Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bitter seeds,Bitter soil equals Bitter Harvest

In the Bible it is taught that you shall be known by the fruits you bear.Just as one of my recent post 'Strange Fruit'a tree or any harvest starts from a seed or a soil.How thoses seeds are keeped nurtchured are how the plant will turn out.We see this parallel in our human family.With almost without exception the examples of this reigns true.When a mother is loving and caring the child is more likely to grow up the same way.We see this in sports,politics,entertainment ect.The problem we as a people are facing is too many of us are planting bitter seeds and we are reaping a bitter harvest.
The level of discord in Black America is genocide
What makes kids kill other kids for the fun of it?What would posess a group of kids to beat a 46 year old man half to death?You see we in America and Black America can talk all day about lack of opportunity ect,but why the destructive self hate?Why do we buy into a society that says your not attractive?Why do we accept second class citizenship and proudly pass it along to the next generation?Is it no wonder why our children are angry and out of control?Although the mainstream Black Media tries its best to put up a nice face of our community,beneath the surface lies division and unresolved conflict left over from slavery.There is jealousy,envy,self hate,classism,ect.These things are planted in the people from generation after generation.We see this being played out on the internet the one place where you get honest diologue amony our people.
Lets begin to plant the sweet seeds of love
Yes we must begin to plant the seeds of love,unity,community,brotherhood in order for us to survive.When our artist,musicians,writers and thinkers present their works to us,we need to scrutinize what they are messaging to us.We have to recognize that the enemies of our people dont want to see love peace and happiness in our community.It is a threat to them and their dominance of us.