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Sacred Cows.The False Black Identity. 02/20 by Kalagenesis | Blog Talk Radio

Sacred Cows.The False Black Identity. 02/20 by Kalagenesis | Blog Talk Radio*** (00:00:31):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
AmericanCitizen says to (00:01:40):
Kalagenesis says (00:03:54):
Welcome to the Kala Nation Sunday Night Sermon
Kalagenesis says (00:04:22):
Tonight the Sacred Cow of our Black Identity
Kalagenesis says (00:04:55):
Should we question our definition of ourselves?
Kalagenesis says (00:05:21):
Shooting in Bronx
Kalagenesis says (00:06:31):
What is Black in 2012?
Antoinette from De says to (00:06:51):
Hello Kala, AC and guests
Kalagenesis says (00:06:56):
hello Ant
Antoinette from De says to (00:08:35):
Hello ABC
aabbcc says to (00:09:03):
hi Ant
aabbcc says to (00:11:56):
black folk do anything
aabbcc says to (00:12:20):
that was part of our brainwashing to not do certain things
Antoinette from De says to (00:12:28):
I had squared dance in elem school
aabbcc says to (00:12:37):
i ski
aabbcc says to (00:12:54):
been a long time though
Antoinette from De says to (00:12:55):
never did that
uBpJessie says to (00:17:00):
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:18:31):
Black agenda is whitemans toilet paper
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:20:44):
eventually you'll see what I mean... for what I am hearing now.
Antoinette from De says to (00:21:18):
hello Jessie, Jay, and Priestess
Antoinette from De says to (00:21:22):
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:21:29):
Hello, Antoinette
uBpJessie says to (00:22:27):
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:22:41):
The black agenda is the sum of lack of self and self hate. Like I said. It is the toiletpaper *** likes to stick to.
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:25:09):
Any black person that has the nerve to immigrate to Europe or America AFTER colonisation most probably brings along many pictures of white Jesus and Maria... that is obvious!
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:25:49):
It is the most selfhating group there is: African immigrants
uBpJessie says to (00:26:05):
what was the young man's name?
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:26:07):
but I am not hating. I am concerned!
Kalagenesis says (00:27:19):
ORANIAN says to (00:34:56):
ORANIAN says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:37:16):
You guys are hypocrites. You claim to want to save blacks yet when you get power, you oppress them
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:42:00):
hear hear!
ORANIAN says to (00:43:54):
Funny how you blacks complain about whitey oppressing you yet when you gain power you oppress your own people even more
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:45:43):
Oranian. You noticed the blacks that oppress blacks 'enjoyed' '''education''' in the west, have you?
ORANIAN says to (00:45:57):
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:46:06):
Of course you haven't!
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:46:58):
African immigrant come for the 2nd place!
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:47:03):
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:47:31):
They have seen you struggle for the 2nd place (what we see in media) so that is what they are coming for!
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:47:58):
They arrive with the concensus that 2nd place is top
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:48:10):
It is!
NailsIbird says to (00:48:18):
Peace, Room!
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:48:37):
But please be no catiliser by pointing the finger at them
ORANIAN says to (00:48:41):
AMERICA is not your freaking country idiot. the white americans have the right to choose whom they allow into their country
Antoinette from De says to (00:48:48):
Hello Nais
NailsIbird says to (00:48:55):
Hey, Ant
Antoinette from De says to (00:48:56):
24DRED says to (00:49:06):
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:49:06):
Oranian. So let whites go decide over Europe
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:49:23):
although the sun rays UV in that direction too...
24DRED says to (00:49:27):
Antoinette from De says to (00:49:39):
hello 24DRED
NailsIbird says to (00:49:45):
They COME over here with a negative feelings
NailsIbird says to (00:49:51):
They don't develop them
NailsIbird says to (00:49:57):
well most
Antoinette from De says to (00:50:14):
hello sarge
ORANIAN says to (00:50:14):
KALA you dont own black people.
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:50:24):
The black identity you are talking about is exactly the identity African immigrants look for
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:52:02):
Ksls. Spare your energy. You can call them in but they will run out just as fast
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:52:57):
You have power when you have ears
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:53:13):
the ears of your people
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:53:32):
Can a black person say black people are his people? NO!
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:54:13):
NailsIbird says to (00:55:06):
We have legal institution in the country put in place for the sole purpose of undermining the black family
NailsIbird says to (00:55:21):
Trust me we've tried that already
NailsIbird says to (00:55:41):
It's time to look outside this nation
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:55:51):
We have tried everything but one thing
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:56:00):
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:56:15):
Still we wait for the communities OK
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:56:50):
KALA you just gave the answer on your question about African immigrants
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:57:12):
NO! They do not know who they are!!!
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:57:16):
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:57:30):
I hear selfhate "gold chains"... smh
Sarge60 says to (00:57:59):
the only legal institution that was established for the SOLE purpose of undermining the black family is the Democratic Party
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:58:02):
African immigrants come to PLAY the Bill Cosby ahow! You hear me?!?
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:58:14):
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:58:19):
play and show
NailsIbird says to (00:58:35):
%87 percent of child custody cases go to women
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:58:49):
Believe me: when they visit they home country they is gonna show off: "look at me the american African"
NailsIbird says to (00:58:55):
Even less for black men because we can't afford good laywers like white men
jose 'jay' bronze says to (00:58:58):
And that is the truth!
nodoubt10 says to (00:59:22):
W.E.B. DuBois
ORANIAN says to (00:59:26):
KALA you need to learn to shut the heck up sometimes. if you cant allow people to speak, why have a call-in show?
NailsIbird says to (00:59:28):
If you can't pay child support on time every month, you end up where? in JAIL
nodoubt10 says to (00:59:33):
Double consciousness
Sarge60 says to (00:59:39):
Jackboot leftist feminists run the family court system. They spent the last 30 years hijacking it
ORANIAN says to (01:00:23):
@SARGE60. Stop blaming women for your cowardly ass
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:00:27):
Dolle mina's. That takeover has a name in here (the Netherlands)
ORANIAN says to (01:00:52):
Only cowards blame feminism and women for their own failures
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:01:05):
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:01:13):
here comes mucho macho
NailsIbird says to (01:01:16):
Says the coward that's hiding in Angolo
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:01:24):
f#ck off, will you?!?
nodoubt10 says to (01:01:48):
ORANIAN says to (01:01:48):
I have more wealth than your own president fool
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:02:15):
yeah? then you have a lot of time to become somebody
NailsIbird says to (01:02:15):
But anyway, there's no institution in place to help divorced husbands, or single fathers who a lot of the times are worse off than black single mothers
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:03:03):
Kala sounds once bitten twice shy...
ORANIAN says to (01:03:06):
@Nailsbird. Single fathers? Why should they have kids when they arent ready for it
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:03:10):
I feel him tho.
nodoubt10 says to (01:03:19):
this is another perfect example of our impedient... discord amongst each other which is what the previous caller was stating
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:03:29):
Bso's and sissa's been biting me too
ORANIAN says to (01:03:55):
Im 43 years old. and i planned for this life since i was 16 when i was in the South african army.
ORANIAN says to (01:04:02):
black men dont know how to plan
NailsIbird says to (01:04:05):
@Oranian I don't know, why did you run away from south africa. Your people weren't ready for it?
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:04:26):
Oranian is starting to sound like Angolan...
NailsIbird says to (01:04:46):
It's legal for a woman to potential keep a man away from his children
ORANIAN says to (01:04:50):
Iam in south africa now. Im in alexander bay for now. going back to angola in 3 days
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:05:09):
White monkeys dont know what stiving is. Never had the wind in the face. Especially the white ones in SouthAfrica
NailsIbird says to (01:05:20):
@Oranian stay in SA then, why be in angola then
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:05:53):
He is doing there what we should have been doing here, bird.
ORANIAN says to (01:06:04):
Because I have businesses in Angola
NailsIbird says to (01:06:20):
There's been plenty of cases of women keeping a man away from his kids but still making him pay child support
NailsIbird says to (01:06:36):
And we live in a system that allows it?
NailsIbird says to (01:06:52):
There is NO black family in America
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:06:54):
we live in THAT system, bird
NailsIbird says to (01:07:39):
I'm a descendants of slaves of America. I'm African American
ORANIAN says to (01:07:42):
JOSE?Voce fala portuguese?
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:07:46):
There is no black family in the minds of blacks. Actually that is the only thing Obama is doing for the black nation: puting a black family in the minds of us
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:07:58):
sim, fala
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:08:27):
queres diser algum coisa?
ORANIAN says to (01:08:59):
aabbcc says to (01:09:14):
"man, know thyself"
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:09:39):
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:10:13):
You keep distinguishing yourselves. You realy act American: invent an attitude of the people you want to blame for something
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:10:46):
stop distinguishing yourselves from us, the rest of the Africans, and maybe 'we' will start tothink you are open for connection!!!
ORANIAN says to (01:10:56):
Eu estou vendendo um restaurante em Luanda. vocĂȘ conhece algum portador de portuguse ricos?
NailsIbird says to (01:11:44):
Church, Mosque, Temples all the same poison
NailsIbird says to (01:11:51):
poverty pimps
NailsIbird says to (01:12:01):
AFRIKAN nationalism
aabbcc says to (01:12:27):
the one thing that the individual can control, we dont control..... thats the problem
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:12:27):
Tens algum referencia au restaurant? Foto por ensemple
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:13:21):
(Eu conhese alguns Angolanos aqui na Holanda)
ORANIAN says to (01:13:42):
Are you in hollland?
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:13:47):
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:14:17):
I bet you got dutch roots...
aabbcc says to (01:14:20):
get yourself together... get your priorities straight....
Antoinette from De says to (01:14:24):
what restaurant
ORANIAN says to (01:14:32):
OK. I got some estate i want to sell in kwanza-sul. but i want rich foreigners to buy\
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:14:50):
not rich Angolans?
aabbcc says to (01:14:58):
take care of your responsibilities... and stregnthen the family
ORANIAN says to (01:15:03):
Im an afrikaner. my grandfather was a dutchman
aabbcc says to (01:15:04):
the rest of that stuff will come
ORANIAN says to (01:15:14):
No i want foreign dollars.
Antoinette from De says to (01:15:17):
I agree with that ABC
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:15:41):
You are Dutch! You speak 18th century dutch. You dont bullshiit me
Antoinette from De says to (01:15:51):
family has to be your first priority
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:16:03):
tell that bullshiit to the rest of the world.
aabbcc says to (01:16:03):
thats how we gonna uplift our people...
Antoinette from De says to (01:16:15):
agree ABC
Sarge60 says to (01:16:19):
Family courts and the child support system have long ago been hijacked by jackboot feminists
aabbcc says to (01:16:20):
we got over 50% of kids being born out of wedlock
ORANIAN says to (01:16:33):
JOZE, gaan naai man jou swaart bobejan
NailsIbird says to (01:16:43):
You do know a lot of RADICAL feminist are conservative right
ORANIAN says to (01:16:49):
NailsIbird says to (01:16:49):
NailsIbird says to (01:16:59):
They believe in female seperatism
ORANIAN says to (01:17:06):
My house is in this neighbourhood
*** (01:17:06):ORANIAN is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
aabbcc says to (01:17:10):
you can't uplift the people, if half the people are brainwashed with stupidity
NailsIbird says to (01:17:29):
Speak of an AA nation
Sarge60 says to (01:17:37):
the Child Support Enforcement Program (CSEP) was created in response to the demand for welfare accountability. It was reasoned that the need for welfare would be ameliorated if the State could just get black men to pay their child support
NailsIbird says to (01:17:38):
David Hitt's show is on right now
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:18:05):
aabbcc, Antoinet take a look at the African statue of liberty -->
NailsIbird says to (01:18:11):
We will either have blended in American society or african society
Sarge60 says to (01:18:16):
The reality, however, was that few child support awards were in place because black women chose not to betray the identity of the fathers.
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:18:19):
You sound real weak when you say that, KALA... smh
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:18:39):
"the Haitians" are taking your shiit?!?... smh
Sarge60 says to (01:18:46):
The program could not pay for itself, let alone replace welfare. Consequently, the federal CSEP took over all child support collection functions in a constitutionally inconceivable and massively centralized State power grab.
Antoinette from De says to (01:19:06):
ty Jay, that is beautiful
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:19:20):
Blend in american society... what a JOKE!
Sarge60 says to (01:19:32):
Between 1969 and 1975, the legislated destiny of the black family was revisited on the white family through a succession of mandates far more devastating than the welfare state. No-fault divorce, Roe v Wade
Sarge60 says to (01:20:10):
and finally the Child Support Enforcement Program (CSEP) laid the groundwork for the no-white-man-in-the-house rule.
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:20:10):
Antoinette... now compare that with the one in the USofA... that lady is a single mother with no kids... some service took care of them. Think about it.
aabbcc says to (01:20:22):
wow... that statue is something
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:20:51):
civilisation bla bla bla
uBpJessie says to (01:20:59):
women HELP create civilization
Sarge60 says to (01:21:04):
The end result has been the creation of a leviathan, State-controlled Industry whose sole function is to affect a massive transfer of wealth from the male to the female.
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:21:09):
does the lady stop and think what she means?
Sarge60 says to (01:21:25):
It only takes a cursory review of the Annual Statistical Report posted on the OCSE Office of Child Support Enforcement web site to substantiate this claim.
Antoinette from De says to (01:21:32):
yes and it is somethiing w/ a chain i think
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:21:37):
our women are married to the government
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:21:53):
if they tolerate us it is like a boy.
Sarge60 says to (01:22:08):
Why is the federal government involved in child support enforcement?
NailsIbird says to (01:22:21):
A woman is the party filing for divorce in about 66% of divorce cases.(black women have the highest divorve rate)
Sarge60 says to (01:22:23):
Where do they get the constitutional authority for this?
NailsIbird says to (01:22:39):
For college educated couples women file almost 90 percent of divorces
*** (01:23:05):ORANIAN has been unmuted by Admin.
NailsIbird says to (01:23:21):
What's the point of getting married. I know I'm not
uBpJessie says to (01:23:47):
idk there is not respect in any area of it
NailsIbird says to (01:24:14):
@Sarge let me add that if a woman decideds that she doesn't want any child support money, the court can AND will still order that the man make payments
NailsIbird says to (01:24:35):
You're right, who gives them that authority.
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:24:39):
I am boring when alone with most of my western women (passed. no more white or white minded woman for me anymore)
aabbcc says to (01:24:39):
right on sister!
Sarge60 says to (01:24:40):
CSE is the perfect example of a fascist feminist jackboot regime
aabbcc says to (01:25:26):
right sista
Sarge60 says to (01:25:31):
Obligees who fail to meet their full support order may be subjected to a range of punitive measures including loss of recreational licenses, driving licenses, and professional licenses.
aabbcc says to (01:25:40):
there u go kala...
NailsIbird says to (01:25:43):
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:25:46):
Only when they withness how white men react most of the time (admiering), those are the moments I got respect from western women
Sarge60 says to (01:26:05):
If they remain in arrears, the State may subject them to local or federal imprisonment, despite the constitutional guarantee against debtor's prisons.
aabbcc says to (01:26:44):
she's schooling folk..
Sarge60 says to (01:27:04):
Child support awards have little to do with meeting the fundamental needs for housing, nutrition and the education of a child. The case has been made, and re-made, that they are thinly veiled alimony awards, with no accountability
NailsIbird says to (01:27:12):
I'm all for coming together for the children. But as far as coming together for marriage or commitment. Forget it, I'm not even going there.
aabbcc says to (01:27:35):
you dont have to get married nails... just dont have any kids
Sarge60 says to (01:27:37):
demanded of the custodial parent
NailsIbird says to (01:27:44):
There's no process in place to make sure the child support money is going towards the child's needs
aabbcc says to (01:27:48):
we dont need anymore kids born to single parents
Sarge60 says to (01:28:03):
Any obligee may be subjected to a court award based on "imputed" wages. If in the court's estimation they are earning less than they "should," the obligation may be arbitrarily increased at the whim of the court.
NailsIbird says to (01:28:31):
All getting married does, is create a lot of divorced mother, instead of single mothers
NailsIbird says to (01:28:57):
divoreced mothers with a disenfranchized father paying alimony
Sarge60 says to (01:28:59):
Everything about the Child Support Industry is un-American. It is a Bolshevik attack against the family. It is a Socialist scheme for sexist wealth redistribution.
aabbcc says to (01:29:01):
that what i was talking about kala... the kids are being raised by the TV and these artists...
aabbcc says to (01:29:08):
you have to raise your kids
NailsIbird says to (01:29:20):
I might have children, but I'm NOT getting married
Sarge60 says to (01:29:39):
It is a Communist regime of suppression. It is a Fascist acquisition of wealth production. And far from least, it is an immoral stain on the fabric of a great nation
aabbcc says to (01:29:43):
nails.. a kid should have a mother and father... period
NailsIbird says to (01:29:44):
I can raise my kids without some legal contract of my ball
ORANIAN says to (01:29:50):
@Nailsbird. SEE than you complain about feminism. I had my kids after marriage.
KANG TUT says to (01:30:08):
first, kids must have hobbies
NailsIbird says to (01:30:16):
Yeah, you can't raise a kid together when you been through the ringer with divorce
Antoinette from De says to (01:30:22):
how does paying chilld support contributr to wealth redistrubtion
Sarge60 says to (01:30:25):
In a breathtakingly quick succession, radical feminist hysteria led to the suspension of male constitutional rights with a series of legal precedents and centralized federal mandates:
ORANIAN says to (01:30:28):
You thugs have kids outside of the confines of marriage than later blame feminism?
KANG TUT says to (01:30:30):
second teach girls how to choose the right man
aabbcc says to (01:30:41):
having a kid when you're not married is selfish
NailsIbird says to (01:30:49):
@Oranian, shut up you're not in AMerica. Stop hiding in Angola coward
Sarge60 says to (01:30:50):
1969: No-fault divorce began to sweep the nation.
1973: Roe v Wade gave absolute life choice to females only.
1975: The Child Support Enforcement Program (CSEP) began an ever-expanding pogrom of paternal intimidation.
KANG TUT says to (01:30:57):
third , teach boys to honor and to value the black woman
blackbones says to (01:31:01):
ORANIAN says to (01:31:02):
Tell them AABBCC
Sarge60 says to (01:31:21):
1979: Sexual Harassment became the password for pro-female protectionism in government and private industry.
1986: The Bradley amendment to the CSEP forbade retroactive downward adjustments to child support orders, locking fathers into a potential lifeti
uBpJessie says to (01:31:23):
how's that abc?
ORANIAN says to (01:31:26):
@Sarge60? Why have kids if you cant support them stupid fool?
NailsIbird says to (01:31:36):
Why would I put my life on the line with the american marriage institutino just because I have a kid
aabbcc says to (01:31:39):
because kids need a mother AND a father
Sarge60 says to (01:31:41):
lifetime of indebtedness. Child support arrearages had been precluded from being discharged in bankruptcy.
1994: The Violence Against Women Act legislatively certified males as predators.
NailsIbird says to (01:31:48):
How would that help me raise my kids any better
ORANIAN says to (01:31:54):
If you didnt have kids with a ghetto hootchy, you wouldnt be complaining about child support
NailsIbird says to (01:31:55):
where the logic in that
aabbcc says to (01:31:55):
its about the kid, not you
uBpJessie says to (01:31:59):
marriage does not determine the parents abc
Sarge60 says to (01:32:06):
2002: The Cox-Boxer bill proposed to tax unpaid child support.
NailsIbird says to (01:32:12):
you need a legal document to raise your kids?
NailsIbird says to (01:32:30):
What happens when you get divorced?
NailsIbird says to (01:32:36):
stop raising your kids
blackbones says to (01:32:38):
shoot gotta go back to viet nam
aabbcc says to (01:32:43):
all i'm saying is that a healthy kid is raised his mama and his father
blackbones says to (01:32:47):
where we lost a lot of positive male role models
ORANIAN says to (01:32:51):
@Bailsbird. this is the problem with you blacks. you dont cherish life. no kid should grow up with divorced parents
Sarge60 says to (01:33:09):
Oranian, you are clearly a simple simon ass dunce incapable of discernment
aabbcc says to (01:33:11):
why would any sane person create a situation of a kid being raised by 1 parent?
NailsIbird says to (01:33:20):
I don't understand these people who think "marriage is going to save the black community"
Antoinette from De says to (01:33:23):
you still raise your children as a single parent as i had done
uBpJessie says to (01:33:24):
I agree but I don't think marriage is always a healthy environment
KANG TUT says to (01:33:25):
blackbones says to (01:33:31):
dont know aabb a cheating ass father
NailsIbird says to (01:33:32):
Who have to be married to be in a relationship with someone?
blackbones says to (01:33:35):
Sarge60 says to (01:33:44):
I am speaking of an unjust SYSTEM NOT my personal circumstances
NailsIbird says to (01:33:45):
marriage destroys familes
NailsIbird says to (01:34:01):
The stats prove it
uBpJessie says to (01:34:03):
marriage CAN destroy a family
aabbcc says to (01:34:03):
i'm talking about purposely having a kid as a single parent
ORANIAN says to (01:34:09):
@Sarg60, My son is a commercial pilot at the age of 22. Why? because i raised him well with my wife. prenting needs two people
NailsIbird says to (01:34:16):
WHo said I would do that
NailsIbird says to (01:34:24):
I said I wouldn't get married
blackbones says to (01:34:24):
gotta go back aabb viet nam
aabbcc says to (01:34:26):
all over the world, the family unit is a man, woman, child
NailsIbird says to (01:34:26):
that's all
blackbones says to (01:34:34):
if u ask me the whole thing is by design
aabbcc says to (01:34:36):
its natural
ORANIAN says to (01:34:45):
Even baboons know the importance of family.
aabbcc says to (01:34:50):
you have the same thing in the animal kingdome
blackbones says to (01:34:52):
now Big Brother is the mama and the daddy
*** (01:34:53):ORANIAN is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
aabbcc says to (01:35:00):
the woman can give the kid what the man can
aabbcc says to (01:35:03):
and vice versa
NailsIbird says to (01:35:06):
Have you looked at the suicide rate for divorced men
Sarge60 says to (01:35:06):
i have been married for 32 years and have 3 grown childrenthat I raised. My son is a stock broker and an electricalengineer
Antoinette from De says to (01:35:08):
true abc, sometimes it does not work
NailsIbird says to (01:35:09):
or the homless rate
NailsIbird says to (01:35:22):
aabbcc says to (01:35:30):
Ant.. i know that things happen
aabbcc says to (01:35:36):
people gotta do what they gotta do
Antoinette from De says to (01:35:42):
NailsIbird says to (01:35:54):
Only 48 percent of black marriages make it past only the FIRST DECADE!
aabbcc says to (01:35:59):
but the idea that we start off talking about i aint gonna get married, but i might have kids..... thats crazy
aabbcc says to (01:36:06):
thats that brainwashing
KANG TUT says to (01:36:08):
Sarge60 says to (01:36:09):
None of that changes the fact that the Child support system is an unjust jackboot feminist fascist system
Sarge60 says to (01:36:29):
SCREAMING for reform
uBpJessie says to (01:36:30):
Is marriage a healthy environment for children?
NailsIbird says to (01:36:38):
The flawed traditionalist thinking that marriage is going to save the black community obviously don't read the stats.
NailsIbird says to (01:36:54):
These have this romantised view of marriage
aabbcc says to (01:37:10):
nobody is saying that the simple act of signing a document is gonna change everything
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:37:24):
the stats serve the anti family doctrine, bird
blackbones says to (01:37:34):
whats the birth rate at anyways?
aabbcc says to (01:37:41):
i'm saying that we have to re-educate our community that if you wanna have kids, you gotta get married...
NailsIbird says to (01:37:45):
Yeah I might have kids, if I with a women who I feel is a compatible mother. But I'm not getting married. I don't want it, don't need it
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:37:48):
the bird rate?... very low!
Sarge60 says to (01:38:00):
It's time to restore rights and responsibilities for children to nuclear families. It's time to demand that citizens rise and fall on their own merits. It's time to issue a cease and desist order on ideological social engineering.
Antoinette from De says to (01:38:04):
agree abc
aabbcc says to (01:38:08):
stop all this single parent crap... stop holding it up as something to admire
NailsIbird says to (01:38:15):
Why do you gotta get married. What is the benefit EXACTLY
blackbones says to (01:38:15):
i dont think the birth rate that high for blackfolks
NailsIbird says to (01:38:18):
Sarge60 says to (01:38:26):
It's time to impose moral sanctions on sexual irresponsibility. It's time to restore the honorable role of fatherhood.

It's time to abort the Child Support Industry - period.
uBpJessie says to (01:38:28):
what is a healthy environment for a child?
blackbones says to (01:38:36):
higher for latinos / hispanics
NailsIbird says to (01:38:39):
I can be with someone with out being married to them
aabbcc says to (01:38:45):
nails... commitment is the benefit
NailsIbird says to (01:38:51):
so can anybody else
uBpJessie says to (01:38:56):
sarge based on what morals?
aabbcc says to (01:38:57):
for the kids and for the parents
aabbcc says to (01:39:05):
life aint a party...
blackbones says to (01:39:06):
yall dont listen to me sarge
Antoinette from De says to (01:39:13):
what kind of sanctions Sarge
NailsIbird says to (01:39:18):
ONly 48 percent of black marriages make it past the first decade. Where's the commitment in that?
blackbones says to (01:39:18):
i keep saying bring back chasity belts
aabbcc says to (01:39:22):
you coming and going as you please, with no responsibility
Jeff and Jason says to (01:39:23):
omg, man up and have a 2 parent house hold, and raise your child under christ
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:39:25):
To me having sex equals marriage.
blackbones says to (01:39:27):
for the men and the women
blackbones says to (01:39:36):
people are to dumb to make their own decisions
Sarge60 says to (01:39:37):
The moral is that used to ensure sexual reticence in women that have been weakened by the so-called sexual revolution
NailsIbird says to (01:39:43):
How does marriage make a diffence besides putting the divorced man through the ringer
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:39:44):
If you do 'it', you have done it. Period.
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:39:49):
We aint dogs
aabbcc says to (01:40:04):
nails... that sounds like arrested development
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:40:05):
Always hey start to compare with animals here in the west.
*** (01:40:05):ORANIAN has been unmuted by Admin.
NailsIbird says to (01:40:10):
You can be in a committed relationship without being married to someone
KANG TUT says to (01:40:10):
Sarge60 says to (01:40:12):
the government has been subsidizing single motherhood for 50 years now and we are surprised that we have more of it
uBpJessie says to (01:40:14):
@abc there needs to respect between the parents
aabbcc says to (01:40:20):
like peter pan.... "i don't wanna grow up"
uBpJessie says to (01:40:22):
to be*
blackbones says to (01:40:23):
we can get nicky minaj to promote chasity belts
NailsIbird says to (01:40:32):
I see he didn't answer the question
KANG TUT says to (01:40:38):
aabbcc says to (01:40:39):
yes upjessie
NailsIbird says to (01:40:43):
Neither can most of these "marriage fiends"
KANG TUT says to (01:40:57):
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:41:01):
uBpjessie.... what is the correct environment for a child if not in a family???
ORANIAN says to (01:41:03):
@Nailsbird. do you think single parenting is healthy?
Jeff and Jason says to (01:41:15):
Fard Muhammad.
NailsIbird says to (01:41:21):
@Oranian stop strawman arguing idiot
NailsIbird says to (01:41:24):
I never said that
aabbcc says to (01:41:33):
nails... that idea of "marraige is bad for the man", sounds weak
ORANIAN says to (01:41:35):
Than why support it fool?
NailsIbird says to (01:41:36):
go back to SA and see what happens to you
KANG TUT says to (01:41:56):
NailsIbird says to (01:42:00):
Sounds weak? What are you saying the numbers are wrong, or lying
Jeff and Jason says to (01:42:04):
u reap what u sow
aabbcc says to (01:42:13):
like you're promoting that men avoid the responsibility of commitment and relationships
KANG TUT says to (01:42:15):
ORANIAN says to (01:42:15):
Iam in SA now. Although my wife and kids are in SA, as a man, i make it my business to visit them every week
NailsIbird says to (01:42:15):
You're only defence for men getting married is shaming tactics
aabbcc says to (01:42:25):
i dont doubt the numbers
blackbones says to (01:42:30):
all i know is you better take care o yo kids
blackbones says to (01:42:34):
or someone else will
KANG TUT says to (01:42:41):
Jeff and Jason says to (01:42:42):
yea, my taxes.
ORANIAN says to (01:42:44):
That is what a real man does. he ensures his family survives
aabbcc says to (01:42:47):
ALL AMERICAN marriages are at a 50% divorce rate
NailsIbird says to (01:42:48):
Stop strawmaning. I never said men shouldn't commit for kids
aabbcc says to (01:42:58):
the culture has devalued marriage
Jeff and Jason says to (01:43:02):
my taxes pay for all this ***
NailsIbird says to (01:43:04):
No look at BLACK marriages specifically
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:43:15):
Orian is whatr one would call a troll
uBpJessie says to (01:43:16):
@jay of course a child needs a family
NailsIbird says to (01:43:19):
black women have the highest divorce rate of any race/gender
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:43:29):
WTF is a white south african doing here anyway?
NailsIbird says to (01:43:35):
only 48 percent of black marriage make it past the first decade
aabbcc says to (01:43:46):
i'm justg saying that if you wanna be by yourself while you're old, thats all good
aabbcc says to (01:43:48):
do you
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:43:52):
then where were you going, uBpjessie?
aabbcc says to (01:43:52):
but dont have any kids
ORANIAN says to (01:43:55):
Cyber world is for everyone
blackbones says to (01:43:57):
shoot my marriage went down after we got the mans papers
blackbones says to (01:43:59):
Jeff and Jason says to (01:44:00):
blackbones says to (01:44:02):
go figure
aabbcc says to (01:44:06):
its selfish, and it aint good for the kids
uBpJessie says to (01:44:11):
and what were the factors for that stat nails?
blackbones says to (01:44:17):
it lasted 2 years after we got the papers
blackbones says to (01:44:24):
we were together over 10 years
Jeff and Jason says to (01:44:25):
How many of you have jobs?
NailsIbird says to (01:44:27):
I might have kids, but I'm not getting married. Now tell me what does that have to do with commitment
NailsIbird says to (01:44:29):
KANG TUT says to (01:44:39):
NailsIbird says to (01:44:44):
nothing, I'm avoiding the legal bonding
aabbcc says to (01:44:50):
it has to do with you thinking about you.... not about the kids
NailsIbird says to (01:44:51):
not responsiblity
blackbones says to (01:44:51):
what type of insurance gone cover that @ nails?
Jeff and Jason says to (01:44:57):
my taxes.
uBpJessie says to (01:45:02):
@jay I'm just asking the same question as you
aabbcc says to (01:45:02):
its selfish
blackbones says to (01:45:03):
lol jeff
blackbones says to (01:45:06):
let him answer
NailsIbird says to (01:45:13):
Me being taking to the ringer is not good for my kids
Jeff and Jason says to (01:45:16):
lol ight
ORANIAN says to (01:45:30):
@Nailbird. think about your kid/kids for once selfish idiot.
NailsIbird says to (01:45:32):
You're not coming with logical arguments for your case
blackbones says to (01:45:35):
come on nails answer the questions
aabbcc says to (01:45:43):
and then, you want some lady to have your baby, but you dont want to commit to being her partner to raise your kid
blackbones says to (01:45:49):
<-- think nails kids gone be raised by gangs n wolves
KANG TUT says to (01:45:54):
Jeff and Jason says to (01:45:55):
Host, Please address this idiot, "Oranian"
NailsIbird says to (01:46:01):
@Oranian b*tch shut the f&ck up and go to south africa and get your daughter
Jeff and Jason says to (01:46:09):
NailsIbird says to (01:46:19):
@aacc Why are you strawman arguing again
aabbcc says to (01:46:25):
if you want a kid so bad, but dont want to get married, be a big brother somewhere
KANG TUT says to (01:46:26):
aabbcc says to (01:46:31):
or maybe adopt...
NailsIbird says to (01:46:34):
I've said over and over that I would commit to my family
ORANIAN says to (01:46:37):
Why impregnate a woman if you cant support her raising your kids. what a bunch of cowards
blackbones says to (01:46:39):
naw aabb
aabbcc says to (01:46:49):
those kids are already in a bad spot... maybe you can improve it
NailsIbird says to (01:46:50):
BUt i don't need a legal document to do it
blackbones says to (01:46:51):
that would mess a kid life up
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:46:52):
Having sex = merriage.
Jeff and Jason says to (01:46:55):
I've been black since I was born, but I'll be white when I'm dead.
blackbones says to (01:46:59):
cant have nails raising no kids
Jeff and Jason says to (01:47:03):
Quote me on that.
KANG TUT says to (01:47:05):
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:47:07):
Everything el;se is beastiality. We aint dogs.
blackbones says to (01:47:19):
chasity belts kang
aabbcc says to (01:47:27):
seriously nails..... your thinking is the problem in our community
NailsIbird says to (01:47:27):
BLackbroad over here cheerleading like a b*tch because his baby daddy left him with a kids
blackbones says to (01:47:28):
people are to dumb to make decisions for themselves
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:47:31):
'to marry' is a babylonian sport
Jeff and Jason says to (01:47:49):
Used to be that to marry a girl, you had to beat her, and do a dance.
blackbones says to (01:47:50):
naw u aint answered the question nails
NailsIbird says to (01:47:56):
@So you have no REAL rebuttle to your case
blackbones says to (01:48:02):
how u gone provide for the kids without marriage
NailsIbird says to (01:48:04):
WHat questoin
blackbones says to (01:48:08):

what insurance gone cover that?
NailsIbird says to (01:48:15):
By having a career
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:48:18):
Jeff and Jason says to (01:48:21):
a career>
Jeff and Jason says to (01:48:23):
NailsIbird says to (01:48:23):
What kind of question is that
blackbones says to (01:48:26):
what career gone cover that?
Jeff and Jason says to (01:48:29):
blackbones says to (01:48:34):
its a serious question nails
NailsIbird says to (01:48:34):
Marriage doesn't provide for kids
blackbones says to (01:48:39):
health care expensive
NailsIbird says to (01:48:40):
Money does
NailsIbird says to (01:48:48):
You don't get paid for marriage
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:48:51):
blackbones is freeking out right now, waddoyallthink?!?
ORANIAN says to (01:48:53):
It does fool.
NailsIbird says to (01:49:02):
it's called savings funds
Jeff and Jason says to (01:49:02):
I think the key to respect has ONE to many holes.
NailsIbird says to (01:49:08):
Child bonds
NailsIbird says to (01:49:18):
what does any of that have to do with marriage
NailsIbird says to (01:49:21):
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:49:24):
blackbones says to (01:49:30):
cause you will be broke
Jeff and Jason says to (01:49:37):
Host, can the Honorable Elijah Muhammad get a shout out.
Jeff and Jason says to (01:49:38):
Jeff and Jason says to (01:49:42):
blackbones says to (01:49:42):
the city and state will have to provide health care
blackbones says to (01:49:46):
i could be wrong though
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:49:49):
the pro marriage folks count on the 'benefits' dady government hands to them
NailsIbird says to (01:49:50):
@I'm not your baby daddy black bones
blackbones says to (01:49:59):
do you make 200 to 500k @ nails?
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:50:00):
so they swallow the kuffs
NailsIbird says to (01:50:14):
@yeah these guys want to get married to collect from the gov
NailsIbird says to (01:50:29):
but when they get taken to the ringer with divorce
blackbones says to (01:50:30):
its called health insurance
blackbones says to (01:50:41):
health care expensive
NailsIbird says to (01:50:43):
they'll be back here crying the same thing I'm saying
Jeff and Jason says to (01:50:47):
Oprah blamed Lil Wayne for gangs in South Carolina.
NailsIbird says to (01:50:56):
Health care isn't THAT expensive
NailsIbird says to (01:51:05):
Health care is FREE in other countries
Jeff and Jason says to (01:51:14):
go work 3 jobs and pay for it Nails.
NailsIbird says to (01:51:22):
Stop lying to make your case for marraige
pumpkin13 says to (01:51:24):
It isn't free Nails, taxes pay for it.
Jeff and Jason says to (01:51:28):
blackbones says to (01:51:29):
how much do u think it costs @ nails?
NailsIbird says to (01:51:35):
I know that
NailsIbird says to (01:51:43):
But you don't pay monthly fee
NailsIbird says to (01:51:50):
for it in other countires
nodoubt10 says to (01:51:57):
yeah i dont feel comfortable going to a white doctor
Jeff and Jason says to (01:51:57):
pumpkin13 says to (01:52:04):
I'll take the weekly from the paycheck so I can stay in control of my healthcare.
blackbones says to (01:52:05):
not monthly every pay check with most companies
Jeff and Jason says to (01:52:17):
@the caller Oprah blames 70% of this on family structure.
NailsIbird says to (01:52:26):
Depends on who you're with
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:52:34):
healthcare should be from taxes. Here they made hospitals private but they forgot to halt healthcare costs
NailsIbird says to (01:52:42):
My dad pay 550 a month
ORANIAN says to (01:52:47):
If you follow my footsteps you will have a comfortable lifestyle
Jeff and Jason says to (01:52:55):
u jesus>
NailsIbird says to (01:52:56):
Marriage doesn't PAY for your health care either
Jeff and Jason says to (01:52:56):
Jeff and Jason says to (01:53:01):
pumpkin13 says to (01:53:01):
What would that be Oranian?
blackbones says to (01:53:15):
when u marry u can put the family on the plan @ nails
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:53:15):
blackbones says to (01:53:22):
if u aint married they aint on the plan
jose 'jay' bronze says to (01:53:31):
your footsteps were in African blood, you monkey
NailsIbird says to (01:53:52):
Healthcare reform penalizes married couples, says report
ORANIAN says to (01:53:53):
commit to one woman and avoid clubs.
NailsIbird says to (01:53:58):
Jeff and Jason says to (01:54:00):
Jeff and Jason says to (01:54:05):
ORANIAN says to (01:54:08):
spend ost of your time with your kids
NailsIbird says to (01:54:11):
Harded for marriage couple to get subsidies
NailsIbird says to (01:54:16):
NailsIbird says to (01:54:27):
Don't get married
blackbones says to (01:54:28):
Jeff and Jason says to (01:54:32):
blackbones says to (01:54:33):
i dont get u nails
Jeff and Jason says to (01:54:38):
NailsIbird says to (01:54:51):
I know you don't like it when the facts come in to play
blackbones says to (01:54:53):
you always go to what someone else wrote when theres folks right in your face that live this
pumpkin13 says to (01:54:56):
It's not that bad Nails, in regards to marriage.
blackbones says to (01:55:01):
ORANIAN says to (01:55:03):
i see blacks going to clubs while the children are starving at home..than you wonder why people dont respect you
NailsIbird says to (01:55:13):
I've been telling you
Jeff and Jason says to (01:55:18):
NailsIbird says to (01:55:19):
but you didn't believe me
blackbones says to (01:55:28):
i just think anyone who go to a 2nd hand source with they got the person in their face telling them is an idiot
NailsIbird says to (01:55:31):
So I put an end to it with the facts
blackbones says to (01:55:33):
somethings wrong with you
Jeff and Jason says to (01:55:35):
blackbones says to (01:55:41):
if i see someone get shot
blackbones says to (01:55:54):
what u gone wait for it to be reported on the news?
uBpJessie says to (01:55:54):
idk I know a few ppl who couldn't work it out in a marriage
blackbones says to (01:56:01):
thats insane to me
Chef Robb says to (01:56:06):
ORANIAN, white people don't leave thier kids at home "alone"...
Jeff and Jason says to (01:56:08):
@ the caller
Jeff and Jason says to (01:56:12):
Jeff and Jason says to (01:56:16):
NailsIbird says to (01:56:21):
You rely on "say so information that you pull out of your ass
Jeff and Jason says to (01:56:24):
fair question
ORANIAN says to (01:56:27):
its not common in the white families
NailsIbird says to (01:56:29):
and expect everyone to by it
NailsIbird says to (01:56:35):
coming from an idiot like you
Chef Robb says to (01:56:44):
ORANIAN, thats a lie as usual
NailsIbird says to (01:56:47):
you never can back your claims with PROOF
Jeff and Jason says to (01:56:54):
Oranian needs to call in
NailsIbird says to (01:56:55):
I can source my claims
Jeff and Jason says to (01:56:58):
and get ***ed up
Jeff and Jason says to (01:57:08):
i challenge u
NailsIbird says to (01:57:09):
that's what makes my argument better than yours
pumpkin13 says to (01:57:11):
There are good Black parents and White parents.
ORANIAN says to (01:57:12):
The afrikaners are different from other liberalized white trashes
NailsIbird says to (01:57:33):
Marriage is a detriment
ORANIAN says to (01:57:35):
Thats why we have intact familes and are doing well financially and economically
Jeff and Jason says to (01:57:38):
Garvey or Starvey.
uBpJessie says to (01:57:40):
nails you got to call in
Chef Robb says to (01:57:42):
Afrikaners are TRASH (period)
Jeff and Jason says to (01:57:43):
i said that ***
NailsIbird says to (01:57:46):
Point blank period
NailsIbird says to (01:57:55):
@You calling in Jess?
NailsIbird says to (01:57:57):
I will
uBpJessie says to (01:58:00):
verbalize this
uBpJessie says to (01:58:07):
so I can understand
uBpJessie says to (01:58:11):
NailsIbird says to (01:58:17):
ORANIAN says to (01:58:20):
I got wealth in four african coutries. what the heck do you have?
NailsIbird says to (01:58:38):
Call in and ask me questions
Chef Robb says to (01:58:42):
Not for long "ORANIAN"
ORANIAN says to (01:58:47):
Cowards going to clubs instead of building something for their children
pumpkin13 says to (01:58:47):
What color are you ORANIAN?
ORANIAN says to (01:58:57):
iam a white african
uBpJessie says to (01:59:06):
I'm in the que
Chef Robb says to (01:59:18):
ORANIAN, is white living in Africa...Not a White African
Jeff and Jason says to (01:59:34):,_Northern_Cape
ORANIAN says to (01:59:41):
Than why do you call yourself AFRICAN AMERICAN?
Chef Robb says to (01:59:59):
I am an African Living in America
pumpkin13 says to (02:00:04):
I call myself an American.
Jeff and Jason says to (02:00:29):
ORANIAN says to (02:00:35):
Iam african by heritage
pumpkin13 says to (02:00:44):
Have a good night folks.
AmericanCitizen says to (02:00:49):
Chef Robb says to (02:01:00):
lol, ORANIAN you are a European Living in AFrica
NailsIbird says to (02:01:03):
Let me take a breather first
Antoinette from De says to (02:01:08):
gn e1 hv g1
Chef Robb says to (02:01:17):
Hey, Antoinette
ORANIAN says to (02:01:38):
yeah whatever coon. my life is more fullfilling than your's could ever be
Chef Robb says to (02:01:59):
Kalagenesis says (02:02:08):
ORANIAN says to (02:02:50):
The sun will never set on the whiteman's power empire. my skin protects me. hahahahaha
ORANIAN says to (02:03:26):
actually i wanted apartheid to fall so that blacks could not be in our faces. now they got their eyes on the anc
Chef Robb says to (02:03:36):
Yea, ORANIAN we dont' get skin cancers as much as you do...WE WILL GIVE YOU ARE MUCH sun as you need
NailsIbird says to (02:03:43):
I met this crazy white chick from SA about my age(20) at the club last night. I think Oranian might know
NailsIbird says to (02:03:59):
Tell me when you're through JEss
NailsIbird says to (02:04:04):
And I'll call
ORANIAN says to (02:04:18):
The white race is still the most powerful on this planet. look at what we did to gaddafi. dont mess with whitey
uBpJessie says to (02:04:32):
I'm talkin now
blackbones says to (02:04:44):
Chef Robb says to (02:04:50):
ORANIAN, Enjoy it while it lasts...
NailsIbird says to (02:04:52):
post the # in the chat
blackbones says to (02:05:06):
ornaian need to get out the country once n awhile
blackbones says to (02:05:08):
Chef Robb says to (02:05:30):
ORANIAN, lives underground
blackbones says to (02:05:44):
lol chef somethings wrong with dude
ORANIAN says to (02:05:51):
Look even during our rule. we managed to defend our country from black comsmunist terrorist
ORANIAN says to (02:06:12):
Bantus stole south africa from the bushmen and the afrikaners.
*** (02:06:21):ORANIAN is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
NailsIbird says to (02:06:27):
I don't have the number for the show
blackbones says to (02:06:28):
far as i know communism never existed
blackbones says to (02:06:48):
it was theory
Chef Robb says to (02:07:40):
Afrikaner aren't victims...Lying murderers is what they are.
NailsIbird says to (02:09:06):
Well the AA nation radio is on now
blackbones says to (02:09:23):
whats that?
Chef Robb says to (02:10:34):
Wait, Bantus were in that land first
NailsIbird says to (02:10:38):
Woops I guess their not on
NailsIbird says to (02:10:40):
NailsIbird says to (02:10:46):
*** (02:12:05):ORANIAN has been unmuted by Admin.
ORANIAN says to (02:13:42):
@chef robb. it has been proven that the bushmen were the first people in south africa. than came the afrikaners, indian slaves than the bantus came for labour purposes
Chef Robb says to (02:14:15):
Stop the re-write ORANIAN
ORANIAN says to (02:14:30):
Black people emigrated into south africa to look for labour. the zulus(NGUNIS) all came from tanzania.
ORANIAN says to (02:14:40):
look it up fool
Chef Robb says to (02:15:07):
Oranian, where did the white people come from FOOL
ORANIAN says to (02:15:12):
The nguni people = zulus, xhosas, sothos etc all came from eastern africa.
ORANIAN says to (02:15:20):
europe ofcourse
ORANIAN says to (02:15:40):
the blacks werent native to southern africa.theycame from the jungles in the congo
Chef Robb says to (02:16:03):
GO HOME, when white people show up they show the greedy murdering animals that they are
Chef Robb says to (02:16:35):
Whites arent' native to Africa...GO HOME
ORANIAN says to (02:16:51):
africa is subjective.
Chef Robb says to (02:17:01):
ORANIAN says to (02:17:26):
if whites must leaVE SA, than the blacks must also leave and let the bushmen have their land
Chef Robb says to (02:18:00):
Cool, just as long as whites leave Africa I got no problems with it
ORANIAN says to (02:18:49):
africa will collapse in seconds without us. who makes it possible for you to be in this chatroom?whiety ofcourse
ORANIAN says to (02:19:49):
yeah negro
Chef Robb says to (02:19:50):
Africa survived without whites for 1000's of yrs without whites...You people bring destruction
ORANIAN says to (02:20:17):
well you can always survive in mud huts.
Chef Robb says to (02:20:49):
Cool, just as long as I don't see anybody that looks like you...I'll live in a mud huts
ORANIAN says to (02:21:26):
yeah whatever negro
ORANIAN says to (02:21:55):
come on reggin. you know you need us
Chef Robb says to (02:22:18):
No one needs you liars....
ORANIAN says to (02:24:10):
die afrikaner sal altyd hier wees!!!
Chef Robb says to (02:24:26):
I don't speak French
ORANIAN says to (02:24:59):
learn afrikaans fool
ORANIAN says to (02:25:22):
I speak setswana. what can you speak?
ORANIAN says to (02:25:45):
lerato mo gotse karan miyaneka sechaba....
Chef Robb says to (02:26:12):
ORANIAN, come see me...I show you what languages I speak
ORANIAN says to (02:26:13):
How can you be a pan africanist yet you cant speak one african language?
Chef Robb says to (02:27:43):
Learning African languages is secondary...Getting rid of the white racist is primary
ORANIAN says to (02:28:46):
yeah, black people here need us. they can hate us, but we got the weapons
Chef Robb says to (02:29:36):
The balance is coming soon
Chef Robb says to (02:29:54):
Robert mugabe is a great man
ORANIAN says to (02:30:43):
mugabe is a grain of salt.
ORANIAN says to (02:30:48):
he got no power
Chef Robb says to (02:31:05):
Things are going to change with our support...
ORANIAN says to (02:31:59):
kkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafffffffffffffffffffffffffffffirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs WIT KRAAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chef Robb says to (02:32:16):
Kalagenesis says (02:32:25):
Chef Robb says to (02:34:06):
NAT-GEO is some weak crap

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