Monday, July 20, 2009

The Obama Hater's Boss.Rev David Manning.Traitors fronting as Militants.

Recently the hatred for President Barack Obama has taken an unusual and peculiar turn.No one man has generated such excitement and interest as Barack Obama.He has an average approval rating of around 62%.Among the African American community it is as high as 95%.This article is an attempt to get into the minds of the 5% of Blacks who not only disapprove of him but hate his guts.I can understand that if you are not getting dates suddenly because sisters want a man like Barack and you have never read a book or got a pot belly and broke and you are self hating.Barack makes your dreams of a rap career at 36 years old look foolish because it is.Barack represents a new path the Black man in America can take.Another path is Lil Wayne and the self degrading evil degenerate lifestyle he promotes.The next but not final is the way of the Obama Hater's national hero Rev David Manning.Ive noticed that every Obama hater even the so called down for the cause clowns wearing the red black and green.I never heard of most of these costume dashki wearing clowns until Obama was elected.Most real Pan Africanist may not agree with Obama on many issues but respect him and his job as President.You see the whole idea of bring down Barack Obama has to do with destroying the African American community from within.By turning Black folks off from Obama the racist cleverly will use this to say look not even his own people want him thus his agenda will fail.Now I know, no real Black man wants to see that happen.Anyone who does is a race traitor fronting as a militants.It is all right to question but to slander and bear false witness against the brother before he can even start is treason.I think a role model is more important for our youth than my own beliefs.If one puts his beliefs above what is good for the people then that person has no right calling his or herself a leader.Rev Sharpton is still busy even though a Black man is in the White House.He knows he has a job to do.Obama or no Obama Sharpton know racism and injustice will always plague our community.

Question:Where were all of these haters in Black America during the 8 years of Bush?
There is alot of money in bashing Obama.These uncle toms on one side and so called Afro centrist on the other side are scoring many points and hits on the internet by gullible and curious Whites who marvel at how easy Black people hate on one another.
What the Afro centrist haters don't seem to understand is they are now part of the Obama Shuffle coonfest for the amusement of Whites.The White man just sit back let us destroy each other and they get fat.It happened with Dr King,Malcolm X,and Marcus Garvey.You see these haters all secretly listen to their boss Rev Manning who is a crook and a con man getting paid selling his filthy videos trashing our President.It seems too many brothers have way too much time on their hands.Many should be picking up a book and reading.Start with Philosophies and Opinions of Marcus Garvey and end with Dreams from my Father by Barack Obama.
To the Obama haters this is your boss
Are there people being paid to decrease minority turnout in the 2012 Presidential Election?
Kalagensis:It is clear many in the African American community are part of a well organized and financed plot to undermine the President's agenda which will need at least 6 years to implement.Those who raised expectations too high too soon are trying to disappoint the Black community as to what Obama can do.Impatience and apathy are tools being used to ensure decrease in Black voter turnout next election.If just 10% less Black people turn up then Obama will lose key swing states.This is why these anti Obama Black blogs are popping up.After he loses they will simply disappear.It happened during Garvey's time.It happened to the Black Panthers now it is happening to Obama thanks to the sellouts in the community.---

Report shows minority turnout was critical to Obama's Victory

Census Bureau data released Monday show the extent to which strong minority-voter turnout in the 2008 election helped President Barack Obama win over swing states and make inroads into Republican strongholds.

About five million more people voted for president in November than four years earlier, with minorities accounting for almost the entire increase. About two million more black and Hispanic voters and 600,000 additional Asians went to the polls.

While the figures reflect a long-term demographic shift, they also attest to the success of the Democrats' extensive campaign to register their supporters and get them to the polls. Overall, the 64% turnout was unchanged from four years earlier.

The data also show an increase in turnout by young voters. Those between 18 and 24 had a 49% turnout rate, up from 47% in 2004 -- the only age group to see a statistically significant jump at the polls.

Strong minority support helped Mr. Obama's campaign win swing states such as Ohio and pick off Republican redoubts including Virginia, Nevada and Indiana, according to an analysis of poll and Census data by William H. Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution who blended the Census data on voter turnout with poll data from Voter News Service.

The data are the latest to highlight the demographic conundrum facing the Republican Party, which in 2008 lost several red states to Mr. Obama largely because it couldn't compete among minority voters. This demographic challenge isn't going away, as non-Hispanic whites are expected to account for less than 50% of the U.S. population by 2042.

To be sure, Mr. Obama's victory also relied on white voters: In 19 states including California, New York and Massachusetts, a majority of white voters cast ballots for Mr. Obama.

"Democrats are getting the growing parts of the population: Young people, minorities and states people are moving to," Mr. Frey said.

Mr. Frey cautioned that while the long-term demographic changes favor any candidate that can best harness minority voters, Mr. Obama's success in 2008 doesn't mean an easy road to victory awaits him in 2012. Whites accounted for 76% of voters in 2008, down three percentage points from 2004 but still a substantial majority. His rival, Sen. John McCain, won white voters by 12 percentage points, versus the 17 percentage-point margin enjoyed by George W. Bush in 2004. A Republican candidate who could capture a larger share of whites could neutralize the minority edge that went to Mr. Obama.

"President Obama can continue that momentum only if he continues to hold onto minorities and also hold Republicans at bay among white voters," Mr. Frey said.

Mr. Frey found minority voters made the difference in several key states: North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Nevada, Ohio, Indiana, Maryland and New Jersey. Mr. Obama's ability to win over minorities there overcame white voters who favored John McCain.


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Prologue to Obama 2012
We approach the future walking backwards, our gaze forever fixated on the past. Predicting the future is not a passive exercise; we invent it every day with our actions.
I began the sketches for what would ultimately become Obama 2012 in March 2007, a month after Barack Obama declared his candidacy. I had spent much of the previous 18 months living abroad as an entrepreneur and statesman of sorts, and I was slightly out of touch with the pulse of life on the street in the United States. I learnt about Sen. Barack Obama’s Springfield, IL speech formally declaring his candidacy for president of the United States through one of the international cable news channels and thought how great it would be to have a fresh start after years of mediocrity in Washington and a plummeting reputation around the world.
By September, after what seemed like raising a six-month-old child, my sketches had turned into Why the Democrats Will Win in 2008 the Road to an Obama White House. It was my answer to the burning question everyone had back in March: Can he really win? Actually, not everyone thought it was a question. For many people, including Mark Penn, director of the Clinton campaign, the answer was an easy “no way.” This strategic blunder made it that much easier for the Clinton campaign to be defeated. Then there were Black pundits like Shelby Steele, a fellow at the Hoover Institution, who came out with a 2007 book entitled A Bound Man, Why Obama Can't Win.
Being Black did seem to be an automatic disqualification, but then why did someone need to write an entire book arguing what should have been patently obvious? Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Colin Powell came to my mind and I remembered that he could have run for president in 1992 as a war hero. But Colin Powell was Ronald Reagan’s protégé and got a special pass on the race question. Black conservatives like Justice Thomas, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell were careful to disassociate themselves from liberal thinkers and activists like Jesse Jackson, who lost, as expected, the 1984 and 1988 Democratic primaries. Ultimately, Colin Powell, in spite of all his honors, declined to run for president. His wife Alma feared for his safety. Common sense said that a candidate like Obama, for numerous insurmountable reasons, didn't stand a chance of winning the Democratic primary, let alone a general election in which 10% of the electorate is African American and Republicans controlled the White House for 20 of the preceding 28 years. But I decided that Obama's chances merited a closer examination. In it, I would bring to bear my gambling skills.

Kala Nation said...

Thank you for your input.I am trying to expose the hidden hand that is trying to undermine Barack Obama's agenda.