Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Enemy Within."The Benevolent Tyrant"

Recently there has been a few popular uprisings throughout the Arab world against autocratic rule.The quest for democracy comes from intelligent people who realize that they can rule themselves and that the land and its resources belong to the people not a few at the top.Since the dawning of man,there has been this struggle to be free.In modern time freedom is defined through a social contract and individuals are given liberty.A list of all the basic freedoms people should have to enjoy a fruitful life.In other words the only limits are yourself not a caste system.In America this system was once close to achieve.America has not been able to extend this to all its citizens, making America an imperfect system. Ghadaffi's demise divides the continent of Africa. Minister Farrakhan is a friend of Col Muhammar Ghadaffi who received millions from him over the years in turn for his voice in America.Ghadaffi has tried to use the radical element in America as leverage for his own agenda.Also he used Libya's position on the continent of Africa to make his way into the African Union's leadership.When looking at the African Union,Ghadaffi,Farrakhan it is clear all of these men are power mad and do not believe in a government of the people,by the people and for the people.Africa on the whole has yet to experience real democracy.You cannot manipulate elections,declare yourself a life president and say your for human rights.Because human nature dictates that someone will always say I will do a better job than you can so let me lead.In democratic countries the people decide this.In Plutocratic and Autocratic systems a few decide.So this leads us to the topic of this blog.A brother of mine who is very pro Ghadaffi wrote a blog and a post by a well known author. By Prince Akyeampong After what recently happened in Libya, one is apt to wonder what democracy really stands for. If democracy is the keyword used to justify the destruction of human lives and property, then God help us all! Yes, the NATO-aided NTC rebels have apparently managed to do away with Muammar Gaddafi, and Ghana, among other African countries has, after a little hesitation, decided to do obeisance to the western powers by recognizing these anti-Gaddafi miscreants. The question now remains: does a "post-Gaddafi Libya" hope to become a land of milk and honey? Believe me that would be a very tall order because actually, whether you like Gaddafi or not, Libya, by all appreciable standards, had the highest standard of living in Africa, under Gaddafi. If western-style democracy was a yardstick for determining developmental success, Ghana, Nigeria and other countries in Africa would not be in their present predicaments. Let’s take a look at some of the comforts and benefits Libyans enjoyed under Gaddafi and draw our own conclusions. When Gaddafi took over, Libyans had an average annual income of about $60. His government brought Libya from poverty and debt to prosperity and debt-free status education from the kindergarten stage through college was free. Health care was free as well. Under Gaddafi’s oil-revenue-sharing program, each Libyan had $500 (five hundred US dollars) deposited into his or her bank account each month. After marriage, each couple was given as much as $60,000 (sixty thousand US dollars) to spend. Libya gave free land and seeds to anyone who wanted to take up farming as an occupation. Water and electricity were free in Libya. Petrol/fuel was sold at 75 cents a gallon under Gaddafi. There was virtually no homelessness as everyone was given a home. Undernourishment in Libya under Gaddafi was as low as 2% – a figure lower than that of the world center of “democracy,” the USA. For any medical care or health treatments that were unavailable in Libya, the Libyan citizen’s full expenses for travel, treatment and accommodation to wherever was required for treatment were borne by the Libyan government. Before Gaddafi, literacy in Libya was only 10%. Under Gaddafi’s leadership, literacy has risen to over 80%. Unlike some Arab states, women in Libya under Gaddafi had equal rights; not only as a philosophy, but in practice. Libyans had a direct participatory democracy based on people’s conferences. The Gaddafi government invested billions to bring fresh water from southern Libya’s desert to coastal areas like Tripoli and Benghazi. This man-made river is a worldwide acclaimed achievement that stands as a testimony to Gaddafi’s huge contribution to the economic development of Libya. Folks, note that this project which cost Libya about $35 billion (US dollars) was exclusively financed by Libya’s Central Bank without borrowing a cent from abroad. So, if these eye-popping achievements are not enough, then what exactly is the NATO agenda? What are they bringing to Libya that is better than what Gaddafi achieved? I sympathize with Libyans – and why not? In the name of western-style “democracy,” a hitherto affluent African nation has decided to take a dangerous u-turn and thus join the large group of third world countries in Africa. The western propaganda machine is so deadly that they pick and choose what to report to the outside world with regards to the situation in Libya. Whatever event goes against their interests and machinations is not reported. How can NATO bomb roads, ports, buildings and oil fields’ equipment and yet claim to be assisting in a just cause? It’s about democracy, they contend; and some of us have ignorantly bought into that nonsense! If this maze of confusion and corruption in Ghana is what democracy is about, I’d rather take a Gaddafi-type system any day. Ultimately, life is about the search for the best means of achieving improved and quality lifestyles. Did Gaddafi fail Libyans in that regard? For NATO, it’s been a job “well executed.” They have managed once again to bring a strong and thriving economy to its knees. Even as these ignorant rebels chant and wave flags, they are yet to come to grips with reality; they do not realize that they are now in the full clutches of the west – they have now become YES-MEN; and would listen to and obey their NATO masters. As Ghanaians and Africans, we must honestly ask ourselves whether our so-called leaders have what it takes to stand up to the west when it comes to issues that are not in our interest. The usual “Uncle Tom” attitude exhibited by our leaders does not bode well for the African continent. What is the essence of the AU if our leaders cannot take an emphatic stand and come to the aid of one of their own in times of need? A bunch of “Uncle Toms,” that’s what they are! Ghanaian and African leaders had better wake up and get their act together! If the Libyan situation has not served as an eye-opener to our recalcitrant and NATO-serving leaders, I don’t know what will. God bless mother Ghana! My point in this rebuttal is like this.......When I asked for water you gave me water,when I asked for food you gave me food,when I asked you for money you gave me a little money,BUT when I asked for my freedom and dignity you took back the water,you charged me for the food and you charged me interest on the money.-KALAGENESIS. You see Ghadaffi never gave the Libyan people anything nor will Farrakhan give anything to Black people.A tyrant takes more than he gives,.A recent survey in Libyan before the war showed although more Libyans did not want NATO they wanted Col Ghadaffi gone.No people want live where a person has complete life and death control over their lives.This is where the hypocrites who support Ghadaffi dont get.No person will sell themselves and their soul for a few dollars human spirit is infinite and always demanding more and want Liberty,Justice,a voice and their dignity.No amount of money and whatever the tyrant's crumbs will do we need our human rights given to us by God

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