Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kala Memorial.Plan for Rebuilding and Restoring a Pan Africanist Vision West Africa

This post is an attempt to share some key points about how to build a new frontier for the masses of people of African decent in the West to Africa.We have to draw on our strengths and fix our weaknesses.Right now it has been hundreds of years of degradation by Europeans who profited and benefited from the Trans/Atlantic slave trade we have endured.We are still suffering from a concept of Black inferiority which most of the world if not believes in but it is implied.It is implied that Africans cannot run a modern nation and be civil and accountable to the people.This lie is perpetuated by enemies of Africa who want to justify African exploitation and neo colonialism.There are millions of displaced Africans living in the USA,Canada,UK,ect.Now all of these people have been accustomed to a first world way of life and first world view point.These people although live in comfort in the West yearn to know what living in a modern Black country that can give them all the amenities a First World country can.Many want the feeling of being part of a Black nation and no matter how comfortable one has it there is no place like home.
Recolonialism vs the diaspora
It seems that some African nations are opting for recolonialism which is the voluntary surrendering of ones economic independence for short sighted gain.We see this with the various mineral deals misguided leaders are signing with multi nationals.The point you may be asking is what are they to do?Well for one thing all of these minerals will eventually be processed and turned in finished products to be used by the importing country and the surplus with be sold back to the country where the raw materials were extracted.This backward way of doing business will eventually lead to civil unrest.Because if you do not create wealth then one group will think the only way to achieve power and wealth is through violence or crime.The solution is to have people come to these African nations who have long term interest not temporary ones.An African American businessman who is an investor or a highly skilled professional could bring millions of dollars worth of experience and skill to a country that would give him sanctuary and a homeland.When you do a net value added skill set to the country's index it will go up.Right now with technology attracting Pan African business model and development means having highly skilled people working and living where they are needed.The short sighted greedy people who will covet a country in a tribal selfish way are what is keeping countries like Liberia down.It has been like that in Liberia for about 100 years.People who are only satisfied with their status of ruling over uneducated people as opposed to building a strong African Nation State is the real problem.It continues to this day.
African countries as frontiers
The dream of all Pan Africanist is to see Pan Africanism become the main strategy for development policy.It always puzzles me how in Europe some of the best minds work together across borders and people can move freely around.In Africa you cannot do this.Each nation covets it economy.For instance last year Ghana announced it was raising the invested requirement in an attempt to stop Nigerians from taking to much of the business.It is apparent that many only think Pan Africanism is slogans and emotion.When it comes to money all bets are off.The enemies of Africa are rejoicing.African nations should recruit people of African decent like Botswana is doing.When you get rid of tribalism and educate the people they are open to others.Botswana welcomes professionals from the West all the time who are black and they find they fit right it.Meaning as far as seeing the countries strategies as far as competition with Israel and UK the Blacks get it.A white may have other loyalties,as with Asians.African Americans are ideal with strong love for Africa not reaching out to this group is very counterproductive.South Africa now has a large diaspora population and small African American community doing big things.Infact there are African Americans making hundreds of millions of dollar deals and investments there.They are getting what they want to live in a black majority country,live in Africa and live a modern lifestyle.The challenge to African nations is to attract people of African heritage of the first world.

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