Monday, August 22, 2011

Territory Liberia lost to France in 1892 should be returned.

In the year of 1885 European powers met to discuss the carving up of the African continent.They met in Germany at the Berlin conference.Liberia the lone African republic was recognized as a sovereign nation.But what was in dispute was just where its sovereignty laid.The Government of Liberia had hoped that settlers from the USA and the West would populate the hinterland securing it from being taken by colonial powers.The settlers came in too small of numbers.In fact after the Voyage of the Bark Azor in 1878 from Charleston S.C.,there were no organized settler schemes planned.Although a success the Azor was the last because the shipping company went into financial trouble.Sabotaged by racist and treacherous Blacks who wanted no part of African emigration because it undermined their plans for a intergrated America.In fact most African Americans viewed having a nation of their own favorable.Only the educated and very light skinned Negroes viewed America as their only home.Liberia held the territory past the Cavalla River to the San Pedro river.North to what is Guinea and the mountains in Western Coat d Ivoire.A land that nearly doubled Liberia's size.The French saw this beautiful land and wanted it.Liberia concerned for its safety and independence desperately wanted this land occupied.The French with a force in the region said it would claim the area if Liberia could not prove it was governing it.Liberia failing to get the natives to agree to Liberian hegemony lost this land.
Maryland County once covered much of the coast.

The reason this land should be reclaimed is for the purpose of settlement of millions of people of African heritage looking to return.The world has a humanitarian obligation to consider statehood for the millions of African descendants displaced by the slave trade.The land that once belong to the settlers from the USA should be returned ASAP.This land belongs to the original settlers of Liberia and their descendants.The land to the west of the CoatdIvoire will succeed and become a new republic for the Diaspora to return to.This is a must in order for Africa to grow.A new state would mean billions in revenue for the region.Investments and land development from the settlements would improve the continent.


Dr. Mustafa Ansari said...

Very interesting piece on Liberia, Kalagenesis. Yes. land for African Americans to settle on in parts of Africa from Senegal to Angola are available, for those who are wise and industrious. The problem is perfecting a self-sustainable and profitable land use schematic that can turn an open 4-10 square mile into a bustling city. I and the our attorneys, scientists,farmers, international real estate, IT experts, and businessmen have put together a land development formula and we are making available a Human Rights Development Framework for training. We are just starting our blogs and websites www.americaninstituteofhumanrights,com and putting in radio stations for this multi-billion bundle of national sovereignty rights and entitlements. Mush of what we have done is put together a land distribution process using cooperative economics.

Kala Nation said...

Dr Mustafa Ansari I fully support your work.I am interested in how we can settle on a coastal territory like this one.This would mean we can expand without permission.We need the ability to make laws and enter into arbitrary agreements with other states.We also need the power of revenue generation and taxation.All of this happens with sovereignty of people and territory.Please keep me posted.