Monday, February 4, 2008

Arrested Development.Is real Black history being taught?

What is Black History Month?Well if you ask corporate America it is another money making scheme to-1)make a lost miserable people feel good about themselves for twenty-eight days out of the year-2)make a fortune in television documentaries,clothing,books,dvds,ect of fallen heroes and old sad painful events we have not fully recovered from.I remember when I was a kid and I would watch black and white film clips of our people being beaten in the deep south,the water hoes on demonstrators,dogs biting little girls and Id say that was along time ago.But as I got older I realized that all that wasn't long ago it was very recent.This is why after 400 years a new type of oppression has taken root and we are looking for the future to save us.Our development has been arrested because we as Black people don't control our destiny.Think about that for a moment.We are facing genocide in the most advanced civilizations ever created.The leading cause of death among young Black males is homicide.We are 60 times more likely to die from murder than any other group.Our life expectancy is on the level of a third world country.History is supposed to tell us of triumph as well as the peril.What did the civil rights era do?It seems very little.The biggest misconception about our history is we were all sitting in the back of the bus until about1964 then some good White folks came along and passed some bill and set us free.What our ancestors wanted was real freedom.The freedom that might hurt some White folks feelings and pocketbooks.This is what all of the real Black leaders fought for,Marcus Garvey,WEB Dubious,Elijah Muhammad ,Malcolm X.How are they going to give us the shortest month of the year,and say our history is taught.You see if someone else is creating,writing,and producing your history then they set your agenda and control your future.
It is so disturbing how almost all of the rappers have abandoned their roots.Tell me when you heard Paul Robeson,mentioned in lyrics.Remember Queen Latifah's 'Ladies First'or Krs one'You Must learn?'All did their part in talking about our history.These were the times when rappers were reaching back into history bringing heroes out of the past to inspire us for the future.If you don't know your history you will repeat it.History gives a people foundation to build on.All people should know their history and be proud of what they've come from.As African-Americans we should know about great past African civilizations.Why?Because the reason why we are dying here in America is because we don't know our true history it has been denied to us.Look at European history(before I go any further I believe all men are brothers and history belongs to everyone)we know enough about the Ancient Greeks,Romans,through movies,books,stories ,paintings,sculptures that we think we were there.How many of us know about ancient Kush?Kanem/Barnu,Ethiopia,the great empires of West Africa,Ghana,Mali,Songhay.What about all the great inventors,educators.You see I believe that Racism comes from ignorance.Most Whites are ignorant of real African-American history that is why they feel superior.We as Black people have to research our history and use the great medium the internet to enlighten The world that we are an important part of the human family,and we deserve more that one month of the year.

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