelle Obama but that was not good enough for Smiley.In light of all of this the question that needs to be asked who is Tavis working for?The answer is the Clintons.This smells of the dirty Clinton tactics and their Black shoe shine boys.John Lewis,Al Sharpton,Bob Johnson.Enough is enough vote for Obama and let free our selves from the traitors and coons who mislead us.

This gentleman dropped it on this subject:

I guess Tavis sees his show as some "official" arm of the election process in which a spouse is neither appropriate nor worthy. Otherwise, why wasn't Michelle Obama an appropriate surrogate for her husband or even a guest worthy of consideration just based on her own merit to discuss the so-called State of Black Americans? Is Hillary Clinton more well-versed on this topic now than Michelle?

And why would a politically astute representative of any constituency risk snubbing the next potential "first lady" and her husband?

Spare me, please, from well-paid televised Negroes who believe they have arrived and therefore can boldly speak for everyone just because they own a mike.

Too bad about not allowing Michelle Obama to appear. I actually would have tuned in to Tavis' "televised" airing of black dirty laundry this year, for a change. I wouldn't have been able to resist the once in a lifetime opportunity to see Michelle Obama take on Hillary Clinton. What a treat that would have been; I feel robbed.

Too bad that Tavis' ego and his inclination to feel personally "snubbed" whenever he is told "no" got in the way of him achieving a major media moment. The media moguls who give him financial backing may well make him re-visit this short-sighted decision so they can maximize returns on their investment in him and this otherwise meaningless annual list-making undertaking.

This all feels too much like grand-standing on Tavis' part, to show that he can pull presidential candidates off the campaign trail in a tightly contested race to attend "his" special events-- as though he has not already had the honor of hosting two televised presidential debates this campaign season. Tavis wants to be a king-maker, the go-to man, and the authoritative mouthpiece for Black America, and it's getting a little tiring.

For me, it's not so much that he hasn't endorsed Senator Obama-- whom I do support wholeheartedly as the best candidate for our country at this point in history. I think Tavis has the right to abstain or to endorse whomever he chooses in this race. But it is his claim of being "neutral" that is annoying to me, while he also serves as the double-sided mouthpiece and hate operative for the Clintons.

With black folks being the target audience that sustains Tavis' media business, he seems too cowardly to come out and support The Clintons against Barack, especially as Barack has earned increasing popularity among black voters. So he pretends to be a "neutral journalist" while consistently planting seeds of doubt about Barack's "black" credentials-- whatever that means in this day and age.

Black people in general and Tavis in particular need to stop marginalizing ourselves as though we are incapable of caring about any other issues or people on the planet besides ourselves. That is small-minded and self-defeating. And God made us bigger than that.

It is his willingness to embrace his greatness that attracts me to Senator Obama. It is his boldness to speak in a broad and healing voice that resonates with the human soul. It is his ability to appeal to and bring forth the best in human nature that makes his leadership transformational. And transformational leadership is what our country needs after 16 years of anger, fear, and confusion.

Tavis went through a bad time a few years back when his show was dropped by BET after Bob Johnson sold that network. Considering their now obvious connections with Bob Johnson, I just wonder how The Clintons might have also played into helping Tavis to get back on his feet after his BET incident. The Clintons are very astute about collecting "friends" and "debtors" who can later be "useful" to them politically, and I suspect Tavis is among them.

Hillary Clinton is an intelligent woman and a capable politician but she and her husband have already served "their" two-term limit. To ask for more and so soon is greedy. It is asking Americans to support a dynasty at a time when we should be trying to act once again like some form of a democracy.

Bush-Clinton2-Bush2-Clinton? And this does not include the two-term VP stint of Bill's good friend, Daddy Bush. Let's hope Tavis inquires about that pattern of national leadership. Why is it that in a country of 300 million people we must be governed for 3 decades by the same two families-- the Bushes and the Clintons? Why is it that in 40 years, and 10 presidential terms, the Democrats have only been able to win 3 terms-- one through Carter and two through Clinton; while now reaching again for another Clinton? Black folks have always been a loyal vehicle for Democrats to ride into the White House, with no accountability for that loyalty. So, I ask that Tavis ask these such questions of his friend, Mrs. Clinton.

Or, are these kinds of broader questions beyond the thinking capacity of black folks?

Thank you.

Dr. N. J. Tate
Charleston, SC
February 17, 2008 5:21 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Brothers and Sisters;

I appreciate many of the thoughtful remarks that so many took the time to write. Although I don’t have much faith in the American political and economic systems in terms of improving the lives of most African Americans, I really hope that Senator Obama gets the Democratic nomination and makes it to the White House. I view Obama’s run as truly historical, in terms of electoral politics, but not to be compared with the historical relevance of such greats as Malcolm or Martin. I understand Senator Obama is a politician, and as such, he will make compromises that King or Martin would never make and never have to make. Still, based on his record, I give him the benefit of the doubt that he will do more, or attempt to do more, for us than most if not all of the white politicians would, including the Clintons (although I liked Dennis Kucinich’s platform). Some presidents, such as Bush have made the lives of many of us worst off (by the War in Iraq, court appointments, and cuts in social programs). In my opinion, no President, including Bill Clinton, has really improved the lives of most African Americans. Too many of us gave Bill Clinton unconditionally support (until his recent race baiting). But remember, Bill Clinton signed the “three strikes and you are out” legislation that affects mainly African Americans, initiated welfare “reform” that hurt the poor, and approved the unjustified bombing of a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan, an African country based on erroneous intelligence data that it was a weapons factory. Hillary’s Clinton’s appearance at the State of the Black Union will be because she needs more African American votes, not because of her love or concern for African Americans.

Obama has to strike a delicate balance of trying to attract white support without alienating the Black community. In terms of his securing the democratic nomination, it is more critical for him to campaign in those states where the primary elections are still upcoming. If he is to be elected, he needs more white and Latino votes in those states. He is already carrying over 80% of the African American vote. I do not interpret his absence at the State of the Black Union Conference to be a snub of Tavis or African Americans. Don’t you critics realize that the man is running for President? If he is to run a smart election, then the first thing he needs to concentrate on is getting elected. And he can’t do that just on African American votes. (Is Obama’s absence at the SOBU Conference any different from Tavis Smiley holding his book signing in the New Orleans area at a white owned Barnes and Noble Store on the outskirts of New Orleans rather than at a Black owned book store such as the Community Book Store in New Orleans that is trying to reestablish clientele after Katrina?)

I have always tuned in to the State of the Black Union Conference on C Span, and I registered to attend this year’s conference for the first time, and the day of service that precedes it to help rebuild New Orleans. I know that I will honor my commitment for the day of service. At this point, I am still pondering whether or not to attend the conference itself because of Tavis’ actions concerning Obama. I would appreciate your feedback on attending State of the Black Union.

Peace and Love,
A Brother on the Bayou
February 17, 2008 7:44 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please sign the petition online to PBS to rid us all of Tavis and his hatred toward the one black man that has EVER gotten this close to the Presidency. He needs to get the hell out of our way!

Sign it and share it! Let this petition speed around the net just like Tavis' hateration towards Obama did.
February 17, 2008 10:09 PM
Blogger YesWeCan_Change4daBest said...

I agree with Dr. Tate from Charleston, SC. I too would have enjoyed watching the State of the Black Union with Michelle Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton... a missed opportunity.
When did Hillary accept Tavis invite to participate in the State of the Black Union? After Feb. 5th?
Another point. Seems like our Sharpton, Jackson Sr, and Smiley "leaders" have lost their voices in supporting a man pursuing what they have failed to achieve themselves. Where is the Keep Hope Alive voice? It makes me wonder: Are they that closely tied to the Clintons? Are they afraid of becoming irrelevant? The Reverends should be singing praises and clapping with joy, why the whisper.
Note, many white women on TV say that they are voting for Hillary because she is a woman (period). A role model for my daughter they say. Why are we Blacks shame to say that we are voting for Obama because he is Black, a role model for our sons and daughters. Barkley said it however, and good for him. Why hold ourselves to a higher standard against ourselves? Don't think we are good enuf yet? We are good enuf and then some! If we know our long history on this earth, then you know I am speaking the truth.

Back to the Clintons. How much do you want to bet that Hillary will pull the sympathy card... Will she cry again? 3x? Bill Clinton said read my lips. I did not have sex with that woman. What do you want in the White House? Transparency. Truthfulness. Integrity.
February 17, 2008 10:34 PM
Blogger YesWeCan_Change4daBest said...

Check out Roland Martin's comment on the matter of which I totally agree. (cut and paste url)
Reading it, I found out that Hillary accepted after Feb 5th, ie., when she realized the battle in front of her, rather than a cake walk.

"By the way, when people say that black issues are being ignored in the campaign, they are wrong.

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, the nation's most prestigious think tank devoted to African American issues, released a survey showing that the top issues to blacks are the war in Iraq; healthcare; jobs and the economy; and education."
February 17, 2008 11:10 PM

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