Sunday, November 7, 2010

Obama in the Political fight of his life.

The Tea Party was underestimated by Obama and much of the Liberal establishment.I was not shocked.Nor was most people living and working everyday in America today.I see the anger wild eyed hatred in the White older population everyday.They fear this country is not defined by them anymore.They feel people who are not as loyal to the country built it should not be equal to those whose ancestors built it.This is the sad and true reality of the United States of America it is really like any other country.Americans no longer care about portraying themselves as the saints or the shining city on the hill.They want a right wing America first and last mentality.This means they are fine with war against Muslims.They are fine in denying health care to the poor.They are fine with racism,aggression,bigotry,vanity and selfishness.Most of the people coming here are from regions of the world that dislike Western values.America is still a White country and President Obama knows that in order to win he has to appear as a fighter for those values the right wing keeps reminding everyone America is all about.
The Left Wing misread the 2008 election
It never ceases to amaze me how people think homosexuality,deviant behavior entitlement culture is not going to be opposed.I have been saying this for years most people in this country are open minded about these things.But when you attack their religion,value system you are going to get a backlash.This is what people who wanted to give people who crossed the US border amnesty did.Most people are against the presence of undocumented workers although most have sympathy for them.The face of the person getting entitlements in America is not the Wall Street banker,the contractors in the defense department,the farmers getting subsidies to grow nothing or the corporation that gets government bailouts,they are not considered welfare queens and leaches.The GOP has successfully painted a false picture of the Left wing as a class of mouchers and dependents.Even the 99ers and people out of work are lumped into this group.Is it no wonder many felt defeated and unenthusiastic this election cycle?Obama needs to clarify what his vision of America is.There is clearly many competing visions all united to get rid of Bush and prevent Palin from ever seeing Washington.The people who held up Health care reform on the left deserve some of the blame too.They simply dont get the active minds in America will never go for that type of entitlement when they will convince people that Blacks will be its chief beneficiary.The next two years are going to be hell on Earth.

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