Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I would have done differently if I was Zimmerman.

How do I know Zimmerman is a cold hearted killer?I used to do security armed and unarmed.I know the rush you get in situations.I the years I have seen conflict what I and my comrades always did unless we see eminent danger is take our guns off.It goes like this hold this while I grab this guy or check him out.I knew that when you bring a gun to any situation your intent is to use it.What should have happened that night?Zimmerman calls 911,reports the suspicious person,waited for the police who are trained.Or Zimmerman could have approached him unarmed and asked him is he lost or ok.Trevon would have told him I am back from the store.The two could have started talking about the NBA All Star game and became friends.But Zimmerman was trying to be a hero.Just like many of these people using Trevon for their own purposes.Zimmerman should be arrested for second degree murder.

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