Monday, December 10, 2012

Kala Nation's 2012 Winners and Losers 12/10 by Kalagenesis | Blog Talk Radio

Kala Nation's 2012 Winners and Losers 12/10 by Kalagenesis | Blog Talk Radio
*** (22:56:37):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
Kalagenesis says (22:57:17):
Welcome back for good.
Kalagenesis says (22:57:39):
This is the Voice of the Kala Nation Radio Show
Kalagenesis says (22:58:01):
Tonight Winners and losers in 2012
Kalagenesis says (23:03:42):
Welcome Imhotep
ImhotepVII says to  (23:03:45):
Back home again!
Kalagenesis says (23:03:54):
Yes for good now
ImhotepVII says to  (23:03:56):
Peace Bro. Kala
ImhotepVII says to  (23:11:37):
Sarge60 says to  (23:12:26):
You did not take the bet,  but ill pay up anyhow
Sarge60 says to  (23:12:50):
DesertRose says to  (23:13:18):
(F) Kala!
DesertRose says to  (23:13:39):
ImhotepVII says to  (23:13:41):
Hey Desert Rose
DesertRose says to  (23:13:41):
ImhotepVII says to  (23:13:46):
Sarge60 says to  (23:14:22):
OK have it your way.  Nothing has changed regarding this usurpatious marxist,  only my assesment of the state of the slectorate.  In that I was as wrong as it is possible to be
Sarge60 says to  (23:14:46):
Rose!!!  (})
Sarge60 says to  (23:17:11):
It may be that the constitutional republic is dead with an electorate that has found it can vote for demagogues to rob from Peter to pay Paul and cowing a gutless buncha capons called Republicans
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:18:04):
not maybe, it is, and has been for a while.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:18:50):
Sarge60 says to  (23:18:51):
The facts about Obama were self evident and a large chunk of the electorate chose to disregard them
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:19:48):
"Forward" was taken directly out of Kommunist Propaganda Doctrine.
ImhotepVII says to  (23:20:41):
Voter suppression, Jim Crow part 2.
Sarge60 says to  (23:20:45):
They tried to supress the multiple voting zombie vote
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:20:46):
com´on §arge, a man of your intellect shoulld know that.
Sarge60 says to  (23:21:39):
Forward was also a catchy Hitler Youth tune.  Another buncha socialists
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:21:53):
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:22:01):
Sarge60 says to  (23:22:18):
National Socialism Obama style
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:22:48):
If Fascism or Kommunism is absolutely Irrelevant, because the end result is the same.
Sarge60 says to  (23:23:07):
"Civillian Security Force" indeed
Sarge60 says to  (23:23:40):
just as strong and just as well funded as our ARMED FORCES!!!
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:23:43):
the end result is Chaos...
aabbcc says to  (23:23:44):
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:23:55):
Ordo Ab Chao
ImhotepVII says to  (23:24:02):
Black man in BMW = Pulled over on a regular basis.
Denzel Mourice says to  (23:24:05):
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:24:07):
Order Out Of Chaos
ImhotepVII says to  (23:24:25):
Peace Denzel
Denzel Mourice says to  (23:24:36):
How's going Hotep
Sarge60 says to  (23:24:36):
Or the CLOWARD PLIVEN strategy of orchestrated crisis
aabbcc says to  (23:24:53):
lol.. yeah Kala
Sarge60 says to  (23:25:08):
He is on the way toward implementing it
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:25:28):
He ain´t NO Obama!
aabbcc says to  (23:26:06):
cloward pliven?
Sarge60 says to  (23:26:10):
We have MORE evidence that he may be an illegal alien,  much less not a  natural born citizen
aabbcc says to  (23:26:26):
it's the PNAC document
aabbcc says to  (23:26:32):
or the protocols of zion
ImhotepVII says to  (23:26:34):
all is well, thank you :-) @Denzel
Sarge60 says to  (23:26:44):
What should I respect?  His passage of the Lillie Ledbetter Act?  :D
ImhotepVII says to  (23:27:04):
Illegal alien? Are you serious?
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:27:25):
That don´t fly No more Sarge, it has been 5 years.
Sarge60 says to  (23:27:25):
 am prepared to back up every statement
Sarge60 says to  (23:27:48):
Say what you will about anyone.  Just back it up
Denzel Mourice says to  (23:27:49):
If he is an illegal alien, as he say, it isn't in his power or anybody for that matter, to impeach him.
ImhotepVII says to  (23:27:53):
Birtherism. ((sigh))
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:27:59):
ImhotepVII says to  (23:28:09):
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:28:54):
Therefore, Obama was, without a doubt born in USA.
Sarge60 says to  (23:29:25):
I am NOT saying for absolute sure that he is an illegal alien.  But objective evidence suggests that he may be.  HE DAMN SHO aint a natural born citizen, a 14th amendment citizen at best
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:30:06):
Eye can say for absolute certainty, he was born in USA.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:30:30):
Naturally, after 5 years as president.
Sarge60 says to  (23:30:31):
HIS OWN campaign web site said that he was born a British citizen due to Dads citizen ship status
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:30:47):
and you believe it?
ImhotepVII says to  (23:30:49):
Yes, last I checked Hawaii was a state. Therefore he is a citzen. McCain, on the other hand, was born in Panama.
Denzel Mourice says to  (23:31:11):
Right Hotep
Sarge60 says to  (23:31:13):
How can an NBC be born with allegiance to a foreign sovereignty?
Denzel Mourice says to  (23:31:42):
Troll alert8-)
aabbcc says to  (23:31:51):
Sarge60 says to  (23:31:53):
The nation lost too.  The constitutional republic
Sarge60 says to  (23:32:02):
Liberty lost
Sarge60 says to  (23:32:11):
the rule of law lost
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:32:15):
The SECRET is in his father.
ImhotepVII says to  (23:32:32):
Yes, thanks to the Patriot Act under George Bush II 2Sarge
aabbcc says to  (23:32:41):
obama has no relationship with his father
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:32:50):
Who was really his BIO  father?
aabbcc says to  (23:32:55):
there is no "secret" to that relationship
aabbcc says to  (23:33:06):
his father was another deadbeat dad
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:33:10):
apparently, it is...
Sarge60 says to  (23:33:27):
How can you say he was born in Hawaii?  What objectively corrorable evidence are you using?
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:33:28):
because you don´t know, apparently
aabbcc says to  (23:33:54):
obama was raised by his white mama, grandparents, and that weirdo black guy frank marshall davis as a role model
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:33:58):
His father is not a Kenjan.
Sarge60 says to  (23:34:14):
Sheriff Arpaio proved VIA THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD that his birth certificate was a crude forgery
aabbcc says to  (23:34:40):
but you gotta figure, his mama and grandparents are the most influential... it's common sense
Sarge60 says to  (23:34:48):
So I will noit state for certain WHERE he was born.  I DO NOT KNOW
aabbcc says to  (23:35:17):
and it's said that his mama and grandparents were communists/socialists...
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:35:21):
read Obama´s book, who did he contribute as a major influence in his development?
aabbcc says to  (23:35:35):
at the least, they wer eweirdos to turn him over to frank marshall davis
Sarge60 says to  (23:35:36):
aabbcc says to  (23:35:48):
obama's book is propaganda
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:35:51):
His grandfather´s drinking buddy.
aabbcc says to  (23:35:52):
you can't believe that
aabbcc says to  (23:36:14):
you don't trust him for anything, EXCEPT, the book that he supposedly wrote
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:36:14):
That is only 1 instance
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:36:19):
there are many
Sarge60 says to  (23:36:42):
aabbcc says to  (23:36:59):
why would people who don't trust Obama, put so much faith in a book that he supposedly wrote?
Sarge60 says to  (23:37:21):
I know that he is a lying bas-turd, but he publically owns the book
aabbcc says to  (23:37:25):
not that i'm aware of sarge, but it doesn't make sense, if you call him a liar
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:37:29):
Investing in Amerikan Ignorance is a lukrative investment.
aabbcc says to  (23:37:37):
so what sarge?
aabbcc says to  (23:37:54):
if he's a lying bastard, what makes you trust him about his book???????????????????????????????
Sarge60 says to  (23:38:06):
Bill Ayres probably wrote it but till it is proven,  he owns it
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:38:08):
Some can not figure it out for themselves.
aabbcc says to  (23:38:10):
you guys are such hypocrites
MELINDA says to  (23:38:19):
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:38:27):
Eye will help you....
Denzel Mourice says to  (23:38:33):
It ends and stop there aabbcc.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:38:39):
Obama´s father is:
MELINDA says to  (23:38:42):
aabbcc, your arguments are weak.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:38:50):
Frank Marshall Davis
aabbcc says to  (23:39:02):
it may be eye... i kinda think so too
aabbcc says to  (23:39:28):
but why would people who don't trust oBAMA ON ANYTHING, PUT SO MUCH TRUST IN HIS BOOK????????????????????????
Sarge60 says to  (23:39:36):
I posit a theory as such.  What I said was speculation.  For now it is fact that he authored the book.  I own it and it says that he is the author on the flyleaf
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:39:37):
not the research and it is apparent
MELINDA says to  (23:40:09):
did you vote for him, aabbc?  you vote for obama?
aabbcc says to  (23:40:19):
sarge, just like your logic and reasoning was wrong in the election, you're wrong about Obama and his book
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:40:33):
Some of us enlightened Akademia in Switzerland know it to be true.
aabbcc says to  (23:40:40):
no Melinda... you should support him... he is a zionist
Sarge60 says to  (23:40:43):
People shoulda read Mein Kampf too  Another lousy bastid laying out what he was gonna do to the worlds regret
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:40:52):
All of us have not been dumbed down.
MELINDA says to  (23:41:10):
you voted for him, aabbcc?  is israel your main issue?
MELINDA says to  (23:41:17):
who did you vote for, aabbcc?
aabbcc says to  (23:41:24):
no melinda... i supported ron paul..
MELINDA says to  (23:41:26):
are you a supporter of obama?
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:41:27):
Hitler did not write Mein Kampf.
aabbcc says to  (23:41:32):
but i didn't vote
MELINDA says to  (23:41:33):
what do you think of michelle obama?
Sarge60 says to  (23:41:37):
I may have been wrong about the election BUT I DAMN SHO AINT WRONG ABOUT HUSSEIN
MELINDA says to  (23:41:40):
did you voe for her?
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:41:46):
Obama did not write his books either.
aabbcc says to  (23:41:57):
michelle is just another pol... just like hillary, ms. bush, etc
MELINDA says to  (23:42:13):
do you think she bamboozles black people?
aabbcc says to  (23:42:18):
thats what i said eye
aabbcc says to  (23:42:25):
obama didn't write his books
MELINDA says to  (23:42:34):
do you think mooocher michelle is a race card dropper?
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:42:40):
who wrote it?
MELINDA says to  (23:42:51):
obama's daughters are ugly.
MELINDA says to  (23:42:55):
just sayin
Sarge60 says to  (23:42:56):
Hitler wrote it.  He dictated it to Rudolf Hess in Landesberg prison after his conviction in the Beer Hall Putsch
aabbcc says to  (23:43:03):
melinda... no more than the racists on blog talk or in the GO{P
aabbcc says to  (23:43:07):
ImhotepVII says to  (23:43:14):
Have to run. Have a good night all.
MELINDA says to  (23:43:24):
Denzel Mourice says to  (23:43:24):
aabbcc says to  (23:43:26):
melinda is a race baiter
Tyler520 says to  (23:43:32):
3/4 of people on welfare voted for Obama. 3/4 of people who dropped out of highschool voted for Obama. Obama is the ghetto tash president
aabbcc says to  (23:43:36):
LOL Kala
Tyler520 says to  (23:43:47):
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:43:51):
AYERS wrote at least 1 of Obama´s books.
MELINDA says to  (23:43:59):
I agree, Tyler
aabbcc says to  (23:44:01):
Tyler.. why did a majority of jhews vote for him?
Denzel Mourice says to  (23:44:05):
MELINDA says to  (23:44:12):
I belong here more than you do.
aabbcc says to  (23:44:19):
MELINDA says to  (23:44:25):
I pay taxes, own a business, served this country.
MELINDA says to  (23:44:28):
you should thank me.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:44:30):
and NO Sarge, Hitler did not and could not have written Mein Kampf.
Tyler520 says to  (23:45:01):
Sarge60 says to  (23:45:11):
Most German Jews thought the Anti semitism would pass.  They felt he would restore Germany to greatness
aabbcc says to  (23:45:13):
so if everybody agrees that obama probably didnt write those books, why do you put such confidence in it?????????????????
MELINDA says to  (23:45:24):
aabbcc, you're obsessed with jews.  it's kinda scary.
Tyler520 says to  (23:45:25):
aabbcc: Canard
aabbcc says to  (23:45:39):
no... just calling out your hypocrisy
aabbcc says to  (23:45:45):
you guys are stupid
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:45:47):
# 1- hitler was not German.
MELINDA says to  (23:45:54):
and i'm sorry, but michelle obama is ugly.  just deal with that reality of her ugliness.
aabbcc says to  (23:45:57):
of just liars
Tyler520 says to  (23:46:17):
it isn't a lie that Obama appeals to the dregs of society - just a statement of fact
MELINDA says to  (23:46:26):
i think most blacks like obama, because they think he is black.
Sarge60 says to  (23:46:30):
Hitler was quite capable of writing Mein Kampf.  How twisted and full of racial psychoses does a book have to be to convince you?   ({)
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:46:31):
Ignorance is a lukrative investment.
aabbcc says to  (23:46:35):
so why did he win Tyler?
MELINDA says to  (23:46:51):
he's only half african, and his family doesn't know the african-america life.  so it's just skin color.
aabbcc says to  (23:46:51):
the dregs of society have the money to beat Romney?????????????????
Tyler520 says to  (23:46:51):
aabbcc: more takers than makers in our society - simple
Denzel Mourice says to  (23:46:53):
What do these people have against people of color? I don't get it. You take out the Libyan leader, now you all are targeting the Zimbabwe leader. What is it you all have against people of color?:D
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:46:57):
Denzel Mourice says to  (23:46:57):
I must know.
aabbcc says to  (23:47:13):
seriously.... no thinking at all
Sarge60 says to  (23:47:18):
Hitler was born Austrian,  but naturalized as a German citizen
aabbcc says to  (23:47:22):
it defies common sense
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:47:29):
#1 - hitler was NOT german.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:47:46):
naturalized my azz
MELINDA says to  (23:47:46):
the black people who come into my store tell me that they support him for his "race"
Tyler520 says to  (23:47:47):
aabbcc: you are a simpleton
MELINDA says to  (23:47:55):
i agree, tyler
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:47:56):
MELINDA says to  (23:48:00):
tyler, you are very smart
aabbcc says to  (23:48:04):
no Tyler... I  THINK
aabbcc says to  (23:48:08):
you don't
Tyler520 says to  (23:48:10):
how long until you blame "da jooos" aabbcc?
aabbcc says to  (23:48:16):
your logic makes no sense
aabbcc says to  (23:48:34):
forget about the joooos
aabbcc says to  (23:48:39):
lets stay on obama
Sarge60 says to  (23:48:43):
Hitler was naturalized in 1932  Alan Bullock Dual Lives Hitler and Stalin
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:48:45):
you gotta lot of truth to learn Sarge
MELINDA says to  (23:48:58):
Sarge is one of the smartest people on BTR
aabbcc says to  (23:49:00):
how did he beat romney, when only the dregs of society support him?????
MELINDA says to  (23:49:02):
you can learn from him
MELINDA says to  (23:49:07):
sarge is a true black leader
Sarge60 says to  (23:49:07):
Many other sources confirm this as well
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:49:17):
can a naturalized be US President?
Denzel Mourice says to  (23:49:21):
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:49:36):
stop it Sarge
aabbcc says to  (23:49:36):
Tyler520 says to  (23:49:48):
the dregs are easily manipulated by the few with power. Those with power will do anything to keep it, including pulling around the stupid of our society like puppets
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:49:48):
it´s ignorance
Sarge60 says to  (23:49:50):
Naturalized citizens can NEVER be a US POTUS
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:50:22):
a naturalized austrian, leads germany?
Sarge60 says to  (23:50:22):
There was NO such impediment to being German chancellor in 1933
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:50:28):
stop it
MELINDA says to  (23:50:38):
Muslims go to Africa to purchase sex slaves
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:50:38):
you are smarter than that
MELINDA says to  (23:50:42):
what do you think about that?
aabbcc says to  (23:50:43):
sure Tyler.... so who's the devils? the powerful, who use the stupid? or the stupid?
Sarge60 says to  (23:50:56):
There was NO such constitutional impediment in germany,  to their regret
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:51:07):
MELINDA says to  (23:51:10):
what do you think about muslim who go to africa to buy sex slaves?  they buy children and use them a sex slves.
Tyler520 says to  (23:51:32):
aabbcc: name a Democrat donor, or politician, and you've named the puppet masters. Name an Obama voter, and you've pointed out the puppet
Tyler520 says to  (23:51:45):
pick any one you'd like
Sarge60 says to  (23:51:47):
They shoulda had their own version of Article II, Section I Clause 5
aabbcc says to  (23:52:10):
melinda, it's Americans and Europeans who are rampant in the phillipines and southeast asis buying child sex slaves
Tyler520 says to  (23:52:21):
Melinda: they have a propensity for goats, too ;)
Sarge60 says to  (23:52:29):
aabbcc says to  (23:52:30):
democrat/republican is for morons
aabbcc says to  (23:52:42):
look at the donors to the campaigns
Denzel Mourice says to  (23:52:45):
Me 50,000
aabbcc says to  (23:52:51):
it's the same people for both campaigns
Tyler520 says to  (23:53:16):
Who does this dipsh!t speaker thinks elected Obozo? hint: white people
aabbcc says to  (23:53:19):
these devils win either way
aabbcc says to  (23:53:42):
Tyler... you said the fregs of society...
Tyler520 says to  (23:53:58):
aabbcc: point being?
aabbcc says to  (23:53:59):
it's black, white, hispanic at the bottom
Tyler520 says to  (23:54:59):
apparently, you don't know the definition of "dregs"
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:55:04):
ain´t no Israeli amerikans at the bottom, though...
Tyler520 says to  (23:55:25):
Does this speaker realize he is the Teabaggee? I guess he likes sucking on sweaty balls, eh?
aabbcc says to  (23:55:28):
whats the definition tyler?
aabbcc says to  (23:55:48):
i assume you mean the poor... poorly educated, dysfunctional families
Tyler520 says to  (23:56:07):
"The most worthless part or parts of something."
aabbcc says to  (23:56:20):
who is that?
aabbcc says to  (23:56:33):
it's made up of all kinds of people
Tyler520 says to  (23:56:40):
Those who refuse to work, those who are voluntarily uneducated, those who are career welfare recipients
aabbcc says to  (23:56:48):
but regardless, they dont decide the leaders in this country
aabbcc says to  (23:56:54):
that's a stupid thing to say
aabbcc says to  (23:57:11):
in fact, it's moronic
Tyler520 says to  (23:57:15):
nonsense - "takers" in this country are at a record high...half of the country now
aabbcc says to  (23:57:34):
money talks in this country
aabbcc says to  (23:57:38):
they aint got none
Tyler520 says to  (23:57:55):
yes it does - hence the reason the Dems bribe their constituents for votes
aabbcc says to  (23:58:11):
serioulsy... you're not too bright
aabbcc says to  (23:58:17):
you must be a teenager
Tyler520 says to  (23:58:26):
ad hominem - classic rebuttal of someone without an argument
aabbcc says to  (23:58:31):
no life experience or knowledge
GGT 183 says to  (23:58:36):
When I hear these things I am ashamed to call myself black.
Tyler520 says to  (23:58:47):
you didn't even know the definition of "dregs" - you thought it was a racial term...f@cking idiot
aabbcc says to  (23:58:58):
i know what dregs is
GGT 183 says to  (23:59:03):
You plantation dwellers make me ashamed.
aabbcc says to  (23:59:10):
and as i told you, it includes all races
Tyler520 says to  (23:59:33):
I never mentioned race, you f@cking idiot - you brought it up
aabbcc says to  (23:59:33):
you actually think that the poor decide the presidency!
Sarge60 says to  (23:59:43):
GGT NEVER be ashamed of being black.  Correct the imbeciles who say dumbass things
aabbcc says to  (00:00:00):
you're not half smart
GGT 183 says to  (00:00:08):
If this is the evolution of black people then I don't want to be black.
aabbcc says to  (00:00:20):
thats not the real ggt
Sarge60 says to  (00:00:24):
Being black doesnt make you an ignorant socialist  you get conditioned to be one
Sarge60 says to  (00:01:02):
You get on the plantation and its hard to get offa it
GGT 183 says to  (00:02:03):
You voted with your skin Kala.
GGT 183 says to  (00:02:12):
You know it and I know it.
Tyler520 says to  (00:02:13):
Romney's arguments were simply too complex and intellectual for the average retarded Democrat to understand
aabbcc says to  (00:02:31):
LOL Tyler... yeah... ok
Denzel Mourice says to  (00:02:37):
Black people voted for socialism.
GGT 183 says to  (00:02:48):
I blame black people.
Tyler520 says to  (00:02:50):
3 in 4 high school dropouts voted for the dictator in chief
Denzel Mourice says to  (00:02:52):
Or the percieved thought that they'd get it.
aabbcc says to  (00:02:54):
wow... amazing the lengths that some liars will go to to defend their lies
GGT 183 says to  (00:02:55):
You voted your skin color.
GGT 183 says to  (00:02:59):
Shame on you Kala.
aabbcc says to  (00:03:31):
lol... sarge
GGT 183 says to  (00:03:47):
You're a sellout Kala.
GGT 183 says to  (00:03:58):
You sold your soul for your skin.
GGT 183 says to  (00:04:51):
I am ashamed to call you brother.
GGT 183 says to  (00:05:02):
You are not my brother Kala.
Tyler520 says to  (00:05:32):
The average family on welfare has more disposable income than a working family making $60K - FACT
GGT 183 says to  (00:05:34):
Your self-defeating desire to have the house nigga in the White House above the good of the country is a damn shame.
Tyler520 says to  (00:05:38):
welfare is a lifestyle now
Denzel Mourice says to  (00:05:53):
Kalagenesis says (00:05:56):
Kalagenesis says (00:06:03):
Denzel Mourice says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:06:07):
Kalagenesis says to Denzel Mourice (private) (00:06:14):
Kalagenesis says to Denzel Mourice (private) (00:06:25):
I thought so
Denzel Mourice says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:06:30):
GGT 183 says to  (00:06:34):
GGT 183 says to  (00:06:41):
I got better things to do.
Tyler520 says to  (00:06:50):
Obama has done more dmaage to this country than Al Qaeda ever has
aabbcc says to  (00:07:59):
Tyler is a simpleton
aabbcc says to  (00:08:12):
can't explain his logic
Tyler520 says to  (00:08:37):
How does Obamacare make Cali's problem better?
Tyler520 says to  (00:08:54):
it only serves to condone and promote the misuse, and make it worse
Denzel Mourice says to  (00:08:56):
You don't export goods so why would it matrer to you @ Tyler?
Tyler520 says to  (00:09:52):
Denzel: say what?
Denzel Mourice says to  (00:09:59):
You all don't hide your racism pretty well.
Denzel Mourice says to  (00:10:36):
I'm trying figure out how is it that Obama messed the country up as you say.
Denzel Mourice says to  (00:11:19):
Wasn't it George Bush who said bomb the northern part of a middle eastern country and don't bomb the southern part. If that ain't global obstruction in the demise of America, then what is?
Denzel Mourice says to  (00:11:32):
All y'all are gangsters.
Tyler520 says to  (00:11:43):
try: record food stamp recipients, record disability claims, increasing violent crime, decreasing school performance, skyrocketing debt, decreasing middle class
Denzel Mourice says to  (00:12:06):
Richard Daley was a gangster. Al Capone was a gangster. You a gangster. Sarge a gangster.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:12:31):
aabbcc says to  (00:12:36):
Tyler could care less about the cause.... he's focused on the effect
Tyler520 says to  (00:12:37):
speak English much? Sorry - cannot understand your uneducated, ghetto trash dialect
aabbcc says to  (00:13:44):
high unemployment under Obama? means nothing that the economy crashed under Bush
aabbcc says to  (00:14:02):
or that globalization has been driving jobs out of this country for decades
Denzel Mourice says to  (00:14:19):
I kept my eye on the usdebtclock so you can spread your propaganda all day and all night.
Denzel Mourice says to  (00:14:40):
aabbcc says to  (00:15:46):
Tyler is typical of the partisan morons who just want to demonize the opponent without thinking
aabbcc says to  (00:16:20):
they blamed clinton all throughout the Bush presidency, then complained that Obama mentioned Bush
aabbcc says to  (00:16:35):
just a bunch of hypocrite liars
aabbcc says to  (00:17:05):
lol... dang.. he left
1AngryJew says to  (00:20:44):
He's here.
1AngryJew says to  (00:20:49):
The Jew has arrived.
1AngryJew says to  (00:21:02):
Let's talk about the 47 percent.
1AngryJew says to  (00:21:08):
I'll answer your question.
1AngryJew says to  (00:21:40):
Kala won't pick up the Jew even though the Jew languishes on hold.
1AngryJew says to  (00:27:25):
If you wait to pick me up I shall leave.
brotherk says to  (00:27:33):
sarge and kala are going at it? oh oh here we go !
1AngryJew says to  (00:27:40):
I won't wait beyong 12:30AM
1AngryJew says to  (00:27:51):
You've got 3 minutes to pickup.
Sarge60 says to  (00:27:57):
See for yourselves
1AngryJew says to  (00:28:26):
2 minutes
Denzel Mourice says to  (00:31:07):
Looks like black people found a loophole in student loans. Bring it on down. Long live John Hanson.
Denzel Mourice says to  (00:31:14):
We want our country back.
Denzel Mourice says to  (00:31:42):
1AngryJew says to  (00:32:31):
I hope you dumb fu cks kill each other.  Die.  Really.  I pray to Jesus that you all 47 percent of you get cancer and die.  Go away.  Leave my country.  We will come back after you die and fix everything.
1AngryJew says to  (00:32:35):
Don't put me on hold.
1AngryJew says to  (00:32:37):
1AngryJew says to  (00:32:45):
I have no time for ass holes
2020 Radio Network says to  (00:37:14):
Democrats cheated across the country.
brotherk says to  (00:37:25):
well i have to agree. obama took it to romney !! instead if crying , republicans will have to regroup
2020 Radio Network says to  (00:37:26):
You all know it was not a fair election.
2020 Radio Network says to  (00:40:15):
Did he just say "strucken?"
East Coast says to  (00:42:00):
Darn Kala you're popular with our conservative brothers tonight....LOL
TheOpinionatedGuy says to  (00:42:53):
big bank take little bank
Kalagenesis says (00:43:55):
East Coast says to  (00:45:26):
What happened to 20 20?
brotherk says to  (00:45:29):
you should buy term
East Coast says to  (00:45:35):
What's up Brother K
TheOpinionatedGuy says to  (00:45:42):
if everyone was honest we wouldnt need insurance
brotherk says to  (00:46:14):
just listening in east coast
East Coast says to  (00:46:36):
For the old just go home and die....forget medicare....LOL
East Coast says to  (00:47:22):
Medicare costs the country too much...forget grandma
East Coast says to  (00:53:22):
What happened?

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