Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Enemy within Pt 4.The phony militant

I remember back in 1992 through 1995 I was part of an underground network of militants and activist in my area.We were often amazed how without having any representation in the so called Black media to foster and reinforce our ideas,we still managed to come together under one banner and brotherhood.Books like Message to the Blackman,Philosophies and Opinions of Marcus Garvey,Autobiography of Malcolm X.If you read those three core books along with some others it gave you a foundation to build with other brothers like you.We were very young back then,the good kids who cared about our community and people.Some were battling racism trying to make it in America with their degrees,and education.Others thought only nationalism will work.Both sides were legitimate because both sides produced positive results.I was the one who would question a person's sincerity especially those who put on a militant front but I suspected they were merely opportunist who love to come into any organization,meeting or gathering and try to outshine,out speak,or take over in general.In every movement there are those who use a legitimate cause or use legitimate suffering or grievances of a people for personal gain and profit.I saw this problem back then I see it now.

Phony militants using Pan Africanism for selfish reasons

Recently I was on a so called Militant's blog in which we had a disagreement.I am realizing my age all of a sudden because I seem so old school when dealing with these new heads coming into the movement.The blogger called RBG Scholar did a very disrespectful article on Barack Obama.In one pic he had the little bad boy graphic that the rednecks use.It was the one where the guy was pissing on the President's head.Now he got this from a White graphic's designer on the net,there are no Black graphics designers using or making bad boy graphics.It is a grimy suburban White boy thing.It appears to me that almost anyone can cut and paste red,black and green banners on their site and put pictures of Malcolm X,and Marcus Garvey quotes on it.It seems many are missing the point of what these men stood for.These men used their different beliefs to adjust to the circumstances in which they found themselves.The belief in African Nationalism is still strong as ever in the hearts and minds of the believers.But the world although some of the fundamental problems plaguing Africans still are the same such as lack of a strong unified economic and political front.There are problems that still we face as a result of slavery and colonialism.But many Black people have succeeded in spite of the barriers and problems.It was not like that 80 years ago during the height of Marcus Garvey.We have hundreds of Black law enforcement and elected officials.We have many wealthy and affluent African Americans.The number of Black people satisfied with America and their future is over 70%.The first time in our history.This in spite of the fact that many still are looking and soul searching for their African roots and history.More of us are taking an interest in the continent.It seems angry,hateful rhetoric in now counter productive.Most African Americans embrace Africa including the youthful Hip hop nation.Rappers travel to the continent to do business and a leisure like it is nothing.Kenyan,Ghanian,and Nigerian artist are famous in America and the West.So there is no reason for talk of guns and violence because the winds are blowing in the Pan African direction.

Kalagenesis vs the Black racist

Like I pointed out earlier in this article I judge people not on their political beliefs but their integrity and passion for what is best for the people.This is why I can support President Barack Obama and still believe in African Nationalism.It seems too many are using Nationalism as an excuse to attack the Black people who are achieving in this country and world because they are not achieving and they envy Black people who can make it.I like many other militants were careful back in the day not to become enslaved to any ideology.But to bend and adapt to changing times and people.Many so called militants are stuck in a mindset that limits them to negativity and stagnation.It is to the point that many are standing on street corners attacking Black women calling them sluts and whores because they cant control them.This is done by the rouge sects of the Black Hebrew Israelite Nation.A clown sect of dirty dashiki wearing self hating fools who use their religion to attack people who do not agree with them or their hate.In the following video a good brother Professor I Self rebukes them.

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