Friday, May 4, 2012

The Black Dollar Conundrum

Jewels from the Kalagenesis..........The Black Business Conundrum: Black business needs to study the Art of War by Sun Tzu.We have no strategy,no alliances,no weaponry and most important no base.We have to stop looking at business as a social issue and look at is as a survival means.When we are in business we move products and services from the source to market and we reap the reward for our works.That is the way business has been done since time memorial.Business should not be about connecting with Black consumers alone.It should be about connecting with anyone with cash.We need to start generating revenue so we can invest in our communities and families.If we generate one trillion a year in income in America our goal should be to generate parity amount from the American economy no matter where the dollar comes from.That is the only way.We have to end the search for so called Black dollars Tomfoolery because all money is green and gold.


Deacon said...

The Black churches in America have a combined wealth of $60 Billion
The Jews control this money through Wall Street.
The Jews also turned over their mom and pop stores located in the Black community to the Asians, The Asians are now in the process of turning them over to the spanish.
Remember this:the Civil Rights act was brought in under the Commerence Act not Civil rights. That gave us (Black People) the right to buy.

Kala Nation said...

Yes I see this that is why I say lets pour money into Africa.