Monday, July 5, 2010

Wholistic healing.Real or Fraud?

I would be the first to admit I don't know a whole lot about metaphysics,Wholistic healing(which is not a word or academically defined)or anything the many gurus in the community sell us on.I think of the money Ive spent on so called Egyptian oils,incense,herbs,potions,seeds ect I could be rich by now.Now I do know that certain herbs do fight toxins and cancer.And that my hidden healing is also in many plants around the world.But what most of the gurus don't tell you is that modern medicine is based on these plants,and modern pharmacy techniques involve duplicating these natural medicines as to mass produce them and make them safe and affordable.For example oxicotin is a herb that has pain killing ability.It is also close to heroin.PCP,marajana,cocaine are all natural should we consume them?
I suspect the Wholistic Movement is Counterculture
For the longest time we have had uneducated gurus wearing dashikis in the community peddling misimformation and paranoia as revolution.I asked what is the nutritional value of a bean pie?Why is that better than sweet potato pie?I will get mumbo jumbo for the next two hours.There are many who refuse to except science,math,engineering,technology as inevitable and the future.Asleep in a dangerous world.Many talk about the dangers of modern farming and we should grow things ourselves.I ask why?Because they use chemicals!That is a dirty word except when they are smoking chemicals in their weed.Chemicals signifies science!And Lord knows if some Negroes will have to pick up a book and research some facts!This is all a rebellion against progress.It is the main thing hold the African people back.Most food in the world that African people eat comes from other people.Africans are the only people who cant feed themselves,produce their own cars,cloths,books,computers ect.The same people who say industries are bad.I ask why are you on your computer?It is industry that brought you the facebook you are on.
We need balance
The one thing we as African Americans need is balance and common sense.Go to the doctor and find out what is wrong with you.Ask him his opinion about certain herbs.He cannot recommend non medicine but do your own research.Understand that the modern world people live longer because we have the science to save lives.Feel good gurus are more likely after your money and control of your mind than helping you.