Wednesday, May 5, 2010

God Bless Africa.Kenyan Children for sale to Europeans

As much as we as a people like to talk about liberation,the truth is we are the biggest cowards on the planet.As men we are not providing for our people.Not only do we let White men come to Africa to exploit her.Whether it is natural resources,land,minerals,it waters,ect.It seems Africa is a White man's continent.All of his carnal lust take root and he lets himself go.This is what Africa has become a whore to the world.We need to stop this and stop it now.Africa needs our love and support.Ive said this a million times.Any serious investment and involvement in Africa should have African Americans.Whites simply cannot be trusted by themselves.The words of the new female President of Liberia says it all.Africa needs business,but not business as usual.Those who want to exploit Africa like before are going to come up short.Africa's children are her most precious resource.