Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Poll Question.Some African Americans want an Independent Nation are you for or against the idea?

Sixty five percent of registered voters of a major political party the Republicans think President Barack Obama is not a citizen.About 50 percent thinks he is helping the terrorist.About a third think he is the anti Christ.The Republicans claim to be the party of fiscal responsiblity but they vote against budget curbing measures because Obama supports it.The racist attitudes of many Whites liberal and conservative is appalling.If the most educated so called successful Black man is treated like this,and we see now it has nothing to do with his politics but his color.What does this say about the future of our people in this county.White people control who gets rich and it seems the only Blacks allowed to get rich are the people who sell their souls.Now if Mexico offered us to come there but they said look you will be seen as the dregs of this country.We can guarantee you 27% unemployment and the rest menial jobs.Crack and gang violence is going to be the norm in your communities and we can also make sure 49% of murder victims are your youth so come on in!!!!!!What would you say to that?You would say hell no,so why do we say hell yes to American racism.If they treat someone like Barack Obama like a dog you think they love the rest of us?
As revolutionary as it sounds some believe it is time to expand beyond America
There is a growing movement of pragmatic people who think opportunity for advancement lyes beyond the plantation of the American border.We have organizations like blacks without borders who are getting into all types of business adventures making millions and love living in a Black majority race free society of South Africa.Seeing the success of Blacks without borders some pioneering African Americans
want to take it a step further.They are seeking a state or territory from an African country for the African Americans to build future generations.Is this the answer.The Kalagenesis always says"If you want the right answer you have to ask the right question"The question is would African Americans benefit politically,economically,culturally ect have a two country solution as opposed to America only.The future is here and this question is finally being asked.

Kalagenesis Poll

Would you be against the creation of an African-American Nation on African Soil?

I would no go,but its okay
America offers the best oppotunity for us
Africa offers great potential for us

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