Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ask kala

*** (22:57:10):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
Kalagenesis says (22:57:38):
Welcome to Ask Kala where the Listener rules
Kalagenesis says (22:57:49):
Where I surrender control
Kalagenesis says (22:58:01):
Can you handle the truth?
HUEY B says to (23:02:26):
peace kala!!!
HUEY B says to (23:02:35):
Kalagenesis says (23:02:41):
peace H and P
Pianki says to (23:02:49):
early Polls on last nights debate gave Ron Paul 70%+
Kalagenesis says (23:03:27):
He is never going to win a nomination though'
Pianki says to (23:03:35):
Hey Kala
Kalagenesis says (23:03:37):
Hey Pianki
Kalagenesis says (23:03:58):
Herman Cain says he is not African?WTF?
HUEY B says to (23:04:20):
Pianki says to (23:04:30):
You been alrite Kala haven't heard you for a day or two
Pianki says to (23:05:09):
Look America is not gonna elect another black president.
Kalagenesis says (23:05:16):
I was on Sunday night Last week's shows were off the chain
Pianki says to (23:06:11):
I'm not wasting anytime following Pres debates no more.
Kalagenesis says (23:06:17):
they are a joke until the end
Pianki says to (23:06:35):
My next move is more important
East Coast says to (23:08:39):
Evening Kala, Huey, Pianki
HUEY B says to (23:08:53):
peace eastcoast
Dan Newton says to (23:10:08):
peace fam
Pianki says to (23:10:09):
Eastcoast ... Peace'
Pianki says to (23:10:48):
America ain't electing no more blacks for president.
East Coast says to (23:11:11):
Yess sir boss....LOL
Pianki says to (23:11:25):
Hispanic, Latino, Asian/Indian. No more Blacks.
Pianki says to (23:12:06):
They want to be invisible kala.
East Coast says to (23:12:28):
What ever you want me to do Boss.....LOL
Dan Newton says to (23:12:30):
hispanic and latino =white
Pianki says to (23:12:37):
Now Blacks want to tell white's slavery story.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:12:51):
hi brother kala
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:12:54):
waz up
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:13:06):
can i call in
Pianki says to (23:13:07):
Blacks will split reparations with Irish and other whites.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:13:15):
i like herman cain
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:13:36):
we get them too
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:13:46):
we were oppressed also
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:13:52):
us hillbillies
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:13:59):
no dentists
Dan Newton says to (23:14:12):
frank whats your nationality
Pianki says to (23:14:13):
Appalacia cowboys
HUEY B says to (23:14:27):
kala why you always letting these clowns in your chat room its damn annoying
Pianki says to (23:14:28):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:14:36):
inferior heath care and no safety laws awork
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:14:47):
Dan Newton says to (23:14:56):
thats a color
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:15:05):
Pianki says to (23:15:06):
HUEY B says to (23:15:15):
Pianki says to (23:16:04):
Yes Kala our own PressTv
Pianki says to (23:16:30):
Al Sharpton has become invisible too.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:16:33):
were all americans
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:16:46):
i was born up a holler
Pianki says to (23:17:05):
Nationality and Citizenship are not the same Frank
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:17:08):
by a mid wife and placed in an orfanage
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:17:21):
yes they are
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:17:33):
ask a brit or german
Pianki says to (23:17:33):
No theyn are not
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:17:47):
ask a italian
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:17:56):
im american
Pianki says to (23:18:09):
Ask Hilliary @Frank. http://www.travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_1753.html
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:18:09):
no roots but america
Dan Newton says to (23:18:52):
if your american then your a native american = indian
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:18:53):
dont no my genitic parents
Pianki says to (23:19:02):
There is a thing as Dual Nationality Frank
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:19:16):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:19:23):
not in america
Pianki says to (23:19:38):
Canada and Mexico are part of the Americas.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:19:51):
north america
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:19:54):
were usa
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:20:05):
there canadians
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:20:12):
and mexicans
Dan Newton says to (23:20:19):
its all the americas
Pianki says to (23:20:33):
@HuetB/Dan. see I told you we waste our time debating these dumb whites.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:20:34):
there are white mexicans and black canadians
HUEY B says to (23:20:56):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:20:58):
were better educated
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:21:02):
thats why
HUEY B says to (23:21:12):
lol ok frank lmfao
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:21:19):
we dont hold grudges either
Dan Newton says to (23:21:31):
frank your making a fool out of your self seriously
WHEELOCK says to (23:21:37):
Greetins everyone accept Frank
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:21:38):
look at the stats
WHEELOCK says to (23:21:49):
execpt frank
Pianki says to (23:21:52):
@Wheelock In Tha House
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:21:56):
hi brother wheelock
WHEELOCK says to (23:21:58):
Frank is an Idiot
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:22:00):
give it up
Dan Newton says to (23:22:06):
peace wheelock
HUEY B says to (23:22:10):
peace wheelock
Pianki says to (23:22:15):
Where u ben @Wheel?
HUEY B says to (23:22:18):
frank eat glass
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:22:20):
cant we all be friends?
WHEELOCK says to (23:22:22):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:22:27):
build bridges?
Pianki says to (23:22:41):
With gun powder
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:22:45):
in never stabbed anybody
WHEELOCK says to (23:22:48):
Pianki, I've been in and out a little busy
WHEELOCK says to (23:22:56):
Frank you liar
Pianki says to (23:23:00):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:23:22):
i never lied
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:23:25):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:23:32):
only the truth
Pianki says to (23:23:36):
Look I said a righ after that happen that Oscar Grants killer would walk.
Dan Newton says to (23:24:06):
frank if your white your not native to the americas lol
Pianki says to (23:24:17):
HUEY B says to (23:24:20):
yet mick vick gets time for dog fighting
HUEY B says to (23:24:39):
Pianki says to (23:24:49):
Kala don't even read that story.
WHEELOCK says to (23:25:18):
Pianki, I was a guest and saw your posting from the St. Dept. but look at this: http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/without/without_1990.html
Pianki says to (23:25:35):
Where is the civil charges against Oscar Grants killer. Like they done O.J
HUEY B says to (23:25:57):
yeah right@pianki aint gonna happen
WHEELOCK says to (23:26:01):
Why do the EUROPEAN get to come over with no problems
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:26:17):
they didnt
WHEELOCK says to (23:26:27):
The waiver program is for All White Countries
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:26:35):
ask the irish and italians and hunkies
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:26:51):
Pianki says to (23:26:56):
Yes, recipocal with E.U and U.S @Wheelock.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:27:00):
no irish need apply
WHEELOCK says to (23:27:15):
The waiver programs doesn't include and AFRICAN country. Tell me which AFRICAN waged war against the us
WHEELOCK says to (23:27:26):
I KNOW Pianki...
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:27:26):
every immigrant started at the bottom
Pianki says to (23:27:36):
Same with Ecowas in Africa
WHEELOCK says to (23:27:46):
Frank is telling mistruths again
HUEY B says to (23:27:56):
lol@every immigrant started at the bottom
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:27:57):
we have enough africans in usa
WHEELOCK says to (23:28:10):
European Immigrants dont' start at the Bottom
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:28:12):
need russians an asians
Dan Newton says to (23:28:17):
virginia is one of the most racist states
HUEY B says to (23:28:22):
i think there is to much white folk in the usa
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:28:22):
they did
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:28:33):
pick and shovel
WHEELOCK says to (23:28:38):
Frank, lick a toilet
HUEY B says to (23:28:43):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:28:48):
early 20th centry
Dan Newton says to (23:28:49):
we dont need no more aliens lol
Pianki says to (23:28:59):
Whites get mad as hell when blacks say they wopuld rather deal with Chinese rather than whites.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:29:05):
blacks had a jump on them
WHEELOCK says to (23:29:23):
Frank, lies and more lies
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:29:31):
it is what it is
WHEELOCK says to (23:29:40):
Frank coz you made it up
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:29:44):
worry about the mexicans
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:29:50):
there takin over
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:30:14):
got all the entry level skilled jobs
WHEELOCK says to (23:30:18):
The Mexicans isn't my problems its a problem for Europeans in America
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:30:20):
he is correct
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:30:33):
american is a nationallity
Dan Newton says to (23:30:42):
frank do you have a learning disability
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:30:51):
its yours more than mine
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:31:05):
a 180 iq
WHEELOCK says to (23:31:48):
Black Conservative = I love WHITY
HUEY B says to (23:31:57):
yo wheelock notice when we was talking about oscar grant frank the plank had nothing to say
Pianki says to (23:32:12):
Whites want blacks to identify as "american" period.
WHEELOCK says to (23:32:27):
Yea, Huey. Why didn't frank respond to that
Dan Newton says to (23:32:29):
i have a freind from virginia he's white he said its so many enbreads in those trailorparks up there he even explained to me how they look
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:32:51):
WHEELOCK says to (23:32:54):
Huey or the Brotha that was lynched last year
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:32:59):
that is correct
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:33:28):
WHEELOCK says to (23:33:35):
Frank is proud to have a son by his sister and a 2 daughters by his mother
Dan Newton says to (23:33:45):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:33:50):
im very handsome
Dan Newton says to (23:33:53):
HUEY B says to (23:33:55):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:33:58):
blue eyes
Pianki says to (23:34:02):
Son by his daughter
HUEY B says to (23:34:14):
WHEELOCK says to (23:34:18):
I forgot bout tha Pianki
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:34:23):
whos ur daddy huey?
WHEELOCK says to (23:34:49):
Frank, good question....Too bad your daddy never stepped uup
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:34:50):
do blacks celebrate fathers day?
HUEY B says to (23:35:00):
herman cains@frank
Pianki says to (23:35:01):
Huey and Wheelock are from Africa Frank
Dan Newton says to (23:35:10):
do whites celebrate fathers day
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:35:10):
or is that day mass confussion
Pianki says to (23:35:17):
They are not associated with slavery
WHEELOCK says to (23:35:43):
Frank, Fathers Day is everyday....same with mothers Day.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:35:43):
80 % of blacks are born out of wedlock
Dan Newton says to (23:35:45):
i bet its a mass confusion for you rednecks enbreads lol
WHEELOCK says to (23:35:58):
BS Frank, who did the poll
HUEY B says to (23:35:58):
lol@mass confusion
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:36:09):
the us census
WHEELOCK says to (23:36:27):
Frank, info from a govt that hates us...Thx
taokiller says to (23:36:37):
Pick up the phone kala
Pianki says to (23:36:37):
Frank tries hard to impregnate a Canalope.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:36:38):
no male presence in a black family
*** (23:36:02):frankfromwestvirginia is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
Dan Newton says to (23:36:44):
rednecks arguing over there uncle being there father lol
WHEELOCK says to (23:36:50):
No Kala don't mute him
Pianki says to (23:36:52):
WHEELOCK says to (23:37:06):
Let me put my boots on his neck
WHEELOCK says to (23:37:37):
Frank, have you gone into every black household for that information
Dan Newton says to (23:37:57):
he's a ignorant cracker
*** (23:37:30):frankfromwestvirginia has been unmuted by Admin.
Pianki says to (23:38:09):
Yeah ain't that something. That was Hilliary.
WHEELOCK says to (23:38:26):
Whites puttin out information like that to destory the African mind
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:38:30):
where is that article?
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:38:35):
post it
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:38:47):
its secret i guess
Dan Newton says to (23:39:01):
ignorant cracker lol
WHEELOCK says to (23:39:20):
Frank who's your Mother....How many women turn to answer when you say "HEY MOM"
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:39:31):
what about the black males behind bars
WHEELOCK says to (23:39:41):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:39:41):
no good daddys
taokiller says to (23:39:57):
Stop hogging the mic Kala and pick up the phone !
Dan Newton says to (23:39:57):
lol this guy is a nut
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:39:58):
prove me wrong
*** (23:39:20):frankfromwestvirginia is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
WHEELOCK says to (23:40:13):
This guy eats nuts
Pianki says to (23:40:17):
Hilliary Clinto told black Africa to beware of a new colonialism. Guess which country is the oldest colony? Puerto Rico. Where Obama just visited today.
Dan Newton says to (23:40:19):
WHEELOCK says to (23:40:38):
Yea, Pianki
*** (23:40:28):frankfromwestvirginia has been unmuted by Admin.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:41:18):
its true
WHEELOCK says to (23:41:32):
Frank, how many Indians were at your house for Thanksgiving?
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:41:36):
herman is the man with a plan
Dan Newton says to (23:41:39):
franks mom is probly a trailor trash crack whore
WHEELOCK says to (23:41:50):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:42:03):
a ceo of a large company
Pianki says to (23:42:07):
If republicans get control of congress. There will be a whole lot of exportation of immigrants.
WHEELOCK says to (23:42:08):
Frank isn't sure who his mother is
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:42:08):
shes is dead
Dan Newton says to (23:42:10):
lol liar
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:42:16):
would be 92
*** (23:41:36):frankfromwestvirginia is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
Pianki says to (23:42:34):
His mom was Dolly d Sheep
Pianki says to (23:42:59):
Sorry Frank about your mom.
WHEELOCK says to (23:43:11):
Frank, Why didn't Herman Cain open a company in the Hood? He wouldn't coz boot lickin brings wealth
Pianki says to (23:43:29):
Dan Newton says to (23:43:41):
i dont care if she is dead she a racist cracker to
WHEELOCK says to (23:43:43):
oh Damn...Frank sounds like a drunk with a mouth full of roaches
HUEY B says to (23:43:55):
and nuts
WHEELOCK says to (23:43:59):
*** (23:43:25):frankfromwestvirginia has been unmuted by Admin.
Dan Newton says to (23:44:24):
Dan Newton says to (23:44:40):
Dan Newton says to (23:44:51):
muted him
HUEY B says to (23:44:53):
take those nuts out your mouth
WHEELOCK says to (23:45:20):
Damn shame...Why do white people tell everyone what they are? Frank is tell me who I am?
Dan Newton says to (23:45:21):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:45:37):
Pianki says to (23:45:39):
South St Louis Hill area is Italian Americans. they fly the Italy flag all over the place.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:46:05):
inter maggages make up the majority of whites
HUEY B says to (23:46:19):
whats maggages
HUEY B says to (23:46:22):
WHEELOCK says to (23:46:24):
I have the RBG flying on my cars
Dan Newton says to (23:46:25):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:46:30):
the scots were the barrons
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:46:40):
irish were the trash
Dan Newton says to (23:46:46):
red barron pizza
Pianki says to (23:46:50):
*** (23:46:08):frankfromwestvirginia is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
WHEELOCK says to (23:46:57):
HUEY B says to (23:47:24):
frank how many nuts do you put in your mouth at night
HUEY B says to (23:47:35):
on average
taokiller says to (23:47:54):
man kala you have to hear what i have to say
HUEY B says to (23:48:02):
damn frank on mute
WHEELOCK says to (23:48:04):
Huey, they dont' count 'em....They just say keep 'em coming
Pianki says to (23:48:06):
Boby Jindal Indian American
*** (23:47:22):frankfromwestvirginia has been unmuted by Admin.
HUEY B says to (23:48:16):
HUEY B says to (23:48:24):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:48:26):
the white anglo protestant runs the earth-wasp
Dan Newton says to (23:48:31):
frank got doggy nuts in his mouth lol
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:48:35):
thats me
*** (23:47:49):frankfromwestvirginia is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
HUEY B says to (23:48:36):
taokiller says to Kalagenesis (private) (23:48:03):
open up my call please
HUEY B says to (23:48:50):
Pianki says to (23:49:18):
There is a large population of Indians in Louisana that votes for Bobby Jindal
HUEY B says to (23:49:25):
frank take those goats nuts out your mouth
WHEELOCK says to (23:49:34):
Herman Cain is running for King of the House Negros....I think he will win
Pianki says to (23:49:46):
Mountain Osyters
WHEELOCK says to (23:49:49):
WHEELOCK says to (23:49:59):
Brother Klucker!!!!
HUEY B says to (23:49:59):
herman cain is the coons coon
*** (23:49:20):frankfromwestvirginia has been unmuted by Admin.
Dan Newton says to (23:50:11):
i bet frank dont know jesus was a black man
Pianki says to (23:50:34):
Who's brother K?
HUEY B says to (23:50:49):
@pianki just another coon
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:50:53):
if aboerted balcks were here there would be 20 million more blacks
WHEELOCK says to (23:51:08):
Bro. K is a black Klansman
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:51:10):
think about that
Pianki says to (23:51:18):
Dan Newton says to (23:51:31):
frank did you know jesus was black
*** (23:50:42):frankfromwestvirginia is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
HUEY B says to (23:51:37):
@frank think about taking those goats nuts out your mouth
WHEELOCK says to (23:52:04):
Frank and lick his azz just like my pit bull does
WHEELOCK says to (23:52:10):
Dan Newton says to (23:52:13):
Pianki says to (23:52:14):
Calling Michell that can get a person ion some serious trouble.
Pianki says to (23:52:39):
IRS audits and a whole slew of stuff.
Kalagenesis says (23:52:10):
Peace Mr Holipsism
WHEELOCK says to (23:53:04):
Oh Kala there is a New Black conservative on Blog Talk...I heard him last week...It made me vomit
Dan Newton says to (23:53:07):
Michelle is an educated beautiful black women
WHEELOCK says to (23:53:20):
Greetins Mr. Holipsism
BlackAchievement USA says to (23:53:36):
Pianki says to (23:53:37):
@dan true tat
HUEY B says to (23:53:39):
peace mr holipsism
BlackAchievement USA says to (23:53:42):
WHEELOCK says to (23:53:42):
Peace BA
BlackAchievement USA says to (23:53:50):
chef rob
BlackAchievement USA says to (23:53:54):
HUEY B says to (23:53:57):
BlackAchievement USA says to (23:53:58):
BlackAchievement USA says to (23:54:04):
mr. holips
Pianki says to (23:54:13):
@BA. Peace
BlackAchievement USA says to (23:54:26):
desert rose
Dan Newton says to (23:54:31):
peace BA
WHEELOCK says to (23:54:34):
wow, did frank leave...I wanted him to see my pic
BlackAchievement USA says to (23:54:36):
peace dan
BlackAchievement USA says to (23:55:08):
what's up with bro. k, did he join the klan?
Pianki says to (23:55:12):
It's 12 midnite. Frank's makeup will start coming off.
Dan Newton says to (23:55:22):
WHEELOCK says to (23:55:31):
Bro K joined the Klan when he was 12 yr old
BlackAchievement USA says to (23:55:43):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:55:55):
i am the final boss of the internet
WHEELOCK says to (23:55:55):
Frank my profile pic is for you
HUEY B says to (23:55:57):
frank leave those goats alone
Pianki says to (23:56:13):
All kidding aside. We reallyn should not be wasting time discussing whites any way.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:56:14):
at the top
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:56:22):
i only look down
HUEY B says to (23:56:30):
black peopl cant be rascist
WHEELOCK says to (23:56:30):
I agre Pianki
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:56:41):
look at mine
WHEELOCK says to (23:56:52):
Nope frank yours isn't important
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:57:05):
i am a lord
Dan Newton says to (23:57:18):
he doesnt have a pic up wheelock lol
HUEY B says to (23:57:30):
we aint got no power to practice racism
Dan Newton says to (23:57:33):
WHEELOCK says to (23:57:34):
ALL WHITE ...I get it Dan
Pianki says to (23:58:01):
Alan Keyes was probably the best Black Copnservative. he did believe in Reparations.
Pianki says to (23:58:12):
BlackAchievement USA says to (23:58:19):
herman "raising" cain---will be vice-president for republicans 2012
Pianki says to (23:58:29):
no no no
BlackAchievement USA says to (23:58:34):
if blks get behind him
Mr Holipsism says to (23:58:47):
Pianki says to (23:58:49):
Want be anymore Black President nothing.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:58:52):
he will lead the blacks to the promised land--its called america and ur here already
BlackAchievement USA says to (23:58:54):
romney/cain ticket
Mr Holipsism says to (23:59:01):
Herman Cain: 'I'm Not African American. I'm Black'
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:59:01):
HUEY B says to (23:59:02):
what are black conservatives conserving can anybody answer that?
BlackAchievement USA says to (23:59:03):
if blks back cain
BlackAchievement USA says to (23:59:10):
but blacks will not back him
Mr Holipsism says to (23:59:14):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:59:19):
yes they will
WHEELOCK says to (23:59:27):
Listen to what DR. Umar Abdullah Johnson says about these fakes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDWoQJZteF4
frankfromwestvirginia says to (23:59:29):
barrack is half white
Pianki says to (23:59:41):
Is that on YouTube? I want to play it to my grandson.
Kalagenesis says (23:58:45):
Barack is Black
HUEY B says to (23:59:47):
frank you moms is half goat
Dan Newton says to (00:00:02):
frank you dont know whats good for anybody you have ignorant racist evil thoughts
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:00:06):
barack is half irish
Mr Holipsism says to (00:00:12):
lol @ Huey B
WHEELOCK says to (00:00:16):
No Huey franks mom is heffer
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:00:17):
i thought u knew frank
HUEY B says to (00:00:26):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:00:36):
half white raised in a white household--educated in white universities and could care less about blacks
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:00:51):
his daddy ditched him
WHEELOCK says to (00:01:07):
Frank sounds like your life
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:01:09):
all white influence
Pianki says to (00:01:14):
Ben is a American Caucasian Edomite Ashkanize
HUEY B says to (00:01:23):
WHEELOCK says to (00:01:34):
But Frank you have no education and it shows
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:01:41):
a lot of whites are raising blk kids today frank, didn't u see "the blind side"
HUEY B says to (00:02:07):
lol@blindside translation whiteside
Pianki says to (00:02:18):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:02:24):
just fakes the hope and change--nothing has changed in the black mans life--as a matter of fact thre worse off now than when barry took over
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:02:31):
enough of the vertical integration Kala
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:02:40):
look at black unemployment rates now
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:03:01):
higher than 2 yrs ago
Pianki says to (00:03:02):
Where he go???
HUEY B says to (00:03:20):
why is that frank
Pianki says to (00:03:21):
Oh Kala ... Ohhhhh kalaaa
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:03:40):
look at black unemploments rates for the 17-28 yr group
HUEY B says to (00:03:52):
why is that frank
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:03:59):
HUEY B says to (00:04:12):
*** (00:03:13):frankfromwestvirginia is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
HUEY B says to (00:04:22):
Pianki says to (00:05:27):
@HueyB see my handsome pictures as a listeners. we were at the gala Bia party in aswain.
HUEY B says to (00:05:56):
your profile pic
*** (00:05:06):frankfromwestvirginia has been unmuted by Admin.
Pianki says to (00:06:10):
Sister in the pink headress from Texas
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:06:33):
his programs-his vision of socialism--his lack of fiscal responsibility--not stopping the wars--foreign aid--giving our tax dollars away
Pianki says to (00:06:38):
Me standing up on right in Black
WHEELOCK says to (00:07:01):
Frank do you even know the definition of Socialism?
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:07:04):
barrack is on his way out
HUEY B says to (00:07:10):
@frank but where did all the money go when bush was in office
HUEY B says to (00:07:21):
Pianki says to (00:07:24):
Y'all got any sound?
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:07:24):
in americans pockets
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:07:41):
not the rabs
HUEY B says to (00:07:44):
lmfbao@frank you are a ass
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:07:56):
gas was 2 buks a gallon
HUEY B says to (00:07:59):
Pianki says to (00:08:13):
ok I got him
HUEY B says to (00:08:14):
frank go kill yourself
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:08:17):
food prices are up 50%
WHEELOCK says to (00:08:21):
Frank Gas was cheaper under Bill Clinton
HUEY B says to (00:08:22):
do it now
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:08:42):
unemployment is up 4 %
WHEELOCK says to (00:08:48):
The Gas hike was the highest under Bush
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:08:52):
lurking at 10%
HUEY B says to (00:09:03):
nuts in franks mouth up by 50%
Pianki says to (00:09:03):
Man they sure did rip off the US with that 6bn heist.
WHEELOCK says to (00:09:07):
Frank is telling lies again
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:09:26):
blacks are bearing the brunt of his failed policies
Pianki says to (00:09:37):
What dam fool would send 6 billion in cash into lawless Iraq?
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:09:40):
its all true
WHEELOCK says to (00:09:46):
Socialism Frank:a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:09:48):
prove me wrong
Pianki says to (00:10:06):
How will you track down 6bn cash???
WHEELOCK says to (00:10:06):
Frank read it
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:10:13):
redistribution of personal wealth
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:10:18):
it failed
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:10:34):
cant take whiteys money
WHEELOCK says to (00:10:38):
And giving $$$ to the rich is working @ Frank
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:10:43):
they create the jobs
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:10:52):
Pianki says to (00:11:17):
Thats the problem there
WHEELOCK says to (00:11:19):
Frank, Yea you prove your stupidity every nite
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:11:21):
government cant create jobs-they produce nothing
Pianki says to (00:11:23):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:11:28):
look at greece
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:11:40):
social welfare
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:11:55):
entotlements--there all wrong
WHEELOCK says to (00:11:56):
Frank Corp welfare is ok
Pianki says to (00:12:04):
Blacks dont eat God Father Pizza any dam way.
AmericanCitizen says to (00:12:11):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:12:14):
capitalism is the only system that works
WHEELOCK says to (00:12:23):
Socail welfare isn't hurting America you liar
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:12:31):
no it isnt
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:12:59):
it keeps peopkle down and make them live in a sub class
WHEELOCK says to (00:13:08):
Corp welfare is hurting America ie; tax breaks and subsidies
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:13:12):
its morally wrong
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:13:29):
they create jobs
WHEELOCK says to (00:13:43):
Frank, Going to War for no reason is hurting America
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:13:54):
and u cand by share or ownership in those companies
Pianki says to (00:14:02):
Tatrs Right Kala
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:14:08):
we get there oil
Kalagenesis says (00:13:08):
Hello Oladeji
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:14:19):
control the bad muzzies
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:14:51):
or do u want more attacks on america?
WHEELOCK says to (00:15:09):
Yea, Frank the US govt is funding the Oil co. while the Big oil has bought the us govt to fight against green tech
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:15:13):
u can be the victims i guess
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:15:37):
green teck is way out there
WHEELOCK says to (00:15:46):
Frank when have you experience discrimination....Come make me laugh
Oladeji is me says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:14:36):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:15:50):
can u afford to come off oil?
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:15:54):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:16:07):
gas at 10 buks a gallon?
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:16:21):
i can afford it but the poor cant
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:16:35):
it affect the poor more
WHEELOCK says to (00:16:53):
Frank I have the kits to convert my cars to vegetable oil...DRINK YOU $10 GAS
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:17:05):
green energy is great--but it need more time and has to be profitable
WHEELOCK says to (00:17:28):
It doesn't need any more time its been proven already
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:17:41):
and have economies of scale to attract capital
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:17:49):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:17:56):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:17:59):
WHEELOCK says to (00:18:09):
How can they when the Big oil has lobbist against Green energy
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:18:17):
go nucklear then--its the geenist
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:18:36):
Oladeji is me says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:17:40):
no sound
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:19:36):
green weenies are wrong
Pianki says to (00:19:58):
@Oladeji. Kedu Enyim
Oladeji is me says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:19:21):
promo off no sound again
Kalagenesis says (00:19:33):
can you hear me?
Pianki says to (00:20:54):
Oladeji is me says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:19:41):
frankfromwestvirginia says to (00:21:04):
nergoes need cheap gas cheap booze and cheap drugs to keep them chilled out not expensive enery and high end dope
Oladeji is me says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:20:07):
promo was on ...now nothing
Kalagenesis says (00:20:26):
Frank is gone
Pianki says to (00:22:19):
ok kala hear u now
Oladeji is me says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:21:30):
Oladeji is me says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:22:01):
secound interruption .first one was when you soke on the chinese
Kalagenesis says to Oladeji is me (private) (00:22:13):
Oladeji is me says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:22:20):
spoke that is
Pianki says to (00:23:56):
U need a dbl firewall
Pianki says to (00:24:12):
Where U huey
Oladeji is me says to (00:24:43):
white men need to skow their wieners on lone ...and jouin nambla lots of White men were proud of him secretly
Oladeji is me says to (00:24:55):
WHEELOCK says to (00:24:57):
Kala while you calling out the blog talk boot lickers...Don't forget American Citizen...U should have seen the crap he was agreeing with
WHEELOCK says to (00:25:12):
Greetins sista Oladeji
Oladeji is me says to (00:25:28):
hello Wheel(})
Oladeji is me says to (00:26:05):
going to reboot
BenWah says to (00:26:15):
WHEELOCK says to (00:26:47):
Huey, frisk BenWah
Oladeji is me says to (00:26:56):
can here now
WHEELOCK says to (00:27:57):
BenWah....Nice wig
WHEELOCK says to (00:28:32):
BenWah do you wear black shoe polish with that wig
BenWah says to (00:28:32):
BenWah says to (00:28:46):
why you bagging on me
WHEELOCK says to (00:29:05):
Stopping b4 you get started
BenWah says to (00:29:43):
don't sound nice
WHEELOCK says to (00:30:04):
I won't be nice...dont' start no s*** won't be no s***
BenWah says to (00:30:23):
maybe you forgot your medication today
WHEELOCK says to (00:30:37):
No, I took double today so look out
BenWah says to (00:30:44):
ha ha
BenWah says to (00:30:54):
good answer
BenWah says to (00:32:25):
what did herman cain say?
Pianki says to (00:32:32):
French controlling the currency. That has to change.
BenWah says to (00:33:08):
what's wrong with him saying he's not an african if he never set foot in africa? He can call himself whatever he want
WHEELOCK says to (00:33:50):
Ben you have to go to African to be called an African...See why I started with you
BenWah says to (00:34:05):
Then you call yourself african american, and let cain call himself whatever he want. WHy you gotta bag on cain for saying what he want to be called
BenWah says to (00:34:32):
You don't hve to go to africa to call yourself african. You can call and define yourself how you want.
WHEELOCK says to (00:34:37):
Ben yu missed the point..didn't I tell you
Kalagenesis says (00:33:25):
BenWah says to (00:34:59):
If you want to call yourself african american that's ok, if someone else don't want to, that's ok too
Dan Newton says to (00:35:01):
i had to fix my proxy\server
Kalagenesis says (00:33:42):
call in Benwah
WHEELOCK says to (00:35:10):
Ben so you do Mistro shows with the wig also
BenWah says to (00:35:23):
what's your problem wtih me anyhow
WHEELOCK says to (00:35:43):
Ben I will not allow BS about my ppl...
Kalagenesis says (00:34:16):
call in and Ask Kala
WHEELOCK says to (00:36:12):
Herman Cain is more BS against my ppl
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:36:21):
Hermain Cain may make a good President.
*** (00:34:59):Benyamin Solomon is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
WHEELOCK says to (00:36:45):
Benyamin...I hate you
BenWah says to (00:37:04):
i hardly hear anyone talk about herman cain
Dan Newton says to (00:37:18):
the jdl hate group the angry kike lol
WHEELOCK says to (00:37:20):
Thats a good thing @ BenWah
BenWah says to (00:37:42):
benyamin isn't too bad is he?
BenWah says to (00:37:51):
I was in a chat with him other day he seem ok
*** (00:36:38):Benyamin Solomon has been unmuted by Admin.
WHEELOCK says to (00:38:10):
wtf...The Mexicans aren't coming to get me...
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:38:14):
No one cares about how you feel, Wheelock.
WHEELOCK says to (00:38:32):
Middle finger Beny
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:38:33):
Look at Dan Newton using the k word. He lied to Kala by claiming that I called him the n world when I didn't/
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:38:42):
No one gives a damn what you say Wheelock.
WHEELOCK says to (00:38:45):
Hang uup Kala
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:38:48):
Btw, I left Black Conservative.
WHEELOCK says to (00:38:51):
WHEELOCK says to (00:39:01):
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:39:03):
Dang whitey.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:39:07):
Don't forget Islam.
Dan Newton says to (00:39:14):
you did call me the n word benny boy
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:39:23):
No I didn't.
BenWah says to (00:39:36):
i don't really understand what the topic is
WHEELOCK says to (00:39:37):
Benyamin....Phoney liar....What exactly is a Jew...
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:39:41):
Dan, you're not even black. You jsut say that cause you were called on the rug for using a racial slur.
BenWah says to (00:39:49):
Herman cain said something, but i never heard what he said still
Dan Newton says to (00:39:50):
and you called that muslim guy the n word
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:39:53):
You say that on my show, I called you the n word.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:40:03):
I called no one the n word. I stay away from that word.
WHEELOCK says to (00:40:11):
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:40:23):
Dan, put in the link for my show where I called you the n word. That's if you're saying the truth.
WHEELOCK says to (00:40:29):
BenWah says to (00:40:41):
I think my brain is too slow at processing what people are saying when they talk so fast and over each other, i can't follow it well
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:40:47):
You're not even black, Dan. You're a anti-Semitic piece of trash. You use the k word countless of times including in this chatroom.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:40:53):
BTW, Kala's chatrooms ge tpublished.
*** (00:39:41):Benyamin Solomon is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
BenWah says to (00:41:23):
I keep hearing someone saying mexican, jew, .. something about chinese.. i don't get this talk
Dan Newton says to (00:41:24):
lol your anti-semetic you khazar
WHEELOCK says to (00:41:43):
No such thing as a Jew...
BenWah says to (00:41:48):
I think you people need more chocolate
WHEELOCK says to (00:42:02):
BenWah what does that mean?
BenWah says to (00:42:10):
it means you'd be happier if you ate more chocolate
BenWah says to (00:42:22):
everyone sound so grumpy
WHEELOCK says to (00:42:24):
Go on BenWah
Dan Newton says to (00:42:43):
5the j was the last letter put in the alphabet
WHEELOCK says to (00:42:46):
BenWah, burn that wig while you are wearing it....
*** (00:41:34):Benyamin Solomon has been unmuted by Admin.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:43:13):
Warlord X supports the racist bigoted Nation of Atzlan.
WHEELOCK says to (00:43:18):
Yo entiendo Mi amigo
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:43:18):
Look a this blog.
*** (00:41:47):Benyamin Solomon is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
Dan Newton says to (00:43:36):
benny boy is of the synagogue of satan his ignorant azz
WHEELOCK says to (00:43:37):
No bigger racist than the Jews
BenWah says to (00:43:47):
what am i ignorant about?
BenWah says to (00:43:53):
Mexican food is the best
BenWah says to (00:44:04):
You ever try cholula hot sauce, that is so good
WHEELOCK says to (00:44:11):
Exactly George....Mexicans are some of my biggest clients
stevojazzer says to (00:44:55):
Warlord estan chupando las penes de Mexico, cada dia, como un markon, sabes?
stevojazzer says to (00:45:04):
stevojazzer says to (00:45:07):
*** (00:43:32):Benyamin Solomon has been unmuted by Admin.
WHEELOCK says to (00:45:08):
habaneros are best
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:45:14):
BC getting you banned was the best thing he did, Wheelock.
*** (00:43:39):Benyamin Solomon is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
BenWah says to (00:45:32):
who are the voices talking anyway, what chat names
WHEELOCK says to (00:45:41):
I'm back and Blacker than ever Benyamin
BenWah says to (00:46:07):
i'm here
WHEELOCK says to (00:46:16):
Yea, BC didn't like my photos of himself
BenWah says to (00:46:19):
BenWah says to (00:46:27):
BenWah says to (00:46:52):
where obama did what?
*** (00:45:30):Benyamin Solomon has been unmuted by Admin.
WHEELOCK says to (00:47:17):
Glen Beck said take up arms against Obama last nite
BenWah says to (00:47:36):
Somehow i doubt that
WHEELOCK says to (00:47:52):
Doubt What?
Dan Newton says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:46:43):
benyamin is no different than the kkk bro thats real he's a racist cracker
BenWah says to (00:48:25):
That's a pretty clearly non violent statement
WHEELOCK says to (00:48:33):
Benyamin is just another lying Jew crying victimship
Kalagenesis says to Dan Newton (private) (00:47:29):
Kalagenesis says to Dan Newton (private) (00:47:38):
Jewish KKK
Dan Newton says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:47:44):
BenWah says to (00:49:24):
Obama is a marxist revolutionary
WHEELOCK says to (00:49:46):
Define Marxist?
BenWah says to (00:50:10):
People who don't like Obama are just mean, because they couldn't possibly disagree with his policies or think he is simply a terrible president?
BenWah says to (00:50:21):
How can you seriously say that ?
BenWah says to (00:51:21):
Obama attended a church for TWENTY YEARS with sermons that consisted of vicious hate filled racist rants against america
BenWah says to (00:51:27):
Who couldn't love him
Dan Newton says to (00:51:42):
Obama is a baptist Jeremiah Wright is a baptist preacher thats what church he went to
BenWah says to (00:51:46):
It's the black equivalent of the KKK
BenWah says to (00:51:57):
Jeremiah aint no baptist
WHEELOCK says to (00:51:59):
the system of economic and political thought developed by Karl Marx, along with Friedrich Engels, especially the doctrine that the state throughout history has been a device for the exploitation of the masses by a dominant class, that class struggle has
WHEELOCK says to (00:52:02):
been the main agency of historical change, and that the capitalist system, containing from the first the seeds of its own decay, will inevitably, after the period of the dictatorship of the proletariat, be superseded by a socialist order and a classless s
Dan Newton says to (00:52:18):
yes he's a baptist benwah
WHEELOCK says to (00:52:22):
Marxist @ BenWah
WHEELOCK says to (00:52:51):
Dont throw away terms if you have no clue as to what they mean @ BenWah
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:52:51):
I don't support the use of violence against Obama unless every peaceful mean is taken away.
BenWah says to (00:53:00):
Jeremiah wright is a follower and preacher of liberation theology, which is totally incompatible with the baptist church
BenWah says to (00:53:13):
Jeremiah wright says so himself
Dan Newton says to (00:53:41):
his church is baptist thats fact ben
WHEELOCK says to (00:53:52):
BenWah every Republican is in that same boat
BenWah says to (00:53:55):
Barack Obama is the worst president in history, who compiled more debt than every president in history before him combined... and somehow anyone who doesn't like him is racist
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:54:11):
Obama is an Islamic Communist tyrant.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:54:17):
He needs to be stopped.
Oladeji is me says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:52:34):
i was muted before i finished talking
Dan Newton says to (00:54:25):
bush was the worst president
WHEELOCK says to (00:54:32):
Kalagenesis says to Oladeji is me (private) (00:52:48):
Oladeji is me says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:52:57):
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:54:59):
BenWah says to (00:55:03):
Yeah, then how come unemployment under EVERY QUARTER under Obama is worse than EVERY QUARTER under BUsh.
Dan Newton says to (00:55:11):
benyamin you need to be stoped with your racist veiws
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:55:40):
Dan, you called me the k word. You're an anti-Semite. Case closed, rat.
stevojazzer says to (00:55:40):
Kala, are you in favor of NASA establishing a colony on the moon or Mars for a new African American nation? If that was offered would you go for it?
Dan Newton says to (00:56:23):
it all fell on Obama. he had to deal with bushes mess ups
WHEELOCK says to (00:56:26):
WTF...does that mean Stevo
Mr Holipsism says to (00:56:37):
I'm so happy I missed the coonery and white supremacy. LOL
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:56:56):
The founding fathers is the antithesis of Obama.
Mr Holipsism says to (00:57:03):
I'm listening in the queue, Kala. Just layin up in da cut like peroxide, Brotha. (H)
stevojazzer says to (00:57:06):
Well, I am saying that if that was an option on the table, the technology was available for sustainable colonies, would it be better than the African option?
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:57:15):
Kala, why can't you learn to be an American?
Dan Newton says to (00:57:17):
solomon your the anti-semetic im an hebrew you trash zionist
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:57:33):
Dan, you're an anti-Semitic piece of trash. You called me the k word.
stevojazzer says to (00:57:35):
Within the next 20 years, this might be a viable option.
Dan Newton says to (00:57:57):
you are the k word you zionist trash
stevojazzer says to (00:58:00):
In effect, a new planetary or lunar colony.
stevojazzer says to (00:58:32):
Seriously Kala, could you answer my question?
Dan Newton says to (00:58:53):
khazar thats the k word i called you lol ignorant racist zionist
Mr Holipsism says to (00:58:56):
Mr Holipsism says to (00:59:04):
At Brotha George!
WHEELOCK says to (00:59:04):
Ok, Stevo. what your are saying that put the negores on spaceships so you can blow them up and blame meteors
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:59:06):
You called me a kike, Dan Newton.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:59:16):
Kike is a racial slur just like the n word.
Benyamin Solomon says to (00:59:36):
And you have the nerve to call me racist, Dan Newton.
Dan Newton says to (00:59:50):
khazar ashkanasim racist zionist
stevojazzer says to (00:59:53):
There has been proved sub-surface water on both the moon and Mars.
Mr Holipsism says to (01:00:03):
Peace Brotha George
Benyamin Solomon says to (01:00:07):
I am open to using arms against nati-Semites if I have to. Not saiyng that I'll do it now.
stevojazzer says to (01:00:08):
Well, your children maybe presented with this as a viable option.
Benyamin Solomon says to (01:00:22):
That white guy is a self-hating white person.
Benyamin Solomon says to (01:00:42):
I'll take that last comment back.
stevojazzer says to (01:01:05):
Barack Obama is now in control of NASA. It is entirely possible that further population of the moon or Mars is in the works.
Dan Newton says to (01:01:15):
i have my arms ready to go solomon i have plenty of semi automatic
Dan Newton says to (01:02:00):
peace kala great show brotha
stevojazzer says to (01:02:08):
Kalagenesis Jr. might in theory be proposing a lunar or Martian colony some years down the line.
stevojazzer says to (01:02:30):
This planet is just getting over-populated.
Mr Holipsism says to (01:02:31):
I don't have time to listen to BTR shows with content I'm not interested in. That's me personally, but I see that doesn't apply to most white people
Kalagenesis says (01:03:07):
Stevojazzer ???????
Dan Newton says to (01:03:50):
benyamin i have power over you lol serious mind control
Benyamin Solomon says to (01:04:08):
Dan, you're an anti-Semitic bigot, who uses the k world. case closed!!!
Mr Holipsism says to (01:04:15):
Ron Paul is the only conservative worth listening to. Agree with him or not at least he is intellectually consistent
Dan Newton says to (01:04:25):
you trash zionist lol
stevojazzer says to (01:04:27):
Look, I am not trying to fool around. I have seen briefing papers on colonial projects at JSC Houston in regards to proposed budgets for sustainable colonies first on several sections of
stevojazzer says to (01:04:37):
the moon, then as a staging post to Martian colonies.
Benyamin Solomon says to (01:04:41):
I'm leaving this cesspool.
stevojazzer says to (01:04:51):
In reality, we already have the technology.
Mr Holipsism says to (01:04:52):
it's about time
Dan Newton says to (01:04:52):
by khazar
stevojazzer says to (01:04:56):
Now the budget is the problem.
stevojazzer says to (01:05:38):
The biggest obstacle until recent discoveries was the question of frozen water ice, and the amounts.
Dan Newton says to (01:05:48):
benyamin is a converted jew who used to be a clansman lol
stevojazzer says to (01:06:35):
Now it has been proved there are vast quantities of frozen water ice in many areas of the moon, and Mars. From this, you can break down into constituent Oxygen and Hydrogen,
stevojazzer says to (01:06:41):
air to breathe and gas for energy.
stevojazzer says to (01:07:31):
All I am saying is, is that if commercial lunar colonies were to become a reality, would you be in favor of trying to colonize a new frontier, as opposed to Africa?
stevojazzer says to (01:08:05):
I would like to know how much of a visionary you are in this regard.
stevojazzer says to (01:10:40):
Mr Holipsism says to (01:12:37):
Not only am I against it, I say if the white man wants to leave the earth and go to any other planet there should be a war to prevent that from happening. Does that answer your question?
Mr Holipsism says to (01:12:58):
You've already effed up this planet
Mr Holipsism says to (01:13:17):
now you want to spread your disease to another?
Oladeji is me says to (01:13:34):
Only if theres clean water ..and I am sure war will soon be fought over water:@

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