Monday, February 11, 2008

The Obama Shuffle

It never ceases to amaze me that the world attacks a good Black man and expect him not to strike back.As I go to the primaries tomorrow where I am living,I remember back when I was a kid,I wondered why the most powerful people in the country that I am suppose be equal in none looked like me.I was told this is a White country by taunting classmates go back to Africa if you don't like it.Most of the White kids were from only second generation immigrants themselves,and they felt they were more American than I was.You see although they were Italian,Jewish,German,Polish,Irish,Spanish they were Europeans so they assimilated into this great American civilization with relative ease.I remember in grade school all the kids would bring things in about their native land and customs,but I could not do this my culture was stolen from me in that horrible middle passage during the slave trade.We have every reason to be bitter and angry when thinking of this,and many of the problems we face is still tied to this horror of slavery.
Given America's history can a Black man be president?Well like I have said many times before if you want real answers you have to ask real questions.Barack Obama tran sends race more than any other person in American history.He is truly a good man who happens to be part Black.Someone with character and a good heart.Trust, honesty,values and compassion is what people yearn for, even if many don't agree with his politics.I am a nationalist I don't love America, but I respect the majority of people who do.I want America to be strong but,all I can do is be a law abiding citizen who is loyal to the American republic.Love is asking to much.Barack Obama loves America and sees us a one country.So why is his race an issue?Who says that America is not ready for a Black president even thought Barack's politics,and style is inclusive and nonracial.Well it seems a few prominent people,BET founder Bob Johnson,former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young,and more recently rapper 50cent.
Now I can understand old men like Bob Johnson,and Andrew Young,opposing Obama.It is jealousy and the growing irrelevance of old Uncle Tom hankerchefhead negroes.They are dinosaurs soon to be extinct.The choices for Black people in the future are 3.First choice is to get into nonracial politics like Barack and hope for a progressive colorblind society.The second join in Black politics,economics,unity,cultural and spiritual development.The third keep letting these rappers deceive you into thinking you can hustle,cheat,murder,coon,clown,buffoon and get money.The rappers and the hip hop game is spent they have nothing intelligent to offer,just foolish dreams for short term pleasure.Is that all you want?Some wine,weed,booty,rims,x box,ring tones?Bad health,gangs,AID/HIV,sin,self hate?This is what 50 cent is the master of,this is what the whole modern hip hop is all about.So why does he think anyone will listen to anything he has to say?
The answer is 'Sacred Cows'we dont criticize people in our community who are successful financially.This is because we are not together as one unit.If we were then we would have pools of resources to build our own financial institutions,thus wealth would be the norm so idiots like Bob Johnson and 50 cent would look ridiculous even with all their money.This is how it is in other communities.Their values are not compromised.Let any White celebrity get out of line no matter how rich they will be written off.Remember Jane Fonda?She is viewed as a traitor and still called Hanoi Jane.What 50 cent,Andrew Young,and Bob Johnson did was unforgivable.We would expect that from a redneck moron but from people inside our own community?This shows the level that our people have fallen to.Check this out.Millions of people can watch the most filthy vile garbage everyday on BET(Buffoon Entertainment Television),watch a no good political flunky of Dr King prostitute himself to a hag like Hilary Clinton(his saying Bill Clinton slept with more Black Woman the Obama was a disgrace).And 50 cent someone who rose from being a crack dealer 5 years ago and now makes millions a year,is more popular on the African continent than Nelson Mandela.All of this behavior is considered normal.But a Black man becoming president?I think Obama is to good for this country.If achieving fortune and fame was possible for 50 cent then why does this guy think it is not right for a Black man to become president of the US?I now know who the real haters are,it isn't the angry militants like myself it is the hedonist in the entertainment industry who only want sin, pleasure and their own selfish wants and desires to prevail.They hate any other Black who is not about bling and balling,but unity and bringing everyone up and giving everyone a fair shot at the American dream.I think Obama is that man.So I say 'Yes we can!'
Recent clip of Andrew Young caught cooning and shuffling

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