Monday, April 26, 2010

Sacred Cows:Light, Bright, Damn Near White

In the year 2006 I began the Kalagenesis Blog.I said the biggest problem facing the African American community was Sacred Cows.Many people disagreed with me on this saying what is that?Sacred Cows are beliefs,customs,habits,traditions people hold on to to their own demise.I said self hate is the biggest Sacred Cow followed by colorism,status seeking,lack of reading,and materialism.The one Sacred Cow we carry around is the Sacred Cow of light skin worship.This comes from the plantation system in which we view the nearer we are to the White man in color or status the better we are as a people.You have middle aged Black women bragging about their so called privilege over her darker skinned counter parts.The treatment she thinks is special is what people should be treating each other anyway.Why are people of color so colorstruck?Why do we talk about how equal we are but we use the White man's system to measure ourselves by?
Pan Africanism is the only answer
The best way is fight the coming enslavement of the Black race through mind manipulation and mental enslavement is through Pan Africanism.The rejection of America and its White Supremecy.People walk around with a badge of superiority under this system just because they may be lighter toned.This is why the African American is in a far worst situation than any other Black group.Anywhere there is this division you will find a broken culture,families,crime,poverty and self hate.Only a Kala Nation under God will survive.

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