Sunday, February 20, 2011

Black Barbeque

*** (23:56:14):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
Kalagenesis says (23:57:45):
The Hopey Changey Lady says Unions must be willing to sacrafice
Kalagenesis says (23:58:17):
Libya under attack from within
Kalagenesis says (23:58:45):
Wisconsin Gov a tyrannt?
Kalagenesis says (23:59:26):
Bloodsuckers of the Black Community
Kalagenesis says (23:59:42):
Mr CDMAGEE says to (00:00:44):
Peace Kala,BA and chat room
Kalagenesis says (00:01:08):
peace everyone
BlackAchievement USA says to (00:01:34):
peace cdmagee kala ac greenbeasley
Kalagenesis says (00:01:53):
Peace BA
Richcanon says to (00:04:15):
Saa neter and the moors and seti
Kalagenesis says (00:04:39):
Welcome the Voice of of the Kala Nation
UniteDaHouses says to (00:05:08):
u know seti
Kalagenesis says (00:05:15):
Tonight we shall talk of the parasites on the Black Community
UniteDaHouses says to (00:05:19):
Kalagenesis says (00:05:39):
I will gain control
Richcanon says to (00:06:20):
Richcanon says to (00:06:55):
whats the music for Kala?
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:07:46):
his EGO
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:07:56):
it was very TALL music
UniteDaHouses says to (00:07:57):
ok i knew seti way before the YT fame
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:08:01):
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:08:27):
not that kind of ego
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:08:31):
we all have ego
TalknChitwTraCGmore says to (00:09:00):
ego is the self! 8-|
UniteDaHouses says to (00:09:35):
he cool if you chill wit him on some everyday sh*t
Richcanon says to (00:10:22):
aafirmative is for white women?
Richcanon says to (00:10:39):
Tracy ego is the self
Richcanon says to (00:11:02):
its the balance of the "super ego and the id"
Dashon says to (00:12:26):
Dashon says to (00:12:44):
Rich (H)
African Warlord X says to (00:12:57):
Dashon says to (00:13:01):
Richcanon says to (00:13:06):
TracyGmore says to (00:13:09):
no shyt Rich gllad u just learned it
African Warlord X says to (00:13:15):
Peace Dashon
TracyGmore says to (00:13:20):
thanks :)
Richcanon says to (00:13:22):
fucc off smart mouth@T
Dashon says to (00:13:28):
Peace Warlord!
Richcanon says to (00:13:29):
TracyGmore says to (00:13:36):
yo momma
TracyGmore says to (00:13:40):
African Warlord X says to (00:13:43):
Peace bro
TracyGmore says to (00:13:45):
African Warlord X says to (00:15:16):
Most black cops I've known are like that...exept for a few
TracyGmore says to (00:15:52):
iand Hispanic office protect hispanic ppl
TracyGmore says to (00:15:56):
TracyGmore says to (00:16:18):
our officers dont seem like they do.
TracyGmore says to (00:16:48):
Richcanon says to (00:20:10):
your right kala
African Warlord X says to (00:20:13):
According to John Boehner, and the Fox News crowd, unemployment checks are making black people lazy.
African Warlord X says to (00:21:00):
Remember how Glass Steagal created the housing crisis using speculation
African Warlord X says to (00:21:17):
and deregulation
African Warlord X says to (00:22:50):
and Mel Gibson vs Samir Shabazz
African Warlord X says to (00:24:12):
Dashon says to (00:26:40):
them cutting services is faciltating the prison industrial complex. poverty creates crime.
African Warlord X says to (00:26:51):
Dashon says to (00:27:34):
he said the same thing about credit cards
African Warlord X says to (00:27:47):
yep, and he was right
Dashon says to (00:27:51):
or a similar thing I should say
African Warlord X says to (00:29:13):
Sprayed by agent orange over there, sprayed by pepper spray over here
Richcanon says to (00:31:42):
esha2004 says to (00:33:15):
(}) everyone
African Warlord X says to (00:33:34):
And that " Negro dialect " wont go away if the school curriculums aren't equal
Dashon says to (00:33:45):
African Warlord X says to (00:33:51):
Hello eshaplant...I meant !!!!!!
esha2004 says to (00:33:58):
hey Dashon
TracyGmore says to (00:34:10):
hey ESH I was just looking for ure number
esha2004 says to (00:34:16):
hello DL Warlord X
African Warlord X says to (00:34:29):
lol....F U
Richcanon says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:34:34):
dont say my name.. but most black ppl dont understand why mos blackmen are locked out of america
esha2004 says to (00:34:39):
I had trouble getting into the room
Richcanon says to (00:34:52):
esha2004 says to (00:35:01):
Dashon says to (00:35:45):
that aint go'n happen
esha2004 says to (00:35:56):
hey Rich
Dashon says to (00:36:55):
yeah, they claimed they "civilized", us.
Richcanon says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:37:02):
no negreos think that whit people are truly sorry cause they give us dvd players and cars and entertainment
esha2004 says to (00:37:13):
thats a lie
African Warlord X says to (00:37:34):
After the third beer............." your not a n i g g e r "...but he ( some other guy is )
Dashon says to (00:38:00):
true Warlord
African Warlord X says to (00:38:07):
Dashon says to (00:38:24):
yeah, "your'e different"!
African Warlord X says to (00:38:43):
Elderly people's best friends in the inner city are stray animals...sad, but true
Richcanon says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:39:07):
i allready realize it
Dashon says to (00:39:15):
Dashon says to (00:39:19):
African Warlord X says to (00:39:25):
African Warlord X says to (00:39:39):
and stray cats and dogs
TracyGmore says to (00:39:40):
but he comes from an era when white folks really whooped ur ass upfront. they whoop our asses on the low now we cant diss old ppl.
TracyGmore says to (00:39:47):
African Warlord X says to (00:40:28):
Nobody is doing that...TGilmore
TracyGmore says to (00:40:42):
i dipped in the wrong koolaid prehaps
Richcanon says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:40:47):
they hate me(crackers).. and the women just think they are just gonna give us all jobs if we play the game.. whats your take on it?
TracyGmore says to (00:40:57):
I apologize
African Warlord X says to (00:40:59):
lol ??????????/ what @ TGM
Richcanon says to (00:41:01):
TracyGmore says to (00:41:07):
TracyGmore says to (00:41:08):
Dashon says to (00:41:23):
some of dat jim jones koolaid? :D
TracyGmore says to (00:41:36):
well it's easy to say what u would done when u wasn't there is what I meant
TracyGmore says to (00:41:51):
lol Dash
African Warlord X says to (00:42:04):
Then people's property and other taxes go up, and dumb teabaggers blame everyone except these companies and the politicians that deal with them
bluesky69 says to (00:42:18):
bluesky69 says to (00:42:25):
bluesky69 says to (00:42:27):
esha2004 says to (00:42:35):
hey blue
bluesky69 says to (00:42:55):
hi esha(L):-*
bluesky69 says to (00:43:09):
hi ggt(L):-*
esha2004 says to (00:43:13):
bluesky69 says to (00:43:37):
hi AC
bluesky69 says to (00:43:48):
hi perrry
bluesky69 says to (00:43:55):
hi rich
bluesky69 says to (00:43:59):
hi tracy
bluesky69 says to (00:44:15):
hi dash
bluesky69 says to (00:44:18):
hi east
TracyGmore says to (00:44:31):
hi bluesky69
bluesky69 says to (00:44:32):
hi green
ggt183 says to (00:44:35):
shhhhhh..Bluesky..I'm hiding
bluesky69 says to (00:44:42):
ggt183 says to (00:45:00):
esha2004 says to (00:45:09):
Dashon says to (00:45:10):
Peace bluesky(F)
Dashon says to (00:45:40):
bluesky69 says to (00:45:41):
hi jennifer
Dashon says to (00:45:48):
African Warlord X says to (00:45:52):
bluesky69 says to (00:45:55):
Dashon says to (00:50:54):
Michael told the world that they dont really care about US
African Warlord X says to (00:51:06):
Dashon says to (00:51:18):
real talk tho
esha2004 says to (00:51:51):
i agree dashon
ggt183 says to (00:51:53):
Warlord did benyamins trial go?:D
African Warlord X says to (00:52:09):
Guilty as sin !!!!!!!!!! lol
ggt183 says to (00:52:41):
Guilty of what?
Richcanon says to (00:52:46):
@African Warlord are you really "Jamsin" ?
Dashon says to (00:52:55):
(H)who's wit me(H)
African Warlord X says to (00:53:02):
I'm a lot of
Richcanon says to (00:53:12):
Dashon says to (00:53:33):
ggt183 says to (00:54:30):
Benyamin is a good guys should leave him alone:)
Dashon says to (00:54:44):
yup Kala
Richcanon says to (00:54:54):
Dashon says to (00:54:55):
we make money, it makes news
Richcanon says to (00:55:46):
Dashon says to (00:56:37):
yeah, I live in Washington State!
butterflies70 says to (00:56:44):
hey esha, how are you
butterflies70 says to (00:57:29):
wow green beasley is quiet lol
butterflies70 says to (00:58:02):
did ya fall a sleep
Richcanon says to (00:58:12):
im not sleep
Richcanon says to (00:58:14):
butterflies70 says to (00:58:18):
Dashon says to (00:59:45):
I will sat, out here we are poor together for the most part
Dashon says to (00:59:49):
Dashon says to (01:00:18):
but they switch up real fast on us tho
Richcanon says to (01:02:09):
Bostonant says to (01:03:02):
they got paid
Richcanon says to (01:03:37):
Bostonant says to (01:04:35):
a part of me hope America goes back into the stone age1 It's to evil and greedy
UniteDaHouses says to (01:04:57):
they gettin on the most honorable elijah muhammad
Bostonant says to (01:05:21):
The system is rigged against us!
Dashon says to (01:05:43):
SlimJim says to (01:06:05):
whenever i need to hear some new excuses.. i come here
UniteDaHouses says to (01:06:24):
u can put it out
UniteDaHouses says to (01:07:08):
oh i dont respect faracoon
UniteDaHouses says to (01:07:25):
slimjim got a black momma
UniteDaHouses says to (01:07:38):
he confused
SlimJim says to (01:07:45):
well, its not to hard to predict, Kala.. when thats pretty much what goes on
butterflies70 says to (01:08:21):
SlimJim says to (01:08:49):
i'm a little confused UDH.. but things get more clear everyday...
Dashon says to (01:09:24):
Dashon says to (01:09:30):
this is for slim jim
SlimJim says to (01:09:50):
oh lord.. lemme check it out..
Richcanon says to (01:09:54):
thats allready happening @ caller
Dashon says to (01:10:22):
and now to hit ignore on that fool
Bostonant says to (01:10:43):
Thomas is brilliant for his age! I learn a lot from him! And this program.
Dashon says to (01:11:08):
ya'll check out the link too. I promise you'll appreciate it. trust me! lol
Richcanon says to (01:11:43):
If you are black and you dont go to college ur fucced
UniteDaHouses says to (01:11:48):
even though some feel black couldnt read but if you read philo and opinions garvey said it would come a time when a black man would get the basic of job in this place
UniteDaHouses says to (01:12:11):
Bostonant says to (01:12:22):
America a big mess! For everybody!
SlimJim says to (01:12:58):
not everyone.. and this is still the best place for the rest to do something about it for themselves
UniteDaHouses says to (01:14:16):
black men live to 80 where you at hum interesting
Doc Don says to (01:15:26):
Here in OK, thy are building a 350 apt complex, the developer hired the legal mexican Patro and the Patron is furnishing the illegals, Patron is on contract with the developer, thus developer hasa clean
Doc Don says to (01:15:49):
hands, no Blacks!!!!!!!!!({)
Doc Don says to (01:15:54):
UniteDaHouses says to (01:16:06):
thry not suppose to hire black people
Doc Don says to (01:16:50):
Richcanon says to (01:16:59):
Bostonant says to (01:17:04):
The rich should eat the deficit? The people are hurting!
Richcanon says to (01:17:12):
Bostonant says to (01:17:20):
They are angry!
UniteDaHouses says to (01:17:49):
did he get me
SlimJim says to (01:17:52):
Anthony.. i guess in Boston, the poor people own all the businesses and do all the hiring
SlimJim says to (01:18:24):
plenty of work in Boston? low unemployment?
Richcanon says to (01:18:25):
the uneducated blacks are gonna get killed periode except for maybe a few like 8 out of every 100
Doc Don says to (01:18:39):
We should have been on our game 30 years ago!!!! Instead of the Bling and things, own REAL property where you are a producer, not just a consumer!!!!
UniteDaHouses says to (01:18:56):
e got me
SlimJim says to (01:18:56):
true Doc
Doc Don says to (01:19:18):
I am Armed to the hilt on my land!!!!
Pritch says to (01:19:24):
Peace Kala
UniteDaHouses says to (01:19:32):
slim u down wit the slaves now
Bostonant says to (01:19:32):
Wisconsin is a wake up call to the America workers. Your getting screwed!
Kalagenesis says (01:19:41):
Peace Bro Pritch
Doc Don says to (01:19:46):
I produce and can my food and share the excess!!!!
SlimJim says to (01:19:56):
when u take $$$ outta 401K to buy gold... that doesnt mean teeth and such
Richcanon says to (01:20:12):
Bostonant says to (01:20:15):
American workers! Your getting screwed
Pritch says to (01:20:18):
Peace Rich
Richcanon says to (01:20:31):
Doc Don says to (01:20:40):
Peace Kala!!!!
Doc Don says to (01:20:48):
Kalagenesis says (01:20:56):
Peace Don
African Warlord X says to (01:20:59):
SlimJim says to (01:21:22):
land is better long term.. but it always depends on where.. BUT, you do not have to pay propertty taxes and maintain gold
UniteDaHouses says to (01:21:27):
ima tryto see the world in the whites navy ima make a move after that
Bostonant says to (01:21:48):
Unionize and organize! Solidarity! Power to the people! We are all in this together!
UniteDaHouses says to (01:22:31):
whos in what boston?
Doc Don says to (01:22:51):
Bostonant says to (01:24:29):
America is collecting our taxes too! This land is my land.Too
Pianki says to (01:25:05):
Hey Kala
Kalagenesis says (01:25:19):
Hello Pianki
SlimJim says to (01:25:24):
we are no longer even
SlimJim says to (01:25:39):
we just went under water on our debt
Bostonant says to (01:26:00):
The top rich folk need a good ass kicking!
SlimJim says to (01:26:13):
just like when u owe more on a car than it is worth.. our debt is larger than the GDP now
Bostonant says to (01:26:34):
They tricked the system good!
Pianki says to (01:26:52):
There is a difference between the "deficit" and the "debt"
Bostonant says to (01:26:53):
We are the loser?
Bostonant says to (01:27:17):
They rigged the game.
SlimJim says to (01:27:58):
and, think about this..when Johhson created the beginnings of a social state, our ENTIRE U.S. budget was less than one program he created.. Dept of HHS
Richcanon says to (01:28:30):
Pritch says to (01:28:31):
SlimJim says to (01:28:37):
we now spend more on HHS then our entire US budget before Johnson
Richcanon says to (01:29:03):
Richcanon says to (01:29:23):
Bostonant says to (01:29:59):
We spend too much time fighting each others! We should fight the man at the top!
SlimJim says to (01:30:36):
the only battle that needs to be fought is the one within..
SlimJim says to (01:31:09):
win that one, and you will be better off than the "man at the top"
Bostonant says to (01:31:20):
We are not getting the facts! Knowledge is power.
Bostonant says to (01:32:52):
Wisconsin is showing you who's the man? His intrest is no.1
Richcanon says to (01:34:58):
SlimJim says to (01:35:07):
those unions put the teachers in this spot.. do u think the unions ever think or care if the money will never be there to support those demands? it is exortion
Pianki says to (01:35:17):
Federal budget deficit is $1.3 trillion 2. U.S total debt is $55.7 trillion 3. U.S National debt is $14.1 trillion 4. Total unfunded debt is $112.6 trillion.
Bostonant says to (01:35:23):
The rich want the whole pie?
Bostonant says to (01:35:44):
You get nothing!
SlimJim says to (01:36:04):
and, if a teacher does not understand that you cant pay for something if there is no money, then i hope there are no math teachers there
Doc Don says to (01:36:19):
A sound and sober intellect is the KEY to the Chains encompassing the Mind!!!!!
UniteDaHouses says to (01:37:11):
gucci man was trying to bring back talking about doing cocaine
Richcanon says to (01:37:31):
no it was rapper ric ross
UniteDaHouses says to (01:37:50):
doing or sellin
Richcanon says to (01:37:58):
SlimJim says to (01:38:21):
Boston.. in a free enterprise, there is no pie.. pies are circular and thus fixed.. if you earn $1,000 tomorrow does no mean some one in america earns $1,000 less.
ShortyXMcgriff says to (01:38:37):
ric ross was a c.o
SlimJim says to (01:39:52):
why in the hell would someone shoot at an ambulance?
Bostonant says to (01:39:53):
The tax cut have not produce any jobs? They are sitting on so much cash!
SlimJim says to (01:40:14):
it is their money.. they earned it
SlimJim says to (01:41:42):
i own a business where the more employees i have, the more the company makes.. trust me, all i need is an environment that promotes work..
Bostonant says to (01:42:18):
This game is over! It will soon be clear! If the weakest among you, are hurt! You die too!
African Warlord X says to (01:42:34):
SlimJim says to (01:43:34):
the game is over? lord, you would be the kinda person during the depression that begged for a dime, rather than pack up and go do what has to be done
UniteDaHouses says to (01:44:43):
scared to drive the speed limit
Bostonant says to (01:44:45):
This depression is Poor suffer! Rich go free!
SlimJim says to (01:45:21):
during tough times, i dont like to listen to whiners and defeatest... so, i guess i'll say good night...
SlimJim says to (01:45:33):
good night
UniteDaHouses says to (01:45:58):
Bostonant says to (01:46:54):
You don't the depression in this ecconomy, In your niegborhood! I see it in mine!
Richcanon says to (01:47:46):
I lived in the city as Oscar Grant
Bostonant says to (01:47:57):
I speak my facts! Thats all I know.
UniteDaHouses says to (01:48:26):
oakland right
Richcanon says to (01:48:50):
he was shot in oakland he was from Hayward
Richcanon says to (01:49:04):
Shalom yall!!!
Bostonant says to (01:49:16):
UniteDaHouses says to (01:49:43):
Bostonant says to (01:53:23):
Forgive my typo's I need to slow down
UniteDaHouses says to (01:53:49):
them niggas in hiphop been exposed
Bostonant says to (01:55:39):
You may not see the depression in your neigborhood! I see it in mine.
African Warlord X says to (01:55:55):
yep. it's there
Bostonant says to (01:56:32):
Bostonant says to (01:57:12):
Great program! Always learn something!
Kalagenesis says (01:58:38):
Thank you
ShortyXMcgriff says to (01:58:41):
yes it is
Bostonant says to (01:59:00):
This is a holiday weekend? George washington? master lie?
ShortyXMcgriff says to (02:00:17):
i enjoy listening to my brothas great program
Doc Don says to (02:00:33):
Exactly George, Study their ways on that, The Spook That Sat By The Door!!!!
Bostonant says to (02:00:38):
Doc Don says to (02:00:53):
Great Show!!!!
African Warlord X says to (02:01:17):
TracyGmore says to (02:01:34):
Doc Don says to (02:01:45):
ShortyXMcgriff says to (02:01:50):
peace peoples
African Warlord X says to (02:01:54):
peace @ TGM and you too Esha
African Warlord X says to (02:02:06):
peace Shorty
ShortyXMcgriff says to (02:03:06):
Pritch says to (02:05:00):
Pritch says to (02:07:14):
Gotta lay the dress code down.
Pritch says to (02:11:17):
Youre made to go to school down Plenty of cousins in the Carolinas.

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