Saturday, March 6, 2010

Halliburton Exposed!Bringing coruption to Nigeria

The tradjedy of Nigeria is that is is the country that never was and it seems never will be.Inspite of the fact of having some of the most intelligent educated people on Earth it is plagued with corruption.Most people know this but what many dont know is that the corruption you see in developing countries is the doing of multinational corporations who have no respect for any country that is not White or advanced.Hallibuton is under scrutiny for its affiliate KBR in several case around the world including Iraq.For decades oil companies have retarded the growth of Africa's industries but having lop sided development doing industries the country has no use for in the name of globalism.What should happen is the only industries that produce goods and sevices for the country should be build.Instead because industry is still seen as modern or something the West is about.Many are still in denial about the importance of transparency and good governance.
America loses credibility in Africa
The good news is America has lost its credibilty thanks to the exporting of war,greed and corupption of the past decade.Now it is time to bring pragmatic,progressive young people together in Nigeria with the same in America.The old guard capitalist looter/barons of Wall Street have to be stopped.Nigeria knows it cannot afford another generation slipping by.
300 Billon Dollars Lost over 30 years in Nigeria!
Yes from Babaginda to Obasanjo from BMW'S to Filipina concubines,private jet,orgies,Halliburton and several Western companies have deliberatly conspired to keep warfare,instability,and corruption alive as to have a safe place to do business in.It is abundantly clear that American companies need a corrupt non transparent place to do business in.

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