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The Ma'at way challenged.What is the African way?

There was a recent debate on facebook where a sister of the Ma'at set was challenged by a young girl about a photo of an African village girl.The photo shows a smiling pretty African girl.One young lady commented that she looks happy and content and that she envied her.The Ma'at sister implied she was only happy because she was uneducated and she had no knowledge of the outside world.The bigger question is what is African?Black middle class reactionary politics of Ma'at rooted in feminism and Marxism or one that embraces the world as you see it?Africans are very adaptable to the challenges they face.It is doubtful African Americans could survive without the world the White man created for them.Africans more and more are making the choice to join the modern world on their own terms at their own pace.This is not enough for the feminist posing as Pan Africanist in the many movement born in the Black American experience.They want to superimpose their idea of female equality and the idea of the oppressive social order on the African woman.The result in their minds would be more women in nightclubs until their 55 years old.Chasing some American dream never marrying and blaming men for their misery and failures.Now the race is on to give African women opportunities while not letting them get poisoned with the man hating Oprah like foolishness.The following is a debate following a photo of a Botswana village girl photo:

mari Jaffe Mbukushu or Thimbukushu is a Bantu language spoken by 45,000 people along the Okavango River in Namibia, where it is a national language; in Botswana; in Angola; and in Zambia, where it is an official regional language.
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Zf Shubbaz-inc Smith nice
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Mo GivedemFace Martin look at the curve in her back. Wow!
January 11 at 8:29am · Like · 2 people
Bettam Konjo Nikeysha is it okay to have such a curve in the backkk???
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Atiba Wiltshire WOW!!!!
January 24 at 6:11pm · Like · 2 people
Ptah Ra ‎~ My wife ~
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Bettam Konjo Nikeysha Lol lol @ptah ra
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Ptah Ra jus being honest sistah , she is beautiful ..all natural ~ eye love it
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Bettam Konjo Nikeysha She is.......don't know when some of us will a appreciate the beauty of black
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Lucciwaliwali LucciBang Bang BEAUTIFUL
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Egipt Sahu Burgos Family
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Jessica Renee Dunston i love seeing pictures of young african women who have physical features like mine. doesnt make me feel as strange anymore.
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Romonne Gordon LMAO!!!
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Al-lat Ma'at Will she be able to grow and become educated? Will she have the opportunity to see life beyond her village? Are these photos in anyway helping any of these young girls to improve anything in their futures.
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Jessica Renee Dunston Why does leaving their village and joining our rat race have to be an "improvement"? I wanna be where she is. I'm quite sure she has feet and can do otherwise if she chooses even if with consequence.
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Al-lat Ma'at
I believe u know what I am saying. I am not saying be like me or u. I not even saying that she be educated in the European education system. I am saying she deserves a chance to be educated (education is not limited to a classroom) and to make a decision about what life she wants to live. She may not even know of all the options we as women have. She may not know how to read. I hear what ur saying but I think u read me wrong. She deserves a chance to be educated about the world and to make her own independent study and if desired to return to her villiage. We can guess all day but I am sure u and eveyone else seeing this pic knows what I am tryint to say. I didnt say she should be an American or am I saying America is an improvement. What I said is she deserves a chance.
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Jessica Renee Dunston
I'm just saying that your statement is very presumptuous and borderline arrogant. Perhaps she doesn't want or need all that. Perhaps she's had those opportunities. Given that there's a man with a camera in front of her, she's encountered "a...See More
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Al-lat Ma'at
Wow, thats the first time my concern was considered arrogant. Im not an intellectual just concerned and interested in the quality of life for alot of these young girls in the photos. U may think that and someone else may think my words anot...See More
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Al-lat Ma'at Uv put words in my mouth and u want me to respond to things I didnt even say. Ur interpretation of what I said and what I said are two very different things. But u have revealed plenty of ur own feelings with ur attempt to psychoanalyze me.
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Jessica Renee Dunston
I'm not saying it in a hurtful way so you don't need to get defensive and offended. No need to get hostile. And if I said you've said anything, I merely responded to the exact words you've presented. I'm sorry if you feel attacked but that...See More
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Adeosun Shelly Adeoyin
The Europeans own the education system. Why should she want to be educated to bend to the needs of one man who claims to know what is good enough for her. Does she look like she is unhappy where she is? Ma'at i like your passion but try not...See More
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Al-lat Ma'at Im not sure what ur talking about.
June 18 at 1:58pm · Like
Al-lat Ma'at We dont know anything about her. We are all assuming.
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Adeosun Shelly Adeoyin me sentiments assume that she needs a better way of life. Who says she does?
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Adeosun Shelly Adeoyin who says she is not happy where she is. i do believe you understand what i am saying. its not that hard to understand
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Al-lat Ma'at She doesnt look old enough to have her breast exposed all in the name of culture and cusoms. I hear u.
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Adeosun Shelly Adeoyin you judging where she should be through the eyes of YOUR cultural experiences and insperiences
June 18 at 2:05pm · Like
Al-lat Ma'at Im not ur enemy because I believe young women should be educated and given certain rights and choices. Maybe Im using the wrong words to express myself. I cant see where the hostility is coming from.
June 18 at 2:07pm · Like
Adeosun Shelly Adeoyin if you want an enemy of me then say that. I am not posting these comments to make you an enemy. Putting it simply, so you can understand, i don't agree with all of your thoughts. you make good points, but to me it seems a little one sided. You not looking at the other side of the coin. What if she is a happy young woman living in Botswana? That is all i am saying.........what if she is happy where she is.
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