Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The African American Revolution

Malcolm X once said that Negroes are afraid of revolution.The racist knows that the best way to oppress the Black man in America is to make him comfortable.Malcolm X said that for the Black man is in a prison.America he said is a mental prison that keeps the Black man stagnant,dependent,and broken.This is not the case if one thinks of himself as an individual or a rouge.But if one believes he is part of a group and his fellow African Americans are his brothers and tribesmen then America is an impedement to that end.Malcolm X said many talk of revolution but dont really know what it is.He was talking about the psuedo nationalist at the time who were misimforming people about what a real revolution was.The Universal Negro Improvement Association was a revolution in the thinking of our people.Many people said Garvey was before his time,this was not true.The time was right but counter revolutionary forces such as the N.A.A.C.P and Urban League undermined real progressive organizations like the UNIA.Malcolm X said revolution is change,it is ugly,it is bloody,it is uncompromising and does not bend and go back.
African Americans are not free
When people can make their own decisions,control their own destiny they are free.Along with that comes the heartbreak of failure,disaster ect.The Black peoples in America have never been in that position of making decisions that affect their lives.For example the relations with other people around the world is decided by the dominant White population.What foods are eaten,standard of beauty,the environment,war,ect all are the result of what the majority of White Americans benefit from or decide.Even the type of jobs created,or who has access to wealth is firmly in the hands of Whites.In a capitalist society the ultimate goal of the power structure is to regualate what goods are produced,who shall produce them and for whom shall the goods be produced for.The Black race no matter who holds the highest office we are never in those gate keeping positions to bring change to the masses.When people are free to build,create,and reach their full potential then they are happy.The question is what is the full potential of the African American?Not having a voice or after 400 years in the new world having no significant stronghold?Not one safe haven from poverty,ignorance,violence,self hate,White supremecy anywhere?Not one functioning community that is self sufficient?Is it our goal to pretend race does not exist?That one day Whites will forget the love they have for their White skin and all the beauty and benefit that comes from it?In this blog series I will talk about the changing paradigm in our community towards Pan Africanism,African Nationalism and just away from the ideal of trying to be a part of a country that has no intentions of being part of us.Martin Luther King jr was a great man but we cannot afford leaders like him anymore.Leaders that rely on appealing to the better angels of another race rather than doing the self respecting thing which is to build for yourself.-Kalagenesis