Saturday, July 18, 2009

To the Misinformed:Barack Obama is promoting Pan Africanism and Fighting European domination of Africa.

To the uneducated barely literate big mouths running around trying to undermined President Barack Obama listen up.Now I am not talking about inbred White trash tea baggers protesting.I am referring to so called Black community spokes mouths who cant seem to get enough hatred of Obama out of their filthy mouths.I want to understand Obama's haters in the African community who number about 2% of our community but they are the most vocal doing more damage than the KKK Aryan Nations ever could.When I listen to conservative talk radio all I hear is how Obama is ruining the country.Or how they feel Obama is bringing slavery and bondage to White people.Although Obama inherited the mess this country is in they are trying to blame him for the weak world economy.White people who are racist want Obama to fail.They call Michelle Obama a gorilla his beautiful little children street whores and ghetto trash.Now that is coming from people who hate the first Black President.I call all of this excitement around Obama,"The Obama Shuffle"Weather you are for or against him you shuffle your feet and get emotional at the mention of his name.I for one don't agree with many positions the President has taken notably his support for the gay community as parallel to the Black struggle in this country.But I can respectfully disagree just like many Pan Africanist did not agree with Nelson Mandela's rainbow water under the bridge theme in his government of national unity.You see this is what separates great men from the selfish, angry,shortsighted,men who will be forgotten in history and men like Obama,Nelson Mandela,and Abraham Lincoln will be remembered forever.For example Lincoln had a fierce rival at the time named Douglas.Although he was well read during the time he was wrong and he appeal to the baseness that lies beneath all men.He was a staunch supporter of slavery as a right.Lincoln countered by appealing to the better angles in all man not their base savage lust that all men have.This is what is happening in the Black community with Obama.Their are some who even before he was sworn in our community went on the attack accusing him of not giving appointments and enough positions to Blacks.Now there were some even before he took office who went around talking about holding Obama"accountable"This is funny siting at a venue where racist corporations like Exxon Mobil,Mc Donald,Walmart are the sponsors but how many gas stations are in Black area are owned by Black businessmen.How many dealerships?How many Black vendors supply big business?Does Tavis Smiley and any of these coons plan to hold them"accountable"?What about President Bill Clinton?He had 8 years to change the relationship between America and Africa but what did he do in 1994?He convened an all White panel on Africa and discussed the growing interest African Americans had in their homeland.This happened right after the first multi racial election in South Africa.At the time there was a noticeable amount of African American activities in Africa.Bill Clinton stood by and let Rawanda happen and did nothing.

The real reason President Obama snubbed Nigeria
The following is an article about what is wrong with Africa's Empire State:Nigeria is still controlled by imperialist and its people are not part of its wealth and prosperity.Why does Nigeria rely on foreign countries to control or manage its industries?Why does it not see the value in its own people?This is what President Obama is fighting against the old slave/master relationship.He wants 100 million Obamas on the African continent.This is what Africa needs not more handouts but tough love and democracy.-Kalagenesis
Nigeria signs big oil deal with Russia,urges militants in Delta to accept amnesty.

Nigerian President Umaru Yar’Adua is to state the details of an appeal of amnesty to militants of the Niger Delta in an on-going effort to bring calm to the unstable oil-rich region. The announcement comes a day after a visit by Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and an entourage of delegates from Russia’s top energy firms, which saw the signing of a 2.5 billion dollar deal between Russian energy giant Gazprom and the Nigerian state-run NNPC- A joint venture, which will see the construction of oil refineries and gas power stations in Nigeria.

The new deal, which comes into existence as a company under the name of Nigaz, is part of Russia’s efforts to expand its hold over resources and markets in the African continent amid a period of growing competition posed by other global players in the area. China especially, seems to be largely ahead of Russia with regard to its holdings in the area. On Thursday, Chinese oil-refiner Sinopec made a 7.2 billion dollar bid to acquire oil exploration and producing firm Addax, which focuses on exploration in the Middle East and Africa. A deal on this would be the biggest foreign takeover by a Chinese firm.

Russia has also expressed the idea of developing a trans-African pipeline to transport Nigerian gas to Europe- A move that would reinforce Gazprom’s already significant influence over European energy supplies.

But investment by Russian firms in the country means that Nigeria has to ensure stability is reached in the volatile region and an end to militant attacks of vandalism on oil pipelines and pumping stations is achieved. The latest appeal for amnesty offers an official pardon to current militants if they lay down their arms. Part of the deal promises a rehabilitation programme, education and training.

Although the Niger Delta Vigilante Movement has agreed to lay down its arms to partake in the proposed resolution, the largest militant group, the Movement for the Emancipation for the Niger Delta (MEND) has demanded a guarantee that its activists would not be targeted by state authorities if they agree to end attacks on vandalism on the oil pipelines and pumping stations.

A warning attack on an oil pipeline owned by Royal-Dutch Shell was carried out by MEND today, with a media statement from the militants addressing Russian President Medvedev. “This is the fate that awaits the gas pipelines you plan to invest in [in] Nigeria if justice is not factored in the whole process”.

MEND and other militant groups have been carrying out attacks against oil companies as a form of protesting what they regard as an unfair exploitation of the country’s resources by the large companies and the government that have not given a fair share of benefit to the people of the region.

Kala Nation warning to the traitors and posers
It seems that in the last few months many have been misrepresenting the Red Black and Green banner to self promote and cause division in the community.It seems thugs and vermin have misread what those colors mean or are trying to turn the community against us but misstating what an African Nationalist is.An African Nationalist is someone who wants to see an African culture rise and unite all Africa's children under one destiny.Africa's soil belongs to Africa's children not Russia,China,Europe ect.The current crop of governments serve the interest of big corporations.There is nothing wrong with big corporations except we DON'T HAVE ANY BLACK ONES!!!!!!!!!!NIGERIA I HOPE M.E.N.D.BRINGS BLOOD TO YOUR STREETS YOU BUNCH OF TRAITORS FOR SELLING NIGERIA OUT LIKE A CHEAP PROSTITUTE.DAMN YOU PRESIDENT AMARU!!THERE ARE AFRICAN AMERICAN BUSINESS PEOPLE WHO COULD HAVE PARTNERED WITH THEIR NIGERIAN BROTHERS TO RUN THE OIL.PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA IS ON POINT HE SEES THE WRITING ON THE WALL!!!!!!!!!!AFRICA'S HOUR IS HERE SO TO YOU TRAITORS AND UNCLE TOMS GO TO HELL WILL THE SLAVE MASTER BASTARDS!

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