Friday, February 17, 2012

Freaky Fridays

2012-02-18 12:01:56 AM Kalagenesis Welcome to Freaky Friday's in Kala land
2012-02-18 12:02:03 AM Kalagenesis Lets lose control
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2012-02-18 12:15:26 AM ImhotepVII Peace Kala
2012-02-18 12:15:38 AM ImhotepVII Peace Black Talk Radio
2012-02-18 12:18:02 AM ImhotepVII They have been hoodwinked
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2012-02-18 12:23:43 AM Chef Robb enter the room
2012-02-18 12:24:07 AM ImhotepVII Peace ChefRobb
2012-02-18 12:24:14 AM Chef Robb Greetins
2012-02-18 12:24:21 AM Chef Robb Peace Imhotep
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2012-02-18 12:26:07 AM ORANIAN enter the room
2012-02-18 12:26:46 AM ORANIAN Iam enjoying my weekend in alexander bay. but too cold. Africa is the place...
2012-02-18 12:26:57 AM Black Talk Radio Peace Imhotep
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2012-02-18 12:29:03 AM ORANIAN you have to respect african leaders
2012-02-18 12:31:43 AM ORANIAN im not rich, thats a fat lie
2012-02-18 12:33:24 AM Guest8872 quit the room
2012-02-18 12:37:18 AM ORANIAN because africans tend to be lazy
2012-02-18 12:39:42 AM ImhotepVII They would eat a dog before thye would a pig.
2012-02-18 12:40:42 AM ImhotepVII I want a falcon. :S
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2012-02-18 12:42:53 AM ORANIAN black americans are lazy. never seen a black american working like mexicans do
2012-02-18 12:43:32 AM ImhotepVII Wow, are you for real?!?
2012-02-18 12:43:39 AM ORANIAN yes
2012-02-18 12:43:57 AM ImhotepVII So, you've met me and you see how I work?
2012-02-18 12:44:21 AM ORANIAN I dont see you digging pits or working in mines.
2012-02-18 12:44:50 AM ImhotepVII But I work in a job that aloows people to stay connected.
2012-02-18 12:44:56 AM ImhotepVII allows
2012-02-18 12:45:10 AM ORANIAN that is not hardwork.
2012-02-18 12:45:50 AM ImhotepVII Wanna try fixing a computer? How about pulling ethernet cables through ceilings while on a ladder?
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2012-02-18 12:46:21 AM ORANIAN Iam a farmer but im also a qualified software engineer.
2012-02-18 12:46:29 AM ImhotepVII How about hauling servers around in the middle of winter or summer when it's 100 degrees
2012-02-18 12:46:45 AM ORANIAN Yeah i layed cables for telkom namibia in 1989
2012-02-18 12:47:07 AM ImhotepVII Then you know how difficult IT can be
2012-02-18 12:47:43 AM ORANIAN Thats not hardwork. than you are lazy if you think laying cables and NATTING is hardwork
2012-02-18 12:48:06 AM ImhotepVII There are different types of work. Mental work can be just as stressful.
2012-02-18 12:49:06 AM ORANIAN Mental work is nothing. only an unfit lazy person would get tired of sitting in front of a pc
2012-02-18 12:49:12 AM ImhotepVII Physical work is excellent, but to assume that ALL African-Diasporans are lazy is just arrogant
2012-02-18 12:50:24 AM ORANIAN I had african american students under my guard in TELKOM SA. they were so unproductive compared to the nigerian and asian students
2012-02-18 12:50:56 AM Chef Robb Kala, every Asian country has a Soccer Team or Leagues
2012-02-18 12:52:34 AM ImhotepVII Oranian, your logic is wrong. So, a few people you encountered were lazy. So then that means that Africans who I meet that are devious or primitive, then ALL Africans are ldevious and primitive?
2012-02-18 12:52:55 AM ImhotepVII That is your reasoning
2012-02-18 12:53:52 AM ORANIAN SOUTH AFRICA IS A DUNGHOLE. do you guys know that we banned blacks from drinking alcohol?
2012-02-18 12:54:20 AM ImhotepVII Ah, the fox shows his true colors
2012-02-18 12:54:31 AM Guest9309 enter the room
2012-02-18 12:54:37 AM ImhotepVII How sad for you
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2012-02-18 01:03:17 AM KorhenehJallah enter the room
2012-02-18 01:03:39 AM Chef Robb Your Refuge?? You belong in Europe only...
2012-02-18 01:04:07 AM ImhotepVII Peace Korheneh Jallah
2012-02-18 01:04:28 AM KorhenehJallah Oranian your analysis are 100% accurate
2012-02-18 01:05:36 AM KorhenehJallah yep
2012-02-18 01:05:58 AM Guest9536 enter the room
2012-02-18 01:06:07 AM ORANIAN @jallah. are you in liberia?
2012-02-18 01:06:18 AM KorhenehJallah yes, i am
2012-02-18 01:06:41 AM Guest9550 enter the room
2012-02-18 01:07:32 AM ORANIAN Do you know anyone in the government. im trying to get a piece of agri land.
2012-02-18 01:07:38 AM Guest9567 enter the room
2012-02-18 01:07:51 AM KorhenehJallah Kala is spreading lies about Africa. his kmowledges on Africa are limited and very bias. he preaching what u term in de US as consprieacy theory
2012-02-18 01:07:51 AM ORANIAN You can get commision for your assistance
2012-02-18 01:07:54 AM Guest9550 quit the room
2012-02-18 01:08:09 AM KorhenehJallah yeah
2012-02-18 01:08:31 AM ORANIAN OK, we will chat someday
2012-02-18 01:08:40 AM KorhenehJallah add e on facebook
2012-02-18 01:08:53 AM ORANIAN ok will try
2012-02-18 01:08:59 AM KorhenehJallah i will furnish u with vital info
2012-02-18 01:09:28 AM KorhenehJallah am travelling thre anytime soon
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2012-02-18 01:11:40 AM KorhenehJallah We dont need AA contributions to build our homeland. you AA got lot of work to do here in de US in alleviating poverty among urselves
2012-02-18 01:11:52 AM ImhotepVII enter the room
2012-02-18 01:12:36 AM KorhenehJallah middle class?
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2012-02-18 01:12:59 AM ORANIAN Yeah but you never see the crime rate in africa like the one in the AA community
2012-02-18 01:13:03 AM Guest9608 quit the room
2012-02-18 01:13:10 AM NailsIbird enter the room
2012-02-18 01:13:13 AM KorhenehJallah go to main street or broad st and see who AA living
2012-02-18 01:13:18 AM KorhenehJallah ghetto
2012-02-18 01:13:22 AM ImhotepVII enter the room
2012-02-18 01:13:24 AM KorhenehJallah and slum
2012-02-18 01:13:49 AM NailsIbird Sup, K
2012-02-18 01:13:57 AM NailsIbird I say Jelly is black
2012-02-18 01:13:58 AM ORANIAN Than why are the socalled well to do AA engaging in crime? botswana is poor and they dont have the crime rate like AA
2012-02-18 01:14:05 AM KorhenehJallah yeah am back
2012-02-18 01:14:16 AM NailsIbird Yeah we have a Liberian gang in Philidelphia
2012-02-18 01:14:29 AM ImhotepVII Peace Nailsbird
2012-02-18 01:14:35 AM KorhenehJallah check out the five borough in NYC
2012-02-18 01:15:00 AM KorhenehJallah go to louisiana andmissippi
2012-02-18 01:15:10 AM NailsIbird One of the top 10 most dangerous gang in America is a Somali gang
2012-02-18 01:15:19 AM NailsIbird Peace 7
2012-02-18 01:15:27 AM ORANIAN AA commit the most crime in the USA
2012-02-18 01:15:44 AM NailsIbird Tell them to go to LIl Haiti in maimi
2012-02-18 01:15:53 AM KorhenehJallah check out the crime rate and incarcirations
2012-02-18 01:16:00 AM ImhotepVII Wrong, crime by AA's is the most REPORTED.
2012-02-18 01:16:33 AM NailsIbird When have you ever heard of a African AMerican gang in African
2012-02-18 01:16:35 AM NailsIbird ?
2012-02-18 01:16:45 AM NailsIbird But we have Liberian gangs in America
2012-02-18 01:16:50 AM NailsIbird Why
2012-02-18 01:17:05 AM ImhotepVII @Korheneh Yes, check the crime statistics. You will find that more Whites commit crime, but it Black people who make the news
2012-02-18 01:17:12 AM KorhenehJallah africzan and Asian are the most hard working people in the world
2012-02-18 01:17:19 AM KorhenehJallah thats a fact
2012-02-18 01:17:30 AM NailsIbird Why did the FBI report a Somali gang as of the most dangerous gangs in America
2012-02-18 01:17:30 AM ORANIAN Yeah our white brothers could have eliminated you if they wanted.
2012-02-18 01:17:35 AM ImhotepVII So it only LOOKS like we are the only ones comitting crime
2012-02-18 01:19:11 AM ORANIAN My friend we got weapons. we showed the asians not to mess with whitey
2012-02-18 01:19:17 AM Guest9647 enter the room
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2012-02-18 01:19:29 AM KorhenehJallah how do you determined success? by calling Jay z and kobe bryant names? check out the late mohammed kaddfi and josepg kabila wealth
2012-02-18 01:19:38 AM NailsIbird 2 gangs on the FBI most dangerous gangs are an Afro-Dominican gang and Somali gang
2012-02-18 01:19:46 AM NailsIbird
2012-02-18 01:20:12 AM ORANIAN KALA stop praising yourself, the only reason non whites were allowed into the usa, is because the elite in the usa needed cheap labour. not because of marching negroes
2012-02-18 01:21:51 AM ORANIAN my friends AA are nothing. The white americans need the asians more than they need you people
2012-02-18 01:22:31 AM Guest9668 enter the room
2012-02-18 01:22:56 AM NailsIbird Liberian gang "Living in Blood"
2012-02-18 01:22:59 AM NailsIbird
2012-02-18 01:23:07 AM NailsIbird in Philidelphia
2012-02-18 01:24:55 AM NailsIbird Liberians in Minnesota Have Highest Jail Rate of all US States
2012-02-18 01:25:03 AM NailsIbird
2012-02-18 01:25:37 AM Guest9701 enter the room
2012-02-18 01:25:37 AM ORANIAN hehehehe black against against
2012-02-18 01:25:52 AM Guest9701 quit the room
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2012-02-18 01:26:14 AM uBpJessie enter the room
2012-02-18 01:26:32 AM KorhenehJallah i understand your points my brother, but you have to warn Kala, he sounds like Rush LIMBAUGH
2012-02-18 01:26:37 AM uBpJessie (})
2012-02-18 01:26:49 AM ImhotepVII Peace Jessie
2012-02-18 01:27:37 AM KorhenehJallah why are we fighting among our race? we are all blacks......Kala is a lost child that needs a sense of directions
2012-02-18 01:28:11 AM ORANIAN They were killed because they were stealing jobs
2012-02-18 01:28:30 AM NailsIbird Peace Jessie
2012-02-18 01:28:43 AM KorhenehJallah that what they accuse of US..stealing their jobs
2012-02-18 01:29:11 AM KorhenehJallah if you dont want to work why blame others for working hard
2012-02-18 01:29:24 AM ORANIAN Kala, if mexicans were to take over your jobs by underpricing themselves, you will revolt to.
2012-02-18 01:31:13 AM KorhenehJallah i will rather work with a white supremacist that you hateful KALA
2012-02-18 01:32:10 AM ORANIAN Now im accused of being a racist
2012-02-18 01:32:35 AM KorhenehJallah kala is the one who racist oranion
2012-02-18 01:33:11 AM ORANIAN kala pls tell me the difference between your beloved patrice motsepe and nicky oppeinheimer
2012-02-18 01:33:32 AM KorhenehJallah We have to Banned Kala from you forum discussing Liberia
2012-02-18 01:33:57 AM KorhenehJallah check this out on facebook "discussing Liberia"
2012-02-18 01:34:32 AM KorhenehJallah you guys have to learned from OBAMA
2012-02-18 01:34:47 AM ORANIAN Im not a white supremacists
2012-02-18 01:35:02 AM KorhenehJallah cuz am not been accepted by my own people
2012-02-18 01:35:05 AM NailsIbird Why are both of these loud mouth idiots typing in bold letters, projecting their retarded mess to the world?
2012-02-18 01:35:07 AM Guest9595 quit the room
2012-02-18 01:35:57 AM KorhenehJallah it pain for you to be brand as an outsider why your own foes
2012-02-18 01:35:59 AM NailsIbird I'm not even surprised, though.
2012-02-18 01:36:47 AM blackbones enter the room
2012-02-18 01:37:07 AM ORANIAN So loving my afrikaner skin, makes me racist?
2012-02-18 01:37:52 AM KorhenehJallah why label folks as racist when u a preaching hate you KALA
2012-02-18 01:38:32 AM KorhenehJallah check on the NASA WEB SITE YOU GONNA SEE A MALIANS AS SCIENTIST
2012-02-18 01:38:43 AM ORANIAN Bullcrap, South africa is growing because the white europeans are investing in SA. there is no black conglomerate in SA
2012-02-18 01:38:58 AM KorhenehJallah YOU GOT YOUR FACYS WRONG KALA
2012-02-18 01:39:01 AM blackbones quit the room
2012-02-18 01:39:20 AM Guest9812 enter the room
2012-02-18 01:39:49 AM Kalagenesis call in coward
2012-02-18 01:40:59 AM ImhotepVII @Jallah check this:
2012-02-18 01:41:27 AM Guest9838 enter the room
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2012-02-18 01:41:51 AM KorhenehJallah IS THIS A CLASS WAR???
2012-02-18 01:41:54 AM NailsIbird George Alcorn
2012-02-18 01:42:03 AM NailsIbird
2012-02-18 01:42:09 AM Guest9812 quit the room
2012-02-18 01:42:23 AM Guest9855 enter the room
2012-02-18 01:43:14 AM ImhotepVII
2012-02-18 01:43:44 AM Guest9855 quit the room
2012-02-18 01:43:54 AM NailsIbird Imhotep, do you still have that website that holds the free text books?
2012-02-18 01:45:24 AM ImhotepVII @Nailsbird Yes
2012-02-18 01:45:26 AM Guest9884 enter the room
2012-02-18 01:45:52 AM Guest9884 quit the room
2012-02-18 01:46:15 AM Guest9896 enter the room
2012-02-18 01:46:18 AM NailsIbird Cool, if you could send them to me I would really appreciated?
2012-02-18 01:46:30 AM ImhotepVII One sec
2012-02-18 01:46:34 AM Guest9896 quit the room
2012-02-18 01:47:07 AM KorhenehJallah I NEED THE WEBSITES FOR FREE TEXT BOOK TOO
2012-02-18 01:48:34 AM KorhenehJallah LETS MOVE ON GUYS , TIME FOR RECOUNCIATION
2012-02-18 01:48:35 AM Guest9922 enter the room
2012-02-18 01:49:31 AM Guest9930 enter the room
2012-02-18 01:49:34 AM ImhotepVII True@Jallah
2012-02-18 01:49:49 AM NailsIbird LOL Most black "supermacist" are nothing but LOUD talking scared puppies.
2012-02-18 01:50:07 AM NailsIbird They aren't reining supreme over anything
2012-02-18 01:50:52 AM NailsIbird They just hate everything, including black people
2012-02-18 01:50:59 AM ORANIAN why should anyone like obama?
2012-02-18 01:51:06 AM KorhenehJallah what can we do to better the continent AFRICA? All of you folks belong home in africa...
2012-02-18 01:51:29 AM ORANIAN Iam more for africa than obama can ever be
2012-02-18 01:51:39 AM KorhenehJallah Africa where you will not be judge by the skin of your color
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2012-02-18 01:55:05 AM Kalagenesis enter the room
2012-02-18 01:55:57 AM KorhenehJallah i hear u preach hate everyday kala
2012-02-18 01:56:35 AM Kalagenesis Shut up moron
2012-02-18 01:57:20 AM ORANIAN quit the room
2012-02-18 01:57:41 AM KorhenehJallah why mute Oranain
2012-02-18 01:59:20 AM KorhenehJallah check out all these AA who are successful..they go for White women ..why??
2012-02-18 02:00:05 AM TalkNChitwTraCGmore enter the room
2012-02-18 02:00:25 AM KorhenehJallah you have to love you race ..BUT MOST AA dont appreciate their own race
2012-02-18 02:00:49 AM TalkNChitwTraCGmore quit the room

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