Thursday, March 10, 2011

Favorite Listener's Comments Amilkar

I love my listeners they keep me on my toes all the time.Brother Amilkar always keeps me on point he know the truth and can see the light.If I only can get 300 of the best strong like minded warriors for this mission we can get it done.We need a nation of our own to join in the global community.We are on our way.The uncle toms are losing they know it our time is hear.

Again, you need to keep sarge's coonin', white-ass-kissin' House Negro diatribe off of your show. Negroes like Sarge are a cancer to our new future. Black Nationalism is the o-n-l-y option we have right now. Our backs are up against the wall. If we have to, our only option is to revolt just as the Arabs are doing right now, even if a few of us die in the process. If we don't break this trend now, we'll never get away from these ameriKKKan devils. We have to fight for our economic survival, with a top priority of creating wealth-producing enterprises by and for Black people and just Black people. We should be working with countries like China, Ghana, South Afrika, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, India, Singapore, etc., establishing economic, business and cultural relationships. We can be manufacturing electric cars, IT produts and services, arts and crafts and healthcare products for the global market. That's right, us Black people on the global market. Instead of sitting here going back and forth with these assholes, we should be getting our grind on. We cannot expect these white people to approve or help us improve our condition. Wake up people!!!....It ain't going to happen. These white folks are trying to bring us down with them!!! We've got to do for ourselves. Fuck Farrakhan the Democrats, the GOP. Black Nationalism, with a top priority of wealth-producing enterprises for Black people, ending Black unemployment and creating a realistic base for "our" future is the new agenda. Leave all of these House Negroes, scary Negroes, the Boule, the Black GOP and other worthless Negroes here as ameriKKKa continues in a spiral of economic demise. China is already on the verge of surpassing ameriKKKa as the world's new economic superpower. Trust me; it is going to happen, hands down. We should be I'm sick and tired of Black people losing. It's time to become winners!!! "There are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies, just permanent interests." ....KALANATION!!!...

We need to create a new era, a new beginning for "Black Economics". There is no information in the entire world about "Black Economicxs". This is incredible!!! This is the missing link in the Black Diaspora. Black people all over the world share this one affinity and should use this aspect of our shortcomings as a launchpad for renewal. We need to produce economic bases in order to gain prosperity for Black people. Black Economics...not government hand-outs or government welfare or government loans...Black Economics. The Black management of the production, consumption and wealth and services created by Black businesses and entrepreneurs for affected Black people across the world.

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