Friday, December 24, 2010

Freaky Fridays in Kala Land.

*** (10:04:32):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
ImhotepVII says to (10:05:02):
I didn't think there was going to be a show tonight
Kalagenesis says (10:05:36):
I got to
Kalagenesis says (10:05:39):
ImhotepVII says to (10:05:48):
Understood :-)
ImhotepVII says to (10:06:16):
Just finished watching the "A Team" movie
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (10:08:06):
good evening
ImhotepVII says to (10:08:07):
Drop knoweldge
ImhotepVII says to (10:08:17):
Good evening
ImhotepVII says to (10:08:24):
Vince in the Bay says to (10:08:34):
BTR has gone to hell
ImhotepVII says to (10:08:47):
Uh we go!
ImhotepVII says to (10:09:03):
Strap in kids, it's gonna be wild
CURTISCAIFE says to (10:09:18):
peace happy holidays
Vince in the Bay says to (10:09:36):
skype***holes, British Conservative, Bill Waggonner and his crew, One Angry Jew, Debi Daly, all these people are nuts and/or driving everyone else nuts
Black Talk Radio says to (10:10:25):
Peace FAm
Black Talk Radio says to (10:10:57):
I heard that, BTR is a addiction huh? I guess we will find out in Feb who gotta feed their crack habit
TracyGmore says to (10:14:06):
lol vince
CURTISCAIFE says to (10:16:48):
oh youre gonna have to pay to listen?
Vince in the Bay says to (10:17:21):
love it
CURTISCAIFE says to (10:18:28):
i guess i'll be sayin goodbye in feburary if you have to pay to listen
Vince in the Bay says to (10:18:37):
its outta control
CURTISCAIFE says to (10:19:02):
wonder what i'll replace it with
CURTISCAIFE says to (10:19:11):
cause it is an addiction
TracyGmore says to (10:19:37):
CURTISCAIFE says to (10:19:45):
but uhh ima njoy it til then
OneAngryJew says to (10:21:07):
I don't see OneAngryJew in that list.
ImhotepVII says to (10:21:43):
It's a vicious cycle
ImhotepVII says to (10:22:08):
College is not about learning, it's about making sure the economy stays solvent
Kalagenesis says (10:22:18):
ImhotepVII says to (10:22:22):
by producing work drones
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (10:23:25):
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (10:23:54):
student loans college is a legal hustle and a scam as it is structured right now
ImhotepVII says to (10:24:12):
It definitely is.
ImhotepVII says to (10:24:25):
I work at a university, I know
Black Talk Radio says to (10:24:28):
Teens Giving Birth Significantly Reduced Look at the chart on my blog, whites have the lowest birth rates hence the conservative fear that they are losing their majorities in USA
Black Talk Radio says to (10:25:03):
sorry, the chart is on front page
ImhotepVII says to (10:25:24):
Social engineering has made us hostile to each other
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (10:25:34):
the frances cress welsing theory on color confrontation coming to fruition
ImhotepVII says to (10:27:16):
Unless they are conditioned to hate the color part of themselves.
SlimJim says to (10:27:48):
if you have more kids than you can afford to raise financially, emotionaly, and pre-school education, then you are stacking the deck against them
bringfortheye says to (10:28:19):
it is imparitive that one obtain a mastery of the liberal arts and sciences in their life time
ImhotepVII says to (10:29:33):
ImhotepVII says to (10:29:43):
Oh wow...
ImhotepVII says to (10:30:10):
PLEASE let me use that one ohost!
ImhotepVII says to (10:30:16):
ImhotepVII says to (10:30:32):
Uncle Ruckus time
SlimJim says to (10:31:19):
imparitive? a man who is a skilled welder in need of a job doesnt need to understand dantes inferno or plank's constant..
ImhotepVII says to (10:31:20):
White skin is as good as kevlar :S
bringfortheye says to (10:31:41):
democratic party nick-name was the "lynching party" during slavery
OneAngryJew says to (10:31:54):
A crack whore with aids
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (10:32:07):
i say blow the system up it is broken fettid and perverse
bringfortheye says to (10:32:31):
the liberals cdreated black laws/code and jim crow
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (10:32:58):
democrat republicans all the same retarded family
OneAngryJew says to (10:32:59):
and me?
OneAngryJew says to (10:33:07):
They're all nuts over there.
Vince in the Bay says to Kalagenesis (private) (10:33:12):
Vince in the Bay says to Kalagenesis (private) (10:33:19):
totally ignor one angry jew
Vince in the Bay says to Kalagenesis (private) (10:33:29):
oh damn
SlimJim says to (10:33:31):
not everything is about you OAJ... where you neglected as a child?
Vince in the Bay says to Kalagenesis (private) (10:33:31):
too late
OneAngryJew says to (10:33:44):
Neither does Benyamin
OneAngryJew says to (10:33:55):
SlimJim you're jealous
Black Talk Radio says to (10:34:22):
Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, what ever ,and to all a good night
bringfortheye says to (10:34:50):
practice love and peace, do for others as you will
SlimJim says to (10:35:05):
jealous of a whining, self absorbed liberal?? sure.. ok
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (10:35:21):
Kalagenesis says to Vince in the Bay (private) (10:35:57):
ImhotepVII says to (10:36:00):
$3.15 here
ImhotepVII says to (10:36:11):
for the cheap gas
Vince in the Bay says to Kalagenesis (private) (10:36:34):
no worries
SlimJim says to (10:38:08):
wow.. now that Bush isnt in office, you guys are actually attempting to ascertain the real reasons for the rise and fall of the price of oil!! good job
SlimJim says to (10:41:50):
Who cares what rupert says.. i pay attention to congress.. they control the purse and create the oppresive laws against us
ImhotepVII says to (10:42:11):
ImhotepVII says to (10:42:48):
This "ism's" are illusions.
ImhotepVII says to (10:43:03):
An economic Jedi mind trick.
SlimJim says to (10:44:02):
it is fact that under Kennedy and Reagan that when the taxes were lowered, revenues to the gov increased
SlimJim says to (10:44:46):
u see, in many cases of business, the more employees i have, the more money the company makes..
SlimJim says to (10:46:47):
to the caller.. may i ask what he feels is a fair income tax rate?
SlimJim says to (10:48:02):
Kala writes off everything under the sun.. even his personal use expenses.. thats why he changed the subject
SlimJim says to (10:48:14):
ImhotepVII says to (10:48:24):
I was akid, but I remember people complaining about the Japanese taking over our economy
ImhotepVII says to (10:51:42):
Yep, the Star Wars Program. X-ray laser platforms on satellitesi in Low Earth Orbit (LEO)
ImhotepVII says to (10:58:26):
Send him away from the community
ImhotepVII says to (10:58:37):
ImhotepVII says to (10:58:50):
Death is pointless
SlimJim says to (11:02:32):
damn kala.. wow, i wish i would have known things would be handed to me.. why did i start working at 16, put myself thru college? why did i even study? why did i not just wait and let things fall in my lap?
ImhotepVII says to (11:03:44):
InformationTechnology is one of those fields where experience counts more than a degree
SlimJim says to (11:04:07):
i submit it could be parenting, upbringing, determination, work ethic and the will to better my life
S Malcolm says to (11:05:57):
He sounds like a Proud House Negroe
SlimJim says to (11:05:58):
i think the more equal things get, the idea may come to pass that some people just cant cut it.. so they need their security blanket comprised of exuses about them not being white.. its getting old
ImhotepVII says to (11:06:11):
Funny things is, many of us are raised with those same values, work hard, but still get treated as if we were lazy and shiftless @Slim
ImhotepVII says to (11:06:33):
I know I was
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:06:42):
the playing field has never been level
ImhotepVII says to (11:06:48):
SlimJim says to (11:07:17):
then you have the foundation VII.. now its up to you to make something of it
SlimJim says to (11:07:24):
sounds like u may have
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:07:27):
so therefore where you start and where you finish are not comparable in regards to race. if you are white and you fail you pretty much have no rationale
ImhotepVII says to (11:07:38):
Indeed I have@ Slim.
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:07:57):
the game is rigged
SlimJim says to (11:08:05):
cop out..
ImhotepVII says to (11:08:10):
But the reality is I still may be percieved as someone who is not up to par
ImhotepVII says to (11:08:19):
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:08:21):
do you renounce white supremacy racism
SlimJim says to (11:08:32):
then change the perception
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:08:33):
affirmatively and unequivocally
S Malcolm says to (11:08:33):
I renounce it.
S Malcolm says to (11:08:41):
It is imaginary
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:08:48):
SlimJim says to (11:08:56):
Cohost.. what that directed to me?
S Malcolm says to (11:09:35):
We don't have to beg for what we can take for ourselves.
SlimJim says to (11:09:51):
kudos Malcom
ImhotepVII says to (11:10:05):
That's what I'm saying Slim. I can dress in a three piece suit, speak the "king's english", and answer deep questions. The problem is people are surprised when I do.
ImhotepVII says to (11:10:28):
As if that wasn't expected of me@ Slim
SlimJim says to (11:10:39):
that is their problem VII, whether they know it or not
ImhotepVII says to (11:10:55):
You got it Slim.
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:11:05):
white supremacy is as real as the air you brathe and as powerful concept as the make believe jesus you worship
S Malcolm says to (11:12:49):
White Supremacy only exists if you give it power. just like the Imaginary Jesus.
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:13:09):
i actually that is not factual
S Malcolm says to (11:13:54):
Prove it
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:14:45):
melanated people do not control the factors of production in this country you have to kneel before your overlord and beg for a job even if you are beyond qualified
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:15:15):
that enough says it
S Malcolm says to (11:15:27):
You can work for yourself. No need to beg for anything
S Malcolm says to (11:15:58):
You think you need to beg because you were taught that.
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:16:15):
who will support your business who has the means to support it
S Malcolm says to (11:16:20):
Our people did for self not long ago
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:16:45):
when you are business for yourself you work for your customers
S Malcolm says to (11:16:54):
What's important? Food, clothing, and shelter.
SlimJim says to (11:16:56):
it must suck to be so redundantly consumed with what a certain segment of society thinks about them...
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:17:17):
you have to get your business financing utilities food clothing and shelter from a caucasian
ImhotepVII says to (11:17:21):
It's social engineering@Slim
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:17:50):
in other words you can not live or exist without being in the sphere of influence of a caucasian period
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:18:16):
we dont grow our own food
SlimJim says to (11:18:21):
social engineering is another cop out.. maybe not years ago, but i feel it is today
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:18:29):
dont own 13% of the banks
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:18:35):
or insurance
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:18:58):
hospitals, law firms defense contracting
ImhotepVII says to (11:18:59):
It's more covert now@Slim
ImhotepVII says to (11:19:23):
but it is starting to come back into the open
S Malcolm says to (11:19:27):
Fear based programming
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:19:27):
whites net worth median is 90000 for a family
SlimJim says to (11:19:29):
if one can make it, 10 can make it just as 1,000.. or a million
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:19:40):
for blacks it is 6000
S Malcolm says to (11:19:48):
We have a lot of cowards in our community
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:20:14):
1500% difference in net worth is that a mistake
S Malcolm says to (11:20:19):
All I hear are excuses
ImhotepVII says to (11:20:27):
Free market works when the social playing field is even.
S Malcolm says to (11:20:30):
Where are the men?
ImhotepVII says to (11:20:37):
Communism is a joke
SlimJim says to (11:20:39):
its about parenting.. both parents and a managable munber of children
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:20:51):
its about being honest
ImhotepVII says to (11:20:54):
Socialism is just as bad
SlimJim says to (11:20:55):
SlimJim says to (11:21:10):
right.. honet parents
S Malcolm says to (11:21:13):
Cowards make excuses
SlimJim says to (11:21:16):
ImhotepVII says to (11:21:21):
Anarchy is beyond stupid.
ImhotepVII says to (11:21:40):
Marxism is self serving
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:21:44):
name one people on this planet who were brutalized abused disenfranchised and legally discraminated against and exploited by their own government
S Malcolm says to (11:21:53):
Self determination is the only way
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:21:57):
lets see the tuskeegee experiment
ImhotepVII says to (11:22:14):
That's one
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:22:15):
iran contra oliver noth
ImhotepVII says to (11:22:20):
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:22:20):
SlimJim says to (11:22:21):
the jews in germany
S Malcolm says to (11:22:26):
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:22:28):
putting drugs in the community
S Malcolm says to (11:22:32):
SlimJim says to (11:22:33):
ImhotepVII says to (11:22:45):
Home run@Kal cohost
SlimJim says to (11:22:49):
ImhotepVII says to (11:22:51):
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:22:51):
not accurate sir we don't believe you you need more people
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:23:19):
you can not compare
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:23:31):
they are homogenous societies
ImhotepVII says to (11:23:38):
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:24:31):
and the abuses in some cases were due to colonial influences
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:26:28):
when jews were gassed in 1948 they got a country
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:26:37):
japanese were given money by reagan
SlimJim says to (11:26:53):
let me say this, America is the worst country that ever existed... except for all the rest..
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:27:17):
jim life is good for you
ImhotepVII says to (11:27:26):
America as a concept is great, it just needs to live up to its creed more.
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:27:43):
i have experienced racism at many levels first hand
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:27:47):
never been arrested
S Malcolm says to (11:27:51):
We will never be accepted as equals. So do for self and stop begging
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:27:56):
no children out of wedlock
ImhotepVII says to (11:27:59):
The issue is, America was founded on bloodshed, not peace
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:28:19):
I came out of the poorest neighborhood per capita in the country
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:28:32):
and i am still not accepted based on my melanin
S Malcolm says to (11:28:33):
Who is thiss fool screaming for slavery
ImhotepVII says to (11:28:56):
Someone not worth listening too@ S Malcolm
SlimJim says to (11:28:56):
Cohost.. life was not good for me a time ago, but now it is.. as a result of my actions and determinations.. i will not let any man take that from me..
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:29:03):
I have worked for fortune 100 firms and managed at different levels
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:29:13):
That is where we differ
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:29:18):
I don't have that luxury
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:29:26):
my reality is far different
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:29:51):
In a true meritocracy i wouldnt lose a job even when I am performing well
ImhotepVII says to (11:30:10):
That's the first thing I agree with Sarge
ImhotepVII says to (11:30:40):
No, you weren't wrong@Kala
Kalagenesis says (11:30:47):
S Malcolm says to (11:31:13):
I agree
ImhotepVII says to (11:31:21):
I will love the person, but will ot except the lifestyle of homosexuality
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:31:30):
Unless you are willing to sacrifice your advantage as a white person in this country, in this world and this universe than we very little common ground
S Malcolm says to (11:31:35):
The next thing will be people marrying animals
ImhotepVII says to (11:31:53):
Sadly, I can see that@Malcolm
S Malcolm says to (11:32:09):
Sad to say
ImhotepVII says to (11:32:59):
Pedophilia will become normal
S Malcolm says to (11:33:11):
It is already normal
SlimJim says to (11:33:38):
Well, i dont remember anyone around when i was working nights, staying up studying just to get through college.. no social life while everyone was out partying it up and knocking up women..
SlimJim says to (11:33:41):
i paid the price
ImhotepVII says to (11:33:57):
But it's not public yet i.e. you don't have people holding marches for equal rights@ malcolm
SlimJim says to (11:34:02):
on my own and will not relinquish one drop of sweat
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:34:04):
yeah yeah yeah i hear you
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:34:17):
i did not knock women up
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:34:33):
but i have been severely mistreated
ImhotepVII says to (11:35:03):
S Malcolm says to (11:35:08):
That television show that traps these pedophyles shows how normal this thing is
ImhotepVII says to (11:35:26):
I've seen that. It's horrific
S Malcolm says to (11:35:52):
Some have been caught several times
ImhotepVII says to (11:36:18):
It's a spiritual issue which translates into immoral actions.
ImhotepVII says to (11:36:40):
ImhotepVII says to (11:36:50):
SlimJim says to (11:38:49):
CoHost.. how were you mistreated? sorry to hear about it.. but, if you are the host on the air.. you sound VERY capable of taking charge and making a complete success of your life.. if you make it happen
ImhotepVII says to (11:39:55):
Obama was born in United States territory. 1Nuff said.
SlimJim says to (11:40:15):
it was a state, not territory
SlimJim says to (11:40:36):
a territory would have been questionable
ImhotepVII says to (11:40:41):
I know, I was just saying
ImhotepVII says to (11:40:54):
That's waht I was inferring
ImhotepVII says to (11:40:59):
S Malcolm says to (11:41:01):
Does it matter? He is still President
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (11:41:41):
i am not kala
ImhotepVII says to (11:41:43):
Oy gevalt...
ImhotepVII says to (11:41:50):
SlimJim says to (11:42:09):
However, Obama having admitted holding citizenship to a foriegn nation truobles me as it sets precidence.. it should be put to rest
ImhotepVII says to (11:42:29):
ImhotepVII says to (11:42:34):
ImhotepVII says to (11:43:14):
Was Daddy Grace like Rev. Ike?
ImhotepVII says to (11:43:53):
People who don't preach the Gospel, but foolishness?
ImhotepVII says to (11:44:43):
ImhotepVII says to (11:45:10):
No, he's a reptilian from Zeta Reticuli
Kalagenesis says (11:45:20):
SlimJim says to (11:45:21):
ImhotepVII says to (11:45:49):
That show "V" is based on his life, right Sarge?
SlimJim says to (11:45:53):
i think his birth certificate lists him as white..
SlimJim says to (11:47:43):
the president of the senate
ImhotepVII says to (11:49:20):
The sad thing is, it would take the near destruction of our culture before people wake up
ImhotepVII says to (11:50:15):
Preach Kala!
ImhotepVII says to (11:51:08):
Oh no...8-|
Demetri328 says to (11:51:10):
Watch out, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will try to overturn The Constitution so that he can become President.
ImhotepVII says to (11:52:20):
That's true
SlimJim says to (11:53:10):
right on Sarge!
Demetri328 says to (11:55:31):
That is why we need to discipline our children, family member children and our nieghbor's children. Stop letting these young brothers use the excuse of now fathers to raise them, and us as men, me
Demetri328 says to (11:55:49):
I meant no fathers.
Reali-Tee says to (11:56:08):
I m late
Reali-Tee says to (11:56:44):
continue ....if you dont mind and have the time...this is a good talk....
ImhotepVII says to (11:56:46):
It says it all@ Cohost
ImhotepVII says to (11:57:54):
ImhotepVII says to (11:58:01):
ImhotepVII says to (11:58:35):
Four hundred years of psychological warfare
Demetri328 says to (11:59:15):
We need to educate the women to stop having all these babies and baby daddies. They not only disrespect themselves, but our generation in this country. Teach men to stand up instead f being runawa
Demetri328 says to (11:59:39):
runaway dads.
ImhotepVII says to (12:00:00):
Ok Sarge, go to an all White community and try and settle there. Try E. Washington State. Let see how long you last in spite of your social views
ImhotepVII says to (12:00:49):
Gangs=Social cancer
Kalagenesis says (12:01:23):
gangs=cummunity failure
SlimJim says to (12:01:47):
good discussion yall..
ImhotepVII says to (12:01:50):
Failure of the values in the community
ImhotepVII says to (12:03:40):
Hotep fam. Peace
Kalagenesis (Cohost) says to (12:12:36):

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