Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kemetic Pipeline

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Kalagenesis says (23:00:44):
Welcome to the Open Rant Kemetic Pipeline
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Big Patrick Tank says to (23:08:57):
"flash mobs black empowerment" is one of your tags. are you saying that these flash mobs are empowering?
Big Patrick Tank says to (23:10:02):
"flash mobs black empowerment" is one of your tags. are you saying that these flash mobs are empowering?
Big Patrick Tank says to (23:10:16):
thats one of your tags, sorry i am just asking.. some people are saying it is right...
Big Patrick Tank says to (23:10:34):
hey i am not insulting you, why are you insulting me?
Team Afrika says to (23:14:00):
Exactly, the smart move is to embrace corporations.
Team Afrika says to (23:14:58):
That is what I am saying.
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Big Patrick Tank says to (23:15:10):
thats one of your tags, sorry i am just asking.. some people are saying it is right...
Big Patrick Tank says to (23:15:11):
hey i am not insulting you, why are you insulting me?
Team Afrika says to (23:15:13):
Exactly, the smart move is to embrace corporations.
Team Afrika says to (23:15:14):
That is what I am saying.
Team Afrika says to (23:15:52):
We should have one corporation acting as an ad hoc nation in this country.
Team Afrika says to (23:16:02):
for us
Big Patrick Tank says to (23:16:46):
I am white and I appreciate what you are saying, Everyone should be proud of their heritage and should want self empowerment.. I applaud you sir!
AfricaUnite2020 says to (23:17:04):
Hey Kala...your like a prophet who sees the future through the wall brother...
Team Afrika says to (23:18:50):
Cornel West does not even have an organization. It is all about him and his mouth.
Big Patrick Tank says to (23:19:08):
because people like mr west do not know how to work from the ground up.
Armed and Dangerous says to (23:19:51):
Shakles on the brain would be messy don't yu think?
Big Patrick Tank says to (23:21:00):
Hypocrits dont care, Today being a hypocrit is more profitable...
Armed and Dangerous says to (23:22:10):
Sure is Parick
Greenbeasley says to (23:22:28):
its this real?
Greenbeasley says to (23:22:55):
this is an act, ....... right ?
Big Patrick Tank says to (23:23:17):
I was open.. but this dude has listened to way too much pac...
Armed and Dangerous says to (23:23:40):
Could be GreenBeasley
Greenbeasley says to (23:23:44):
he could have some good shyt
Greenbeasley says to (23:23:55):
to smoke
JoeGoode says to (23:24:44):
Did Boyce say all kids participate in Flash mobs?
Greenbeasley says to (23:25:18):
there is no logic here .... i'm out
Armed and Dangerous says to (23:25:34):
Did you realize that the price of Beer has gone up
JoeGoode says to (23:26:15):
You have a problem with Dr. Boyce. I find him well written and informative.
Armed and Dangerous says to (23:34:45):
What is his website
Kalagenesis says (23:35:11):
SlimJim says to (23:36:48):
you things are bad when beer prices go up.. beer has always been a recession commodity and demand grows when the government runs the economy into the ground
SlimJim says to (23:37:05):
so drink up yall
SlimJim says to (23:39:58):
no shiit.. whats up with all the flash mobs?
Team Afrika says to (23:42:06):
I think we have jumped a level. You feel powerless when you are a young person and your learning envirnment and living environment are both dangerous.
Team Afrika says to (23:42:53):
The American economic system is set up for blacks to be on the outside.
SlimJim says to (23:43:11):
cop out
Team Afrika says to (23:43:35):
No, it is the truth.
SlimJim says to (23:43:39):
but go ahead and surcome to futility
SlimJim says to (23:43:53):
if it makes you feel better
SlimJim says to (23:44:06):
i suspect your last name is not Obama
Team Afrika says to (23:44:30):
So you are saying the American economic system was set up to include blacks?
SlimJim says to (23:44:37):
it is
Team Afrika says to (23:44:49):
How so>
SlimJim says to (23:44:49):
education is free
SlimJim says to (23:44:51):
to all
Team Afrika says to (23:45:12):
Like I said, you are living in a different reality
SlimJim says to (23:46:05):
companies only care about making money.. if a man can help make that happen he is valuable... green is the only color in true capitalism
SlimJim says to (23:47:39):
its the 1st priority.. without money, nothing else can be done
Team Afrika says to (23:48:22): people don't have money...they have never had money...that has been the number one problem
SlimJim says to (23:49:06):
i point to lack of parenting skills, single mother homes, multiple children in an anvironment that cant care for them emotionaly, financially and intellectually
SlimJim says to (23:49:24):
fix that.. and sucess will folow
SlimJim says to (23:49:34):
with sucess comes money
SlimJim says to (23:49:45):
oh.. and hard work, planning and dedication
Team Afrika says to (23:50:15):
SlimJim...what you are doing is looking at a cancer patient in final stages and telling them that gaining weight and eating right will solve their problems
JoeGoode says to (23:50:28):
Stop always blaming parents. Society, in addition to parents, shapes a childs behavior
Team Afrika says to (23:50:37):
Blacks were broke when they had two parent families and safe communities
SlimJim says to (23:50:43):
bad analogy.. cuz cancer is not contagious
AfricaUnite2020 says to Kalagenesis (private) (23:50:53):
Hey kala can you ask brother Do Van for a brief on Kemetic pipeline with a scenario of a brother/sister who thinks to do business in the Middle East....I am trying to do business through Kemetic pipeline from here in Dubai and have the side open right now
Kalagenesis says to AfricaUnite2020 (private) (23:51:06):
SlimJim says to (23:51:35):
Joe.. true.. but the problems i outlined are out of control in the local community (society) and are at the root
Kalagenesis says to AfricaUnite2020 (private) (23:51:53):
did you friend him on facebook?
SlimJim says to (23:52:12):
But, Joe.. u too can go ahead down the road of denial towards the land of futility
JoeGoode says to (23:52:57):
I deny nothing. I accept that behavior is more complex than "it's the parents fault"
AfricaUnite2020 says to Kalagenesis (private) (23:53:00):
SlimJim says to (23:53:36):
i never said its JUST the family.. i'm saying its MAINLY the family unit
SlimJim says to (23:54:11):
any fool can blame things on something else... and most fools do
WarriorQueen says to (23:54:55):
Each person is a product of their environment.
SlimJim says to (23:55:09):
each person is a product of parents
Team Afrika says to (23:55:33):
SlimJim, that is totally false
SlimJim says to (23:55:47):
i dont see 4 year olds running around in the "environment"
JoeGoode says to (23:55:51):
A single mother that works see her children 4 hours a day. A child is in school and with their friends more than twice that amount of time. Society/environment is at least as important as parents
SlimJim says to (23:56:22):
you are stating how things are.. i'm stating how things should be
AfricaUnite2020 says to Kalagenesis (private) (23:56:37):
friends through what community? its car business...basically buying cars from here and sending them to Africa
WarriorQueen says to (23:56:42):
Both of you are correct. The HOME ENVIRONMENT definitely shapes us.
Kalagenesis says to AfricaUnite2020 (private) (23:57:01):
ok that is a good idea
WarriorQueen says to (23:57:26):
A four year old runs around in the home environment, the school/daycare environment, the neighborhood environment.
Kalagenesis says to AfricaUnite2020 (private) (23:57:32):
you should have a precurement system through the kemetic pipeline
Kalagenesis says to AfricaUnite2020 (private) (23:57:48):

'that would make it more efficient
JoeGoode says to (23:58:15):
I am not discounting parents, but Black people are in a different situation than other groups due to the dominance of single mothers in our community
SlimJim says to (23:58:19):
if a two people have a child that they can not take care of, so the father leaves while the mother spends the whole day working.. then i submit the child is a product of that behavior.
AfricaUnite2020 says to Kalagenesis (private) (23:58:19):
I wanna know how does that work?
Kalagenesis says to AfricaUnite2020 (private) (23:58:24):
Kalagenesis says to AfricaUnite2020 (private) (23:58:40):
your government needs to use it
JoeGoode says to (23:58:49):
Have to go for a minute. Be right back.
Kalagenesis says to AfricaUnite2020 (private) (23:58:52):
and major buinesses
SlimJim says to (23:59:02):
its not like you get a child like catching a cold.. its a little more in ones control than that
WarriorQueen says to (23:59:08):
Well you have to start somewhere right. If we change the environment, then what. Scientists and psychologists and think tanks are aware of this, which is why there is no assistance to change the environment of our community.
WarriorQueen says to (23:59:46):
The joke is that our people are the way they are because of genetics which is not true. Your environment is more powerful.
SlimJim says to (23:59:55):
more can be done by a commitee of one
WarriorQueen says to (00:01:11):
I agree that the child is a product of the parents behavior...that's exactly what I'm saying.
SlimJim says to (00:01:34):
and i agree it aint a genetic thing at all..
SlimJim says to (00:01:43):
thats crazy
Team Afrika says to (00:01:56):
SlimJim, in most American households, allparents work. So it does not matter if it is a single or two-parent household.
SlimJim says to (00:03:36):
to a degree.. but can you imagine 2 people getting married, working and saving, then DECIDING to have a child, and in a postion or one, or both, to take leave? And trade time to spend with the child
SlimJim says to (00:03:37):
WarriorQueen says to (00:04:15):
And when I mention think tanks I'm refferring to the secret society of think tanks who study human behavior and how people respond in certain conditions. Yeah them! They are not attempting to change the environment of blacks.
WarriorQueen says to (00:04:53):
Yes I can imagine, now what?
SlimJim says to (00:05:01):
think tanks are just that.. the sit around talking so much that their thinking "tanks"
WarriorQueen says to (00:05:43):
Yet their plans for the black community have succeeded.
SlimJim says to (00:05:49):
SlimJim says to (00:06:01):
(actually not lol)
SlimJim says to (00:06:04):
its sad
SlimJim says to (00:06:48):
WarriorQueen says to (00:07:06):
Yep! They think and the powers that be implement. CRACK! Where did that mess come from?
WarriorQueen says to (00:07:34):
Maybe we should chat about what's on the air...listening now.
WarriorQueen says to (00:15:53):
I wish they would discuss China's attempted takeover of the Motherland.
Kalagenesis says (00:16:09):
China has no chance
JoeGoode says to (00:17:01):
It seems to me that China is forming partnerships, not taking over like the former colonizers.
SlimJim says to (00:18:13):
if china spent 1/10th the money we do per capita, it would be the brokest nation on earth
WarriorQueen says to (00:18:47):
They sure are in there spending $$$ and making nicey nicey with Africans. Like the BILLIONS invested in Angola. They brought in their own Chinese and paid them three times their Chinese salary, while hiring few indigenous Angolans and
WarriorQueen says to (00:18:55):
paying them $7/day!
SlimJim says to (00:19:16):
right.. you want worker oppression? see china
SlimJim says to (00:20:23):
all we have to do is plant unions in china and it would go bust
SlimJim says to (00:20:55):
ragulations and trade laws that are not violated
SlimJim says to (00:21:16):
but china is a economic rogue nation
WarriorQueen says to (00:21:25):
Tourism will increase and how will the locals benefit? Haha they get to go to the beach and sell jewelry to tourists and braid their hair, but won't be allowed anywhere near the resorts.
WarriorQueen says to (00:23:21):
When you all get a chance look up Chinatown, Africa. You think I'm playing don't you?
Kalagenesis says (00:23:50):
I saw that it is one country Nigeria kicked them out
SlimJim says to (00:23:56):
i went to the John Deere co-op to get some fertilizer.. the guy asked me if i wanted the $70 bag or the $50.. i said whats the difference? he said the $50 bag is made in china.. i said gimme the $70 bag from PA
Kalagenesis says (00:24:06):
Angola has 28 years of war
SlimJim says to (00:24:24):
then i said.. what the hell is John Deere selling shiit made in china anyway?
AfricaUnite2020 says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:25:24):
Key Kala, it seems to me that kpl is geared towards large national business. Is that true? Most of our people do small scale business and I wanna know how can they utilize kpl for themselve?
Kalagenesis says to AfricaUnite2020 (private) (00:25:43):
No small businesses
Kalagenesis says to AfricaUnite2020 (private) (00:26:07):
Small scale business is ideal brother
Kalagenesis says to AfricaUnite2020 (private) (00:26:31):
You gov needs to invite the KMP there
WarriorQueen says to (00:26:53):
China gets their oil from Nigeria. They changed to them from ? starts with an S...Sudan? Saudi Arabia, can't remember, but it's now Nigeria. That's the latest I heard. When were they kicked out?
Kalagenesis says (00:27:52):
Nigeria banned imported textiles the Chinatown there closed down
WarriorQueen says to (00:28:06):
Team Afrika says to (00:28:49):
Kala...that is pan-afrikanism.
WarriorQueen says to (00:29:51):
They are still in Angola in 2011.
SlimJim says to (00:30:10):
kala.. are u saying Nigeria kicked China out of the oil business in nigeria?
SlimJim says to (00:30:21):
what does "kicked out" mean?
WarriorQueen says to (00:31:10):
Back to on the air. The previous show on the Kemetic Pipeline was extremely informative! Nothing confusing about it!
WarriorQueen says to (00:31:38):
The caller is trippin'
WarriorQueen says to (00:35:20):
The corporation Onyx Exchange exists and is waiting for approval from the African Exchange to be utilized. Not all that confusing right?
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:38:34):
WarriorQueen says to (00:38:46):
I bet facebook lacked implementation at some point!
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:38:59):
When shall I be muted by the BTR Idi Amin?
SlimJim says to (00:39:05):
this kemetic pipeline thin seems a little shady.. why would someone want "investors" before seing their past projects?
Team Afrika says to (00:39:15):
Yes but I am still not sure how it is pan-Afrikan or benfits Afrikans.
SlimJim says to (00:39:24):
i will look into it more in depth tho
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:40:00):
Where was that fool Han Solop?
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:40:04):
Han Solo?*
*** (00:40:26):Benyamin Solomon is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
SlimJim says to (00:40:30):
i see ur still making friends Ben
WarriorQueen says to (00:40:42):
From what I understand about it the kemetic pipeline allows Africans to easier exchange with one another.
Kalagenesis says (00:41:09):
SlimJim says to (00:41:14):
yes WQ.. but always follow the money.. not the promises
Team Afrika says to (00:41:19):
It seems like it also allows non-Afrikans the same thing.
SlimJim says to (00:41:48):
sure.. money is money no matter who it comes from
Kalagenesis says (00:41:50):
who ever but main thing we will be trading
Team Afrika says to (00:42:47):
I have my doubts when the problem with Afrikans is lack of captial. How do they compete when a Fortune 500 company can use the same vehicle?
WarriorQueen says to (00:42:57):
money is converted in cyberspace, meaning what I do with a dollar here is converted to a rogi in cyberspace then comes out a euro on the other side.
Kalagenesis says (00:43:16):
Kemetic pipeline raises capital
Kalagenesis says (00:43:27):
The Onyx Exchange
SlimJim says to (00:43:36):
so do snake oil salemen
Kalagenesis says (00:43:53):
SlimJim says to (00:44:02):
Kalagenesis says (00:44:08):
SlimJim says to (00:44:22):
but at least they require PUBLIC records and open books
Kalagenesis says (00:44:29):
AmericanCitizen says to (00:44:34):
SlimJim says to (00:45:18):
i'll bet the kemetic pipeline does not.. hell, you have to "invest" (give money) just to see a list of the projects
TonyInOhio says to (00:45:20):
ben on mute, what a suprise
SlimJim says to (00:45:32):
you can be I will look fully into this little thing
Kalagenesis says (00:45:39):
SlimJim says to (00:45:59):
i will find out all about this little thing
*** (00:46:07):Benyamin Solomon has been unmuted by Admin.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:46:19):
Why is it that on my show, when I mute people, it's for a second, whereas in Kalagenesis's show, being muted lasts a long time?
TonyInOhio says to (00:46:20):
wb Ben!
SlimJim says to (00:46:22):
and look thru the nicely strung together words
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:46:38):
Kalagenesis is a Marxist censor police piece of puke.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:46:46):
Kalaland is a cesspool.
AA Nation1 says to (00:46:52):
We still have the right to the land without anyone's permission.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:47:11):
Kala, enjoy Obama for one more year. In November of nexy year, we'll vote that foreign-born Islamic Communust usurper out.
AA Nation1 says to (00:47:16):
No one holds the keys to our freedom. WE HOLD THE KEYS TO OUR FREEDOM.
Team Afrika says to (00:47:29):
There is no next best thing to land.
Kalagenesis says (00:47:33):
but brother we need guns for that
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:47:41):
I'll have two celebration shows. One, when the news is out that Obama lost, and another, when Obama leaves the White House.
TonyInOhio says to (00:47:50):
guns have a right to bear arms
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:47:56):
Kalagenesis and his supproters are trash.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:48:03):
TonyInOhio says to (00:48:07):
the first anti-gun laws in Cali were to keep Panthers from their open carry rights
AA Nation1 says to (00:48:07):
The IAAC is not going anywhere without the ability to defend ourselves.
AfricaUnite2020 says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:48:39):
hey Kala..great show...gotta go...peace
SlimJim says to (00:49:59):
who is Larry Bell?
WarriorQueen says to (00:51:16):
Do we have guns? I saw loads of guns turned in for $50 a piece.
WarriorQueen says to (00:53:42):
I read back through the chat. So much haterism. To bad that confirms that the "Revolution will not be televised" is a joke. There is not enough unity, solidarity, organization to make it happen. Unfortunate.
TonyInOhio says to (00:54:19):
the way they convict minorities of felonies (disproportionately) , answering that question might involve invoking the 5th
WarriorQueen says to (00:54:54):
What question?
TonyInOhio says to (00:55:02):
do we have guns
TonyInOhio says to (00:55:08):
i was jkn
WarriorQueen says to (00:55:11):
Oh, guns
TonyInOhio says to (00:55:14):
sort of anyway
WarriorQueen says to (00:56:32):
I want to be invited to the secret meeting that tells me what to do when martial law is in effect.
Team Afrika says to (00:57:24):
That meeting will be in a concentration camp.:D
TonyInOhio says to (00:57:41):
WarriorQueen says to (00:57:50):
I'm saying!
Team Afrika says to (00:58:27):
Well, I will give the KP a chance.
WarriorQueen says to (00:58:49):
Why do we have to be lead to the slaughter? Why is there no plan. Are we going to be soooooo hungry that we go eat concentration camp food? Then what? Duh!
WarriorQueen says to (01:00:04):
Twiddling thumbs...I should have planted food in my garden!
WarriorQueen says to (01:00:29):
Oh he's talking about rogi...cyber money.
SlimJim says to (01:00:53):
not sure yet.. but the kemetic pipeline looks like a money making scheme.. cant say for sure yet

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