Friday, August 6, 2010

The Ugly Truth.We are losing our community!

The Ugly Truth is we need to stand for our community.Five years ago I came on the internet and said only a Kala Nation will survive.More and more people have now come to realize what the Kalagenesis was saying.I talked first about Sacred Cows and how we hold on to beliefs and ideas to our own determent.I talked about "Arrested Development"and our natural progress to manhood and womanhood was taken from us.How many of us are suspended in a permanent state of youth.This explains why many of us don't think like adults on important life and death decisions.One of the thing about being an adult is taking responsibility for ones life.Success or failure it is in the hand of the individual.This means no matter what is oppressing us we ultimately have the ability to change it.If we cant then we need to change our circumstances.The progress towards nationhood has to come from within ourselves.We can have all the land we want but until we proclaim our relationship with God not the White man.Until we take responsibility for our own lives and destiny we are but coons and fools.
Semantics in destroying Us
Many people will call gangs not by what they are criminals and thugs.Now they are called the PC term "Street Organizations"We are afraid to confront these people who are destroying our community.It is easier to talk about conspiracies and unforeseen forces than to confront"The Enemy Within".Those among us who appeal to our lowest base emotions in order to take focus off their misdeeds and destruction.Those among us who we entrust to watch out for us but promote their own agrandisement and promotion.Those who want to parasite us with phony issues like Affirmative Action,Gay Marriage,drug legalization,gun rights,Prayer in schools,death penalty,abortion ect.All issues not important to us we embrace because of our lack of clarity in the media.The media picks and choose what issues are important to the country and the Black community.The Ugly Truth is we need to man up and woman up in Black Community.