Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kalagenesis Poll.Are you"hood"or are you"community"

Copy of Kalagenesis Poll

Kalagenesis has a new question to ask the Black community due to the fact that every time there is a large gathering of our people trouble,violence,and chaos breaks out.It is to the point now we have savages among us(The enemy within)destroying ever place we call home.Communities with all the things every other community has but not the violence and ignorance.Why are some involved with the youth while some are mis leading the youth into a life of crime,disorder,unruly behavior and disrespect for authority.In order for you to take the poll you have to first know what the difference between being hood and being community.Here are some points
1)You don't know who your elected officials are.
2)The only time you walk into the library is to use the bathroom
3)We you see a 16 year old girl you don't look at her beauty with respect that she is your sister,but your thinking only two more years till she is legal.
4)You write on the walls, pants sagging,cursing in front of elders,showing no consideration to anyone around
5)You can't keep a job
6)Selling drugs to you own people,getting young shorties to run errands for you.
7)Wearing a white t even to church
8)In and out of jail is a badge of honor.
9)Shooting guns and making you neighborhood a hell on Earth
10)Living in a rich White neighborhood,but you are always so hood,even though if you go to that block you will get stuck up.
1)You know who your elected officials are in you area
2)Although your working three jobs you read the paper,go to the library,and your up to date on the goings on in your community.
3)You participate in activities,police,ambulance,youth coach ect
4)You have plans to complete college to come and build in your community for the better of all
5)Yes you are against crime and will cooperate with authorities to make you community safer.
6)You know as a minority you are your brothers keeper,so it is your responsibility to help you brother or any man in real need.
7)You respect young girls as little sisters,and try to be a role model to younger kids
8)A family cookout with all relatives sitting down in love and peace tells you that money although it is important it cant replace these good times,
9)You defend your people against racist,and hate the criminals who are destroying Black America
10)You know about Africa and proud to be an African American,you can name at least 5 African countries.
These are some of the points about why our people are going down the tubes.There are some who are always complaining about what they don't have.But in the same ghettos people own cars,televisions,cable,video games, and they buy their baby boys 200 dollar Jordans.That is hood when your rims cost more that your car.You don't have a bank account only use check cashing.You think knocking off a 7/11 is ok because hey my kids got to eat.Niggers love hood,Africans or the Black man loves his community.
Family=Community=Nation.We all should strive to build the Kala Nation under God

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