Monday, April 12, 2010

Fox News and the Dumbing down of America

A few months ago I was doing some out bound service calls to clients concerning their current Medicare Supplement plans.From all over the community I had some weird and interesting things said to me.This was around last August during the Congressional recess.The talk in the air was about death panels.I thought no real intelligent person would even talk about this as a serious topic for debate.I was wrong.I found out just how gullible and easily misled the masses of American people are.It seems it is easier to believe a big lie then the simple truth.There are people because of commentators at Fox News who believe President Obama is a Marxist who is hell bend on a one man jihad against this country.The right wing has law abiding people ready to arm themselves against their government.The Tea Party want to take back their country.From what?A Black family in the White House?Or the fact that America is changing and there is nothing they can do about it?Now last summer as Ive stated I was talking to an 81 year old White woman on the phone and she went on for 15 minutes about how Obama was trying to kill off all old White people like her because she is of no use in his Obamaamerica.I tried to reason with her but she heard it from the town halls on Fox News and that is all she needs.People do not want to think anymore.Anything that makes them out to be the victim while they wallow in self pity and resentment.It is Obama's fault for everything.The automobile industry who made cars we did not need for years-Obama,the health care crisis-Obama-crime in our schools-Obama,Illegal aliens-Obama,The sinking of the Titanic-Obama too.But when the Dow is up 11,000 points oh it is not because of Obama or his policies.Then you ask them what is it from,they will say I don't know I have to watch Cavuto on Fox News to see!!