Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Open Rant

*** (08:56:39):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
Kalagenesis says (09:04:02):
Welcome to the Voice of the Kala Nation Open Rant
East Coast says to (09:04:17):
It's time for the Kala show
Kalagenesis says (09:04:21):
What ever you want to rant about
Kalagenesis says (09:04:30):
peace east coast
East Coast says to (09:04:35):
Kala I got booted
Kalagenesis says (09:04:37):
East Coast says to (09:04:49):
With 5 minutes left in show
Kalagenesis says (09:04:53):
I left before I got booted
Kalagenesis says (09:04:56):
East Coast says to (09:05:04):
He booted all the black folk
Kalagenesis says (09:05:19):
I knew it was coming so I left
East Coast says to (09:05:33):
I said "they should send him a crazy check" then I got booted
Kalagenesis says (09:05:43):
Shaggy-Church Heathen
East Coast says to (09:05:52):
Great music
Kalagenesis says (09:05:53):
Hey Duchess
DUCHESS OF WISDOM says to (09:06:05):
East Coast says to (09:06:24):
AC held his own great against bootlicking BC and Sarge
Kalagenesis says (09:06:33):
East Coast says to (09:07:08):
U know they'll be coming to your show along with other crazy side kicks...LOL
UniteDaHouses says to (09:08:57):
destruction of black america coming to a hood near you
East Coast says to (09:09:52):
Kala--got ur iodine tablets yet for the radiation cloud...LOL
UniteDaHouses says to (09:12:20):
italians dont even take italian american seriously
UniteDaHouses says to (09:13:26):
most of the It Am are from the northern ethnic groups of italy
East Coast says to (09:23:59):
So true Kala
UniteDaHouses says to (09:24:17):
that color blind america talk is directed toward us cause of lack of nationality(or strong ethnic identity)
East Coast says to (09:24:24):
Get that scarf off your head...LOL
East Coast says to (09:24:51):
Lots of quest Kala
East Coast says to (09:25:12):
Vorpalbite says to (09:26:22):
the 80s - - the cocaine decade
UniteDaHouses says to (09:29:00):
you see how they treat lauryn hill
UniteDaHouses says to (09:29:29):
She real serious and her perception of the world
UniteDaHouses says to (09:29:55):
is different so she crazy
East Coast says to (09:30:05):
Yeh Kala ur viewed by many as another Khalid Muhummad....LOL
East Coast says to (09:30:20):
Blog talk show...LOL
East Coast says to (09:30:30):
they afraid of you but why?
Vorpalbite says to (09:33:10):
U are aware this country is loosing to COMMUNISM ?
East Coast says to (09:33:23):
Kala that's BC problem he believes the mischaracterization
Vorpalbite says to (09:33:48):
When the commies start the ovens - skin color aint going to matter no more
East Coast says to (09:34:39):
U telling the truth Kala---guess who's coming to dinner...LOL
UniteDaHouses says to (09:36:12):
well really you have to understand whuy elijah muhammad told his followers to wear suits
Iron Fist says to (09:37:09):
aint enough commies to do that
East Coast says to (09:37:17):
Kala u know who u are but many of us don't
East Coast says to (09:39:22):
Kala public education didn't fail u
Greenbeasley says to (09:40:34):
Greenbeasley says to (09:41:30):
we need to respect each other and that has to start at the curtural level; at home
Greenbeasley says to (09:42:22):
we continue to chase the white ghost
uBpJessie says to (09:45:12):
AmericanCitizen says to (09:47:19):
uBpJessie says to (09:59:43):
I'll say it
Kalagenesis says (10:01:21):
My favorite Hankerchief Head
East Coast says to (10:02:29):
Yeah I thought I was listening to BC....LOL
East Coast says to (10:03:54):
And Kala your name is Kala Jungle Bunny....LOL
East Coast says to (10:04:51):
And he is entertaining Kala
East Coast says to (10:08:16):
like your definition of coon Kala
uBpJessie says to (10:08:26):
kewn sh*t
uBpJessie says to (10:13:00):
uBpJessie says to (10:13:08):
uBpJessie says to (10:13:23):
lol boehner
uBpJessie says to (10:14:30):
whats the name of this song?
Kalagenesis says (10:14:35):
uBpJessie says to (10:14:46):
Kalagenesis says (10:14:53):
Fela Kuti
East Coast says to (10:16:28):
Lots of guest monitoring u Kala
Kalagenesis says (10:16:32):
firstplatoon says to (10:16:46):
$20.00 no one here knows these lyrics
uBpJessie says to (10:18:05):
google'd them already
firstplatoon says to (10:18:17):
Which language was the song in Sir?
firstplatoon says to (10:19:04):
Do you speck the language sir?
firstplatoon says to (10:19:26):
firstplatoon says to (10:20:02):
So how can you tell us what they are singing in the song?
AmericanCitizen says to (10:21:17):
how do u compare the demeanor of the japanese to the haitians in the wake of the earthquake?
uBpJessie says to (10:21:29):
and in Nigerian
firstplatoon says to (10:21:47):
It didn't sound like english to me sir
UniteDaHouses says to (10:21:48):
firstplatoon says to (10:21:54):
Don't get upset?
uBpJessie says to (10:22:25):
there was english in ther first
firstplatoon says to (10:22:39):
NO sir how can you tell me what I am thinking sir
firstplatoon says to (10:22:57):
You are a mind reader also?
General D says to (10:23:23):
Did he go at it with Scotty yet?
uBpJessie says to (10:23:36):
UniteDaHouses says to (10:23:43):
uBpJessie says to (10:23:47):
scotty didn't call in
General D says to (10:23:50):
Where Scotty at?
firstplatoon says to (10:23:56):
The caller sounds like a doper retired pimp
firstplatoon says to (10:25:10):
I may be new but it doesn't mean I can't give my opinion sir
UniteDaHouses says to (10:25:17):
the american white man will always put a slant on thing
General D says to (10:25:21):
There is evidence that Scotty has listened to the show today.....
East Coast says to (10:26:30):
What are you talking about AC
firstplatoon says to (10:26:33):
Other countries can share their wealth but the host can't share his!
General D says to (10:26:48):
Japan has the #3rd largest economy in the world
East Coast says to (10:27:11):
What is the point any people or cultures will revert to survival mode when it get bad enough
UniteDaHouses says to (10:27:54):
Is he saying Japan handled the situation bettr than Haiti
UniteDaHouses says to (10:28:16):
i dont understand his point.
Kalagenesis says (10:28:35):
Scotty is a punk
uBpJessie says to (10:28:39):
Are you an african?
UniteDaHouses says to (10:29:24):
not really
uBpJessie says to (10:30:19):
the mongolians had a conquering spirit...
firstplatoon says to (10:30:23):
Ok, Now I'm even more confused by your program sir. This Caller is talking from his butt
UniteDaHouses says to (10:30:26):
The european nations conquered the rest of the world based on the concept of RACE. We at the time like most dark nations were dealing with ethnic groups and vassal kingdoms
UniteDaHouses says to (10:31:01):
Mongolian people are a nation of people
UniteDaHouses says to (10:31:13):

General D says to (10:31:29):
I will put up a $100 if Scotty shows up to debate Kala
uBpJessie says to (10:32:09):
sorry Asian people had a conquering spirit...
UniteDaHouses says to (10:32:11):
The moors messed up when they started mixing their seed
firstplatoon says to (10:32:14):
I put up the white house. THE PEOPLES HOUSE
UniteDaHouses says to (10:34:02):
@again your dealing with race, so-called asians are many different people. Mongolains themselves and conquered many people they didnt bring other ethnic so-called mongoloid countries
uBpJessie says to (10:34:24):
i see
General D says to (10:35:14):
White people are GREEDY and want everything ....and don't want to go extinct....Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
UniteDaHouses says to (10:35:34):
uBpJessie says to (10:35:37):
Are you an african @Caller
General D says to (10:35:39):
But we don't profit off it doesn't matter
UniteDaHouses says to (10:36:46):
for the japanese to be like us they would be a people without a land, language, and culture
General D says to (10:37:12):
No don't beat him.....
General D says to (10:37:54):
Black Economic Terrorists....BET
UniteDaHouses says to (10:38:01):
that not true
UniteDaHouses says to (10:38:33):
if their is one thing you cant get in the hood you can get cable tv in the worst hoods in detroit
General D says to (10:38:47):
No competition....whites controlled BET
General D says to (10:39:10):
Just like Ebony and Jet magazine
General D says to (10:39:59):
What gay guy?
UniteDaHouses says to (10:40:18):
teen summit was 15 years ago
UniteDaHouses says to (10:41:19):
but like you say if they dont like dont watch it
firstplatoon says to (10:42:37):
But Sir the Videos on BET was about black life. I think its exploitation somewhat.
uBpJessie says to (10:42:47):
not to mention parents let their children watch tv
uBpJessie says to (10:42:53):
let alone BET
UniteDaHouses says to (10:43:54):
if you not going to throw bob johnson under the bus then you gotta leave nicky barnes, rick ross, felix mitchell, etc the many individualist who destroyed the black community
UniteDaHouses says to (10:44:02):
kala you talking crazy
mansamusa says to (10:44:02):
mtv is agent of evil !
mansamusa says to (10:44:38):
or viacom is the agent of evil
uBpJessie says to (10:45:38):
TV is the agent of evil
General D says to (10:46:11):
Blame the Jews.....
uBpJessie says to (10:46:27):
don't blame them
General D says to (10:46:41):
You got too
uBpJessie says to (10:46:49):
blame the ones who bought into it
General D says to (10:47:05):
they own the records labels and radio station, and tv stations
General D says to (10:47:22):
they play the stuff
UniteDaHouses says to (10:47:29):
the so-called jew has put outome of the most offensive and stereotypical material agisnt us back to the 60's
General D says to (10:47:43):
Blame the JEWS
General D says to (10:47:59):
General D says to (10:48:27):
The jews print the money
UniteDaHouses says to (10:48:50):
the jew is stealing the black mans birthright
General D says to (10:49:38):
they have always USED Blacks talent...NBA, NFL, Music, Movies, Television
UniteDaHouses says to (10:49:40):
the jew used the black man as a buffer during the negro civil rights movement
General D says to (10:49:55):
General D says to (10:50:19):
Blacks are the Jews mule
General D says to (10:51:15):
Jimmie Iovine is a JEW
UniteDaHouses says to (10:53:38):
the thing we have to understand is that you can rise no higher than your own people
mansamusa says to (10:54:02):
they did'nt start bathing in west europe till the 1800's
Pianki says to (10:55:04):
Yea Kala
uBpJessie says to (10:55:15):
Pianki says to (10:55:40):
germ warfare
Pianki says to (10:56:05):
jarred diamond
uBpJessie says to (10:57:00):
thats a plant
UniteDaHouses says to (10:58:40):
you have to study the non self governing or ethnic groups who are struggling to survive such as native americans, austrilian aborigines, kurds, palenstinians, twa, enuok, gypsies, darfurians,etc.. to see what
UniteDaHouses says to (10:59:41):
state of mind they in are far as wanting to leave a legacy.
TonyInOhio says to (11:00:22):
That went well
TonyInOhio says to (11:00:35):
Kala you should debate BC on there, they were really fair
UniteDaHouses says to (11:01:21):
BC doesnt have a knowledge of self
UniteDaHouses says to (11:01:36):
he thinks he is other than who he is
TonyInOhio says to (11:01:37):
all the more reason for a
TonyInOhio says to (11:02:33):
I think I just crushed Benyamin Solomon, but it was respectful and, I gotta say...and I think I'll debate him in the future too.
TonyInOhio says to (11:03:13): 83-mike-amelio
TonyInOhio says to Kalagenesis (private) (11:03:55):
debated Solomon, check it out..laugh 83-mike-amelio
UniteDaHouses says to (11:04:16):
lol Mr solomon i crzy asshell
TonyInOhio says to (11:04:38):
i know
TonyInOhio says to (11:04:39):
TonyInOhio says to (11:04:49):
but he was cordial enough
Kalagenesis says to TonyInOhio (private) (11:04:53):
TonyInOhio says to Kalagenesis (private) (11:05:34):
cool, sorry I missed the show, half hour debate turned into two hours...i'll let u go, I know ur busy...later

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