Thursday, June 16, 2011

American Negro

*** (22:58:57):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
ImhotepVII says to (23:00:49):
Hey Bro. Kala!
Kalagenesis says (23:01:08):
Peace brother Imhotep
ImhotepVII says to (23:02:06):
Glad we have Fridays off during the summer so I can stay up and listen.
ImhotepVII says to (23:02:21):
Peace Del773
Dr Solo says to (23:03:19):
Dr Solo says to (23:03:26):
ImhotepVII says to (23:03:35):
Peace DR. Solo
Dr Solo says to (23:03:37):
Kalagenesis says (23:04:16):
Peace Doc
Kalagenesis says (23:04:24):
Peace UDH
Kalagenesis says (23:04:47):
Welcome everyone we have a dynamite show
ImhotepVII says to (23:05:01):
Got "Super Ninjas" on the way. That will be my "Shoalin Saturday Night".
ImhotepVII says to (23:05:16):
The show sounds like it will be good
Dr Solo says to (23:05:20):
Kalagenesis says (23:05:24):
I remember that one
UniteDaHouses says to (23:05:35):
peace kala
UniteDaHouses says to (23:05:46):
peace sol
ImhotepVII says to (23:05:52):
Salif Keita?
UniteDaHouses says to (23:05:52):
Kalagenesis says (23:05:58):
ImhotepVII says to (23:06:04):
Which song?
Dr Solo says to (23:06:07):
ImhotepVII says to (23:06:10):
I know his voice now
Dr Solo says to (23:06:17):
Kalagenesis says (23:06:21):
aoeuidhtns says to (23:06:26):
hi srs
ImhotepVII says to (23:06:31):
Thank Kala
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:06:33):
sup dude
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:06:40):
sup everyone
aoeuidhtns says to (23:06:46):
not much you?
ImhotepVII says to (23:06:47):
Hey Srs
Kalagenesis says (23:06:58):
aoeuidhtns says to (23:07:07):
just jammin out to the nigga beats
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:07:09):
@aoe: same old same old
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:07:13):
Word bro
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:07:17):
legit tunes here
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:07:54):
can we call in here?
Dr Solo says to (23:07:58):
Kalagenesis says (23:08:10):
Welcome to the Voice of the Kala Nation radio show
ImhotepVII says to (23:08:12):
Yeah@Dr. Solo
ImhotepVII says to (23:08:25):
It's already started
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:08:29):
Hai Kala
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:08:35):
what's on the schedule
Kalagenesis says (23:08:35):
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:08:39):
inflames92 says to (23:08:45):
answer my call!
Dr Solo says to (23:08:48):
aoeuidhtns says to (23:08:49):
nice dub dubs guest39900
Kalagenesis says (23:08:49):
talking Black politics and culture
ImhotepVII says to (23:09:06):
YES@Dr. Solo
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:09:18):
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:09:58):
How do I phone?
ImhotepVII says to (23:10:16):
Ignore button is locked and loaded@Dr. Solo
Dr Solo says to (23:10:30):
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:10:56):
imhotep, y u mad tho?
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:11:08):
We're supposed to respect the others here
ImhotepVII says to (23:11:37):
Not mad, but call me "cautious".
ImhotepVII says to (23:11:53):
I do respect people
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:11:59):
We come in peace here
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:12:03):
We want to learn
inflames92 says to (23:12:26):
ImhotepVII says to (23:12:37):
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:12:56):
Now, how can I phone in?
inflames92 says to (23:13:44):
im using skype
aoeuidhtns says to SrsBsnsInc (23:14:24):
Im surprised "nigga beats" didn't set him off
Dr Solo says to (23:15:53):
ImhotepVII says to (23:16:14):
Much appreciated@Kala
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:16:14):
Hey, I was trying to have a convo here
inflames92 says to (23:16:39):
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:16:53):
Dude, calm down
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:16:58):
I want to learn
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:17:40):
So because I talk to someone in a whisper
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:17:48):
I'm "a dumb asshole"?
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:17:56):
You so mad.
ImhotepVII says to (23:18:47):
I didn't hear about that Kala
French Toast says to (23:19:35):
What is the spelling of that bay Kalagenesis?
Kalagenesis says (23:20:07):
French Toast says to (23:20:37):
ImhotepVII says to (23:21:20):
French Toast says to (23:21:24):
Raritan Bay
Dr Solo says to (23:21:35):
ImhotepVII says to (23:21:35):
Peace UDA
Dr Solo says to (23:21:43):
French Toast says to (23:21:58):
Peace Dr.Solo
ImhotepVII says to (23:22:35):
It was never theirs.
ImhotepVII says to (23:23:11):
"Urban" is code for African-American
ImhotepVII says to (23:23:54):
Yep, agreed Kala
ImhotepVII says to (23:24:15):
an "urban problem".
ImhotepVII says to (23:24:24):
I love when they say that.
ImhotepVII says to (23:24:27):
Kalagenesis says (23:26:39):
ImhotepVII says to (23:27:05):
Kal, your sound is gone
ImhotepVII says to (23:27:08):
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:27:15):
Something's wrong with audio
ImhotepVII says to (23:27:31):
Call back in Kaala
ImhotepVII says to (23:27:37):
Kalagenesis says (23:27:39):
can everyone hear me?
ImhotepVII says to (23:27:43):
ImhotepVII says to (23:27:54):
but some sound drops out
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:27:54):
French Toast says to (23:27:56):
ImhotepVII says to (23:28:00):
Copy that
Dr Solo says to (23:28:01):
French Toast says to (23:29:00):
You are cutting in and out
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:29:02):
Your audio's cutting out
lolgfgstfu says to (23:29:11):
Is he going to take calls?
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:29:59):
Not yet
ImhotepVII says to (23:30:00):
Wife doesn't like guns
ImhotepVII says to (23:30:17):
won't allow one in hte house
ImhotepVII says to (23:30:29):
Pianki says to (23:31:38):
America is not electing another black president.
ImhotepVII says to (23:31:56):
Peace Pianki
Pianki says to (23:32:05):
lolgfgstfu says to (23:32:09):
I don't care if we have another black president, just not THIS one.
alakazam says to (23:33:32):
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:33:49):
Second the audio
alakazam says to (23:34:08):
FunnytotheMoon says to (23:34:11):
What is so bad about this one?
ImhotepVII says to (23:34:11):
Yes, you are dropping packets
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:34:12):
Not quite
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:34:28):
@funny, not too much
lolgfgstfu says to (23:34:34):
Barack Obama makes me want to vote Republican.
FunnytotheMoon says to (23:34:43):
lolgfgstfu says to (23:34:50):
Well for one...what has he done?
FunnytotheMoon says to (23:35:15):
what has he done that is so awful
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:35:29):
Got us out of Iraq
lolgfgstfu says to (23:35:31):
He hasn't done ANYTHING. That's the problem.
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:35:43):
Mitigating the effects of the economic collapse
FunnytotheMoon says to (23:35:53):
you're silly
lolgfgstfu says to (23:35:59):
Got us out of Iraq? You high?
lolgfgstfu says to (23:36:09):
He was supposed to bring troops home, not ship more out.
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:36:25):
And he's doing that
lolgfgstfu says to (23:36:39):
Really? Because I know a handfull of people getting shipped within the next few months
lolgfgstfu says to (23:36:43):
Some on their 4th tours.
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:36:48):
Not to mention he was in command of the people who got bin Laden
FunnytotheMoon says to (23:36:50):
and voting repub is gonna help how. you are full of it
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:36:58):
Me too, to Afghanistan
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:37:06):
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:37:09):
lolgfgstfu says to (23:37:16):
Oh okay, that makes it all better then..
ImhotepVII says to (23:37:45):
We need to dropkick Pakistan. Break contact
lolgfgstfu says to (23:37:53):
Yay more wars!
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:38:11):
Yes, b/c my point was about Iraq
ImhotepVII says to (23:38:12):
Leave all of them alone
lolgfgstfu says to (23:38:16):
I agree.
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:38:17):
We never needed to be there
lolgfgstfu says to (23:38:23):
We don't need to be anywhere there.
lolgfgstfu says to (23:38:27):
We just make it worse.
ImhotepVII says to (23:38:28):
ImhotepVII says to (23:38:47):
Thsi will be Vietnam 2.0
ImhotepVII says to (23:38:51):
FunnytotheMoon says to (23:38:58):
and how is voting Repug ognna help
lolgfgstfu says to (23:38:59):
Yeah, I agree with that. I think Obama is a likable guy. I just don't like the way he's done his job.
lolgfgstfu says to (23:39:09):
It's not. It was just a figure of speech. I wont be voting for him again.
ImhotepVII says to (23:39:10):
FunnytotheMoon says to (23:39:15):
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:39:29):
Eh, whatever
lolgfgstfu says to (23:39:32):
He'll probably win though.
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:39:40):
At least he's smarter than Bush ever was
lolgfgstfu says to (23:39:48):
LOL well that's not hard to do.
lolgfgstfu says to (23:39:52):
I think my dog is smarter than Bush
ImhotepVII says to (23:39:56):
In 20-30yrs, thye will say this war was a mistake.
lolgfgstfu says to (23:40:06):
ImhotepVII says to (23:40:28):
the people invloved will probably be dead by then, so they will esacpe human justice...but not divine justice
ImhotepVII says to (23:40:39):
lolgfgstfu says to (23:41:06):
They're running around and living in caves. It's not like they're living large anyway.
ImhotepVII says to (23:41:35):
When Robert McNamara came out and said in 2005 that Vietnam was a mistake, but he had to sell the war.
ImhotepVII says to (23:41:55):
Even though there was never a declaration of war
ImhotepVII says to (23:42:01):
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:42:10):
I'd hesitate to call a $1 mil mansion a "cave"
ImhotepVII says to (23:42:19):
sorry, I'm typing too fast for my own good.
lolgfgstfu says to (23:42:34):
Happens to the best of us.
lolgfgstfu says to (23:42:57):
They all live in million dollar mansions?
ImhotepVII says to (23:42:58):
Herman Cain concerns me...
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:43:35):
we thought bin Laden was in a cave
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:43:58):
So it's not a hard jump to make to assume others may be like that
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:44:03):
*living like that
alakazam says to (23:45:12):
Sound CHeck Skypy!!!
alakazam says to (23:45:33):
Every other word is out?
ImhotepVII says to (23:47:17):
But haven't you heard Kala, we haveto pull ourselves up by our boot straps. :|
ImhotepVII says to (23:47:42):
Oh wait, many of us don't have boots...
French Toast says to (23:49:09):
You are still breaking up
lolgfgstfu says to (23:49:27):
Well you know what they say about assumptions..
ImhotepVII says to (23:49:36):
Yeeeeeeah, riiiight@Kala. lol
lolgfgstfu says to (23:49:55):
Ohh boy here we go..
SrsBsnsInc says to (23:50:00):
And we see the result of that from how long it took to find bin Laden
lolgfgstfu says to (23:50:25):
You believe that they just killed him? Come on..
ImhotepVII says to (23:50:59):
I can't stand it when people associate the gay rights movement with the Civil Rights movement. They are polar opposite in ideology.
lolgfgstfu says to (23:51:20):
There ARE a lot of similarities.
FunnytotheMoon says to (23:51:47):
a lot of similarites
FunnytotheMoon says to (23:52:03):
the main problem is words
UniteDaHouses says to (23:52:38):
the negro civil rights death movement of homosexual rights movement have one big thing in common!!!
FunnytotheMoon says to (23:52:45):
it is not the same as, it is because of the civil right movement
lolgfgstfu says to (23:53:08):
Wait what? Can you word that differently?
ImhotepVII says to (23:53:19):
Here's the problem, I know it's not politically correct to say, but gay is a choice. You can exercise your will and have a realtionship with the opposite sex, or not. I can't by the same medium change the color of my skin
lolgfgstfu says to (23:53:29):
lolgfgstfu says to (23:53:35):
Could you CHOOSE to be gay?
lolgfgstfu says to (23:53:49):
Can you just switch and decide that you're now attracted to men/women?
ImhotepVII says to (23:53:49):
Yes, it's a matter of will
lolgfgstfu says to (23:53:56):
Not sure what your gender is, sorry.
UniteDaHouses says to (23:54:00):
negro civil rights death movement and homosexual rights movemnt have one thing in common. excuse me
FunnytotheMoon says to (23:54:06):
I as a black guy will never use the any of the arguemets against gay persons that were used against black folks
lolgfgstfu says to (23:54:18):
Such as?
FunnytotheMoon says to (23:54:29):
and anyone that does is a fkin fool
ImhotepVII says to (23:55:19):
The differnce is that a homosexula person can hide thier lifr lifestyle and avoid discrimination, a person of color can not.
ImhotepVII says to (23:55:29):
lolgfgstfu says to (23:55:31):
Why should anyone have to hide their lifestyle?
UniteDaHouses says to (23:55:38):
nevermmind lost my train of thought i had a good joke about the negroes and thier so called civil rights
lolgfgstfu says to (23:55:42):
That's not fair seeing as how we live in a free country.
FunnytotheMoon says to (23:55:46):
exactl lolgf
FunnytotheMoon says to (23:56:11):
if negros just stay hidden... stfu
ImhotepVII says to (23:56:14):
My point is that is they chose to hide it, they could. I'm not saying they have to
UniteDaHouses says to (23:56:32):
beastiality will be next
ImhotepVII says to (23:56:39):
Again, people of color can't hide thier color
lolgfgstfu says to (23:56:42):
Nah. That's different.
ImhotepVII says to (23:57:38):
I'm not saying that people should be "gay bashed" and treated harshly. I'm just saying don't compare the two movements
FunnytotheMoon says to (23:57:41):
I am the inferior of any man whose rights I trample underfoot. - Robert Green Ingersoll
ImhotepVII says to (23:58:25):
I don't agree wit hthe lifestyle, but i will never treat a gay person with hatred and comtempt.
ImhotepVII says to (23:58:46):
That's not who I am
FunnytotheMoon says to (23:58:47):
gay hate comes from Religion and NO WHERE ELSE
ImhotepVII says to (23:58:54):
Not so
lolgfgstfu says to (23:58:59):
The similarity between the two movements boils down to freedom and having to fight for it. Sure it is freedom to do different things, but there is still a fight.
UniteDaHouses says to (23:59:03):
negro civil rights death movement - negro justice, negro economics, fighting for your right to sit next to a white person on the toilet,etc
lolgfgstfu says to (23:59:05):
and an unfair struggle
ImhotepVII says to (23:59:15):
Hey Warlord
UniteDaHouses says to (23:59:18):
let the homosexuals have that movement forreal
UniteDaHouses says to (23:59:28):
that was an epic fail
UniteDaHouses says to (23:59:48):
FunnytotheMoon says to (00:00:01):
What do you think you are holding on to? silly mfs
Pianki says to (00:00:16):
African society had a distain for homosexuality from a cultural aspect before religion.
ImhotepVII says to (00:00:24):
FunnytotheMoon says to (00:00:31):
ImhotepVII says to (00:00:41):
Only Western culture has embraced homosexuality
FunnytotheMoon says to (00:00:50):
Then they were stupid too
Pianki says to (00:00:53):
I like the way Iran treats down lowers.
ImhotepVII says to (00:01:18):
Look what happed to the Greek empire. Moral decay from within
FunnytotheMoon says to (00:01:33):
mfs used to only have canoes, but now we have nuclear subs
UniteDaHouses says to (00:01:40):
let the homosexuals have negro civil rights death movement
ImhotepVII says to (00:01:50):
Homosexuality was't THE main cause of thier demise, but it was a big part of it
lolgfgstfu says to (00:02:27):
I'm sorry, I'm not black so maybe I don't understand
Pianki says to (00:02:38):
In Kenya, . Male homosexuals get 25 years in prison
UniteDaHouses says to (00:02:53):
dam 25 years
ImhotepVII says to (00:02:54):
ImhotepVII says to (00:02:58):
I am
FunnytotheMoon says to (00:03:01):
stupid mfs there (kenya too
lolgfgstfu says to (00:03:12):
But I like to learn. That's why I'm here.
ImhotepVII says to (00:03:24):
Again, I DO NOT hate gay PEOPLE, I just don't encourage the LIFESTYLE
lolgfgstfu says to (00:03:34):
I understand that.
UniteDaHouses says to (00:03:38):
homosexuality is disgusting and anti-life but dam 25
ImhotepVII says to (00:03:39):
Good, glad to have you @lol
FunnytotheMoon says to (00:03:46):
if you ain't gay how you got any say.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:04:10):
Well I'm not gay but I support their struggle.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:04:18):
I don't think it's fair.
FunnytotheMoon says to (00:04:24):
me to lolgf
Pianki says to (00:04:29):
Males having sex with males is highly unusaul.
FunnytotheMoon says to (00:04:29):
ImhotepVII says to (00:04:48):
It's outside the realm of natural behavior@Pianki
lolgfgstfu says to (00:04:51):
If someone wants to be gay, that's fine. I'm not but I don't mind if you are. Do what you gotta do to be happy.
Pianki says to (00:04:56):
Every now and then Nature makes a big mistake
FunnytotheMoon says to (00:04:56):
so is believingin the invisible
lolgfgstfu says to (00:04:58):
Within reason, of course.
Neeg rezs says to (00:05:00):
you got that right
ImhotepVII says to (00:05:21):
Again, it's ONLY Western culture that embraces something un-natural
Pianki says to (00:05:33):
Two left feet, eye ball in the center of the head. Men wanting to have sex with a man.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:05:53):
What about lesbians?
Pianki says to (00:05:54):
Natures mistake
FunnytotheMoon says to (00:05:55):
stupid mf
lolgfgstfu says to (00:05:56):
Women with women
Neeg rezs says to (00:06:01):
you got that right
lolgfgstfu says to (00:06:03):
Do you think that's wrong too?
ImhotepVII says to (00:06:06):
Same thing@lol
lolgfgstfu says to (00:06:17):
You'd be surprised how many people think otherwise hahaha
Neeg rezs says to (00:06:21):
o yeah
lolgfgstfu says to (00:06:24):
"Well if it's two girls, then that's hot!"
lolgfgstfu says to (00:06:27):
Heard that so many times.
UniteDaHouses says to (00:06:32):
wiomen on women is anti-life too just as wicked
ImhotepVII says to (00:06:41):
Its not about body parts. Let's be honest, a man and a woman produce children and continue life on this planet
lolgfgstfu says to (00:06:55):
So is it wicked then if a couple chooses not to reproduce?
lolgfgstfu says to (00:07:03):
A straight couple
FunnytotheMoon says to (00:07:14):
I'm chatting with hateful clowns
AmericanCitizen says to (00:07:24):
UniteDaHouses says to (00:07:33):
now we are hateful lol
ImhotepVII says to (00:07:37):
What happens to a group if they were in desire for the same sex? If they did not have relationships outside thier own, they would die out
lolgfgstfu says to (00:07:42):
Well calling someone disgusting and wicked is sorta hateful.
ImhotepVII says to (00:07:48):
@Funny. No one is hating.
FunnytotheMoon says to (00:07:54):
you are and you are loud and proud
FunnytotheMoon says to (00:08:00):
about it
ImhotepVII says to (00:08:06):
Just think about it. Not feel it out, but really think it through
lolgfgstfu says to (00:08:19):
I see what you're getting at, and that's true.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:08:25):

But damn do we need more people on this planet?
lolgfgstfu says to (00:08:27):
UniteDaHouses says to (00:08:32):
stop i think whoring of the black women on tv is wicked also it is alot of actions that are promoted that wicked im not singling out homosexuials
lolgfgstfu says to (00:08:56):
Are you religious?
ImhotepVII says to (00:08:59):
What will happen if men just had sex with men? Human life would disappear
Pianki says to (00:09:12):
The question is not do we need more people on the planet but who we need less of on the planet.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:09:25):
Homosexuality isn' genetic.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:09:28):
Kalagenesis says (00:09:30):
347 326 9463
lolgfgstfu says to (00:09:33):
It's not a disease.
ImhotepVII says to (00:09:37):
UniteDaHouses says to (00:09:40):
a male penis is not meant to go into in anal captivity
ImhotepVII says to (00:09:48):
It's a choice.
UniteDaHouses says to (00:09:51):
ImhotepVII says to (00:09:52):
and act of will
ImhotepVII says to (00:10:01):
Pianki says to (00:10:19):
Sperm was not designed to be deposited in a anal track or into a stomach.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:10:27):
Well I can't choose to be attracted to men, I just am. Just like I can't choose to be attracted to women.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:10:46):
If you put the best looking man in the world and the best looking female in the world in front of me, naked and ready to go, I'd pick the male.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:10:52):
Because I'm straight and that's what I'm into.
ImhotepVII says to (00:11:01):
If the anus is abuse like that, ithe muscles that control the flow of body waste will cease to function. You will end up with a colostomy bag
lolgfgstfu says to (00:11:24):
Well I hope you guys don't have anal sex with your women
Pianki says to (00:11:26):
@Imhotep. True
ImhotepVII says to (00:11:30):
It's a medical fact. Check it out
lolgfgstfu says to (00:11:44):
Yes, but gay people aren't the only ones doing it in the butt.
UniteDaHouses says to (00:11:48):
no anal sex period
ImhotepVII says to (00:12:02):
@Lol I'm married and that is something that we do not do
ImhotepVII says to (00:12:21):
Right @lol.
UniteDaHouses says to (00:12:22):
if a man has sex with his women in the butthole he is nasty and reprobate
lolgfgstfu says to (00:12:50):
Yeah, but you can't make it illegal.
ImhotepVII says to (00:12:51):
If a guy does a girl like that over a long period of time, it will destroy her ability to control her bowles.
Pianki says to (00:12:55):
I've heard men speak of having anal sex with a woman and while in the act come out of her anus and insert himself in her vaginia. Not if that is not stupid what is?
ImhotepVII says to (00:13:14):
lolgfgstfu says to (00:13:24):
Yeah seriously. I'm not supporting anal sex and I don't do that, I'm just saying.
UniteDaHouses says to (00:13:29):
ImhotepVII says to (00:13:32):
lolgfgstfu says to (00:13:52):
I just don't care if people do it. What they do in their bedroom is not up to me to judge.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:13:55):
Nor is it up to any of us.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:14:06):
WIthin reason, of course.
ImhotepVII says to (00:14:29):
Right@Pianki. Putting fecal waste in the vagina is putting her health in serious jeoapardy
ImhotepVII says to (00:14:50):
@lol Right, then why are they making it a public issue?
lolgfgstfu says to (00:14:51):
I think we need to teach some of our younger men that fact because let me tell you...
lolgfgstfu says to (00:15:26):
Because in some states, it's illegal for them to adopt or get married.
UniteDaHouses says to (00:15:30):
and then who wants to see a punch of negro men with high voices acting like women walking around
UniteDaHouses says to (00:15:40):
the *** is annoying ass hell
lolgfgstfu says to (00:15:40):
Can't blame them for wanting them to be seen as equals.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:15:59):
Not all gay men are queens like that.
UniteDaHouses says to (00:16:20):
ima keep it real negroes with blouses on is shamefukl
Pianki says to (00:16:36):
Uganda was getting ready to come down on Homos until these white liberal western groups start bitching.
UniteDaHouses says to (00:16:37):
the downlow negroes spreading disease
lolgfgstfu says to (00:16:53):
I'm glad that they did.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:16:59):
How are you gonna KILL someone for being gay?
lolgfgstfu says to (00:17:17):
Death? 25 years in prison? All of that REALLY necessary?
Pianki says to (00:17:19):
Down Low Negros need some Hemp Neck Ties.
ImhotepVII says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:18:04):
Can I call in and discuss what we are talking about in the chatroom?
Kalagenesis says to ImhotepVII (private) (00:18:10):
Pianki says to (00:18:25):
Public display of Gay behavior is illegal in many countries.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:18:57):
Which is ridiculous. Because in my opinion, I don't want to see ANY couple doing that kind of *** in public.
Pianki says to (00:18:58):
Display of affection between a man and woman in public in some countries is illegal.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:19:00):
Gay or straight
lolgfgstfu says to (00:19:18):
Shouldn't be illegal though. If I don't like it, I wont look.
Pianki says to (00:19:37):
But your children will.
ImhotepVII says to (00:19:50):
lolgfgstfu says to (00:19:52):
Not like I can't walk away.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:19:56):
with my children.
Pianki says to (00:20:09):
In Mass. Gslen had a fisting conference in the middle school.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:20:27):
For adults?
lolgfgstfu says to (00:20:30):
Or for the kids?
lolgfgstfu says to (00:20:39):
And what do you mean fisting conference?
lolgfgstfu says to (00:20:58):
Pianki says to (00:21:03):
Middle school student as young as 9 years old. Talk about weather to swallow or spit it out.
ImhotepVII says to (00:21:06):
It's a sexual technique
lolgfgstfu says to (00:21:13):
I know what fisting is lol
ImhotepVII says to (00:21:28):
oh ok.
ImhotepVII says to (00:21:38):
Not something I would do.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:21:41):
I just wasn't sure if that's what he meant because that's outrageous hahaha
lolgfgstfu says to (00:21:45):
Me either. No thanks.
ImhotepVII says to (00:21:51):
lolgfgstfu says to (00:22:08):
Well 9 year olds don't need to be talking about that sort of stuff.
Pianki says to (00:23:00):
Fistgate II: High School Students Given "Fisting Kits" At Kevin Jennings' GLSEN Conference.
Pianki says to (00:23:05):
lolgfgstfu says to (00:23:56):
I'm not racist. But I see the comparisons.
Pianki says to (00:24:31):
The "Fistgate" conference:
HERE'S what homosexual activists in schools do with children . . . .
Kalagenesis says (00:24:34):
What comparison?
Pianki says to (00:25:02):
Kevin Jennings, the founder of GLSEN, was appointed by the Obama administration to run the Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools in the US Department of Education!
lolgfgstfu says to (00:25:04):
I said it earlier. It's only in the sense of wanting to be equal.
Pianki says to (00:25:24):
Kevin Jennings, the founder of GLSEN, was appointed by the Obama administration to run the Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools in the US Department of Education!
lolgfgstfu says to (00:25:40):
How often does that happen? I agree, that's deplorable.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:26:00):
Kids don't need that.
Pianki says to (00:26:02):
Yearly up north
Pianki says to (00:26:46):
They go after the children under "safe schools" and all that mess.
Pianki says to (00:26:58):
lolgfgstfu says to (00:27:02):
lolgfgstfu says to (00:27:10):
You can't recruit someone to be gay.
ImhotepVII says to (00:27:24):
Yes they can. They have too
ImhotepVII says to (00:27:27):
Pianki says to (00:27:38):
They are trying to take that mess over to Africa amongst black countries.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:27:41):
Then why aren't people just recruiting those gays to become straight again?
Pianki says to (00:29:01):
"Fisting [forcing one's entire hand into another person's rectum or vagina] often gets a bad rap....[It's] an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be that close and intimate with...[and] to put you into an exploratory mode.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:29:33):
I'm white, I'm not religious, and I'm straight, but I don't agree with people being descriminated against.
Pianki says to (00:29:39):
The above quotation comes from Massachusetts Department of Education employees describing the pleasures of homosexual sex to a group of high school students at a state-sponsored workshop on during GLSEN's "Teach-Out"
lolgfgstfu says to (00:29:40):
Pianki says to (00:30:10):
Some discrimination is good.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:30:12):
Again, I don't agree with that. But that's ONE group. And they're extremists.
Pianki says to (00:30:37):
Long as you don't break the law.
Pianki says to (00:31:02):
Blacks are too dam all l;oving.
Pianki says to (00:31:27):
That being all loving is crazy.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:31:34):
Wait huh?
lolgfgstfu says to (00:32:51):
Re-phrase that.
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:32:57):
yes we are negroes
Kalagenesis says (00:33:27):
im not
Pianki says to (00:33:51):
To love everyone is crazy
lolgfgstfu says to (00:34:07):
I don't love everyone. I accept everyone (Within reason).
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:34:12):
yea you are
ImhotepVII says to (00:34:13):
I'm a human of African descent.
Pianki says to (00:34:21):
Thats some more of that British creation.
ImhotepVII says to (00:34:30):
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:34:42):
we are all simply negroes and need to stop fakin' it
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:35:03):
ain't nuthin wrong with being a negroes
ImhotepVII says to (00:35:25):
Where does the term "negro" come from?
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:35:39):
spanish for black
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:35:52):
negro is a mind set
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:35:55):
and we have it
ImhotepVII says to (00:36:03):
Right, so they are referring to color correct?
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:36:10):
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:36:13):
mind set
Kalagenesis says (00:36:12):
Yes there is
Kalagenesis says (00:36:34):
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:36:40):
we need to embrace our dependence
ImhotepVII says to (00:36:48):
Then what is the entymology of the word?
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:37:03):
if the white man don't feed us we don't eat
Pianki says to (00:37:10):
They can't rule if you don't respond.
ImhotepVII says to (00:37:11):
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:37:26):
if he don't hire us we don't work
Pianki says to (00:37:37):
No Imhotep in general that is truie.
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:37:52):
if he don't supply paper, then we got brown shyty hands
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:38:00):
run tell that
ImhotepVII says to (00:38:21):
So, wha tdid we do in Africa? No toilet paper
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:38:25):
tell me a black owned toilet paper company
ImhotepVII says to (00:38:29):
Wait... LEAVES
ImhotepVII says to (00:38:37):
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:38:39):
ImhotepVII says to (00:38:43):
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:38:48):
ain't no trees in the hood
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:38:55):
only dirt patches
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:39:46):
no the africans got paper
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:39:52):
all kinds of paper
Pianki says to (00:40:13):
@BlackAchievement. tats true.
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:40:32):
i know pianki africans are moving
Pianki says to (00:40:52):
White man is feeding a large amount of black population through WIC and food stamps.
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:40:59):
negroes, worship our holy white fathers
Pianki says to (00:41:09):
Taking care of the black woman.
ImhotepVII says to (00:41:16):
Please tell me you're joking.
ImhotepVII says to (00:41:20):
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:41:22):
the top black leader in chicago is father flager
ImhotepVII says to (00:41:35):
I have to agree
French Toast says to (00:41:46):
Will black go and buy some land Mr. All Talk
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:41:55):
and chicago has farrakhan, jesse, rev. wright etc.
French Toast says to (00:42:24):
Hello Pianki
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:42:31):
if farrakhan step down tomorrow wouldn't nobody beg him to come back
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:42:37):
i promise u that
Pianki says to (00:42:40):
Too many cases the Black womans god is that case worker.
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:42:41):
but not father flager
French Toast says to (00:42:43):
Hello Black Achievment
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:42:55):
brother french toast
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:45:12):
kala get anothrt phone
Pianki says to (00:46:08):
Many Black African leaders are accused of being corrupt. But no one ever look at how france is strangling those Franco Phone Countries through currency control.
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:46:47):
poor africa
Pianki says to (00:47:03):
For every dollar they have $.85 is deposit in the French Treasury and the Black Country keeps $.15
Pianki says to (00:47:26):
They have to borrow their own money.
Pianki says to (00:47:43):
Ohh Kala I got somethng to show you.
French Toast says to (00:48:40):
Which country in Africa are you claiming blackman
Kalagenesis says (00:49:22):
Ghana,Liberia,South Africa
Kalagenesis says (00:49:33):
We have land concessions
French Toast says to (00:49:59):
Okay I do not understand right now
French Toast says to (00:50:20):
Have you been there perhaps?
lolgfgstfu says to (00:50:31):
Well I'm not actually white..but people call me white.
Pianki says to (00:50:38):
Kala I meet this NIgerian Neurosergeon, he studied at NASA. Look at the complex he built for his Village.
French Toast says to (00:51:37):
I'm an American Negroe
French Toast says to (00:51:52):
Also Black American
French Toast says to (00:52:05):
Also African American
French Toast says to (00:52:20):
Also Colored
Pianki says to (00:52:49):
Nigerian Medical Center offer proceedures Competitive costs - 1/5th to 1/10th of costs in the West. Including U.S
French Toast says to (00:52:53):
Also N-i-g-g-a
French Toast says to (00:53:00):
So what
anonygrow says to (00:53:06):
White people are more colored. We turn blue when we can't breathe. We are green when we are sick, purple when beaten.. LOL
French Toast says to (00:53:18):
I'm Linwood Chatman Jr first period
lolgfgstfu says to (00:53:24):
I lol'd
Pianki says to (00:53:39):
French Toast says to (00:53:52):
Hello Pianki
Pianki says to (00:54:08):
Well my birth certiicate name is "PIANKI"
Pianki says to (00:54:23):
Hey @French
French Toast says to (00:55:05):
Why are you taking so long to speak to me P
anonygrow says to (00:55:09):
The problem, people are ashamed of showing their history and culture...
French Toast says to (00:55:28):
I thought you were dissing me brother
lolgfgstfu says to (00:55:40):
People will always be racist.
Pianki says to (00:55:42):
A name reflects Land ... History .... Culture.
Pianki says to (00:56:20):
White Supremacy is correct. It is about controling. Not that they are better.
anonygrow says to (00:56:55):
I am a white nationalist.. Not a white supremacist.. I care for people of all races.
Pianki says to (00:56:57):
White supremacy controls how you are born and how you die.
Pianki says to (00:57:32):
White Supremacy controls the rules by which you deposit your money.
anonygrow says to (00:57:45):
umm... how?
lolgfgstfu says to (00:57:51):
I'm getting kind of frustrated now.
French Toast says to (00:57:58):
This host is a fool
anonygrow says to (00:58:02):
Deja vu feeling again.
Pianki says to (00:58:05):
They control how you label the food and what you die should be.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:58:10):
I've met many black people who are racist against me for being white.
Pianki says to (00:58:33):
@LoL. They just don't like you.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:58:44):
Because I'm white?
Pianki says to (00:58:47):
lolgfgstfu says to (00:58:49):
Sounds racist to me.
ImhotepVII says to (00:58:50):
@lol They are predjudice, but not racist
anonygrow says to (00:58:57):
I love being white. I am proud of being white, Just as someone is proud of being Asian, Gay, Christian, or a Republican.
ImhotepVII says to (00:59:01):
There's a difference
Pianki says to (00:59:04):
Sounds like prejudice.
lolgfgstfu says to (00:59:14):
Enlighten me, please.
Pianki says to (00:59:34):
White Supremacy is the fact that whites control you consumables.
ImhotepVII says to (00:59:47):
@If they were racists, that would mena they have the power to affect every aspect of your life
ImhotepVII says to (01:00:01):
politically, economically, socially
Pianki says to (01:00:11):
It is damm near that way in 14 black African Countries that France controls.
anonygrow says to (01:00:19):
No... trust me.. white people don't dominate anymore... it's a delusion.. We are being shoved out because we lack rhythym... etc..
ImhotepVII says to (01:00:20):
Racism has the pwer component to it.
ImhotepVII says to (01:00:30):
Enforced by numbers
lolgfgstfu says to (01:00:35):
So okay.
Dr Solo says to (01:00:52):
ImhotepVII says to (01:01:03):
PEace Solo
Pianki says to (01:01:19):
hite Supremacy is nothing about being better. They will tell you Blacks can run faster andbounce the ball better in generl. But they control the rules of the game.
lolgfgstfu says to (01:01:26):
If I didn't like black people would I be a racist because I'm white?
lolgfgstfu says to (01:01:33):
Serious question, and I don't.
lolgfgstfu says to (01:01:35):
Just wondering.
UniteDaHouses says to (01:01:43):
if white losing who winning we surely arent
ImhotepVII says to (01:01:52):
@lol Racism can only be practiced by those who are in the cultural majority
UniteDaHouses says to (01:01:53):
white people
Pianki says to (01:01:58):
Whites want to and in reality do control much of your subsistence.
ImhotepVII says to (01:02:22):
because they make up the laws that control the population
Pianki says to (01:02:50):
Thats white supremacy and the only logical way to defeat it is through competition against it.
lolgfgstfu says to (01:02:54):
So the only difference between racist and prejudice is skin color essentially.
lolgfgstfu says to (01:03:20):
I'd be a racist, but the black person who doesn't like me would be prejudice? And prejudice is okay because I'm white?
ImhotepVII says to (01:03:28):
Power that is associated with colo, it the case of the U.S., it's White
ImhotepVII says to (01:03:40):
No, NEITHER are ok
ImhotepVII says to (01:03:53):
Call in. Let's talk
ImhotepVII says to (01:03:57):
lolgfgstfu says to (01:03:58):
Isn't the show over?
Pianki says to (01:04:08):
Racism is about economics and wealth attainment. When you put obstacles that prevent Blacks from having access to that which makes their lives better.
ImhotepVII says to (01:04:09):
It's still on, but not streaming
ImhotepVII says to (01:04:19):
people who are on the phone still hear it

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