Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kala Nation poll.Should White America force Obama to denounce his Church and Farrakhan.

Copy of Kala Nation poll.Obama mania

Is it fair to ask Senator Barack Obama to den ounce Minister Farrakhan,when White politicians are not asked to denounce controversial White Americans that Black people may threatening.Poll question should Obama have denounced Minister Farrakhan?


When this issue surfaced a few weeks ago I figured that figured the majority of people would be able to give Senator Obama the benefit of the doubt.But it seems that White candidates can have past with controversial people that may threaten or offend minority groups who are vulnerable to a majority.Why are people like racist Strom Thurmond given a monument,and the rebel flag flies over the state capital at South Carolina.Bob Jones University until recently had a ban on inter racial couples.Why are not John Edwards made to answer for this?There is a double standard when you do not have any real power in this world,and justice is only for the powerful.Senator Hilary Clinton used to work for open racist Barry Goldwater in her youth.You see as long as the offended group is a minority you don't have to denounce your association with who ever the racist is or was.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

NO....but Tavis and Cornell West are a conundrum to me , 40 on 40

Kala Nation said...

I dont understand why we let these people speak for all of us when our opinions are as diverse as any other community.