Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kala Nation Warrior/Bloggers call to arms.1995

Years ago around the time of the mass lead up to the million man march I was out there like so many African American community patriots and activist.Back then after the beating of Rodney King,the shooting of Yusef Hawkins,and the rise of gangster rap which was dividing the young Black community in America.1995 marked a turning point in our history as large numbers of our people from every educational level background,income level and social status became very disillusioned about America and the American dream.Around the early nineties we found out the contrary to what the peacenicks were telling us there were still white supremecy groups armed,violent and declaring war on America and Jews.The root of the problem is the fact that this so called Jew controlled media puts out positive images of Black people so as to make them seem more civilized.This is what the KKK says.Now if millions of White people feel like that that must mean sooner or later that will surface in the form of overt discrimination and violence.Make no mistake the threat of an all out race war is in the air.There are segments of White America who now believe we have stolen from them all that their ancestors stole from the Indians.The think that any advancement of the Black man is at their expense.Why do you think anytime we get a contract it is assumed we got preferences?It is because most Whites cant live without us they need us we give them an excuse to be lazy.They can blame it on us when they fail.Now it is the illegal Mexicans who are the target.The real power barons keep the masses fighting over trivial thing that do not matter.We as Black people need to continue to fight because one election does not mean a thing to people who have for years had it there way.This is about us and the opposition to Barack Obama is the opposition to Black America.We need to blog,blog,blog and fight for our right to lead.We need to fight for the Black middle class.In cites in which we out number Whites,I have recently found out,we get less than 1% of government contracts!!!!!!!!
So the million dollar question,why does this happen?It is simple during the 80's they created the so called mild mannered"incognegro"to make the emerging Black man less threatening to White America.In movies,music,and pop culture the old militant Black man was gone.Even Jesse Jackson was considered to radical.It seems as though White people on the whole are apprehensive when it comes to being ruled over by a person of color.Colin Powell shocked people when he revealed that some affirmative action programs are needed to combated the effects of racism in America.Right now we are in a box most people think we should stop fighting for equal rights because we have a Black President.We need to build our own economic base.We need a structure based on traditional African values and customs.This is why in 1995 at the height of the Black militant movement I said only a Kala Nation under God will survive.A unified people with a common purpose and destiny will survive.God wishes we Black men to unify and unite with one purpose.We have to fight the enemies of Barack Obama because Obama represents the very best in our community.He is Malcolm X,Dr King,and Rosa Parks all rolled up into one.The right wing is in concert with the destructive forces tearing Black America apart.How else do you explain why they give money,airtime,and publicity to rappers who will disrespect recognized leaders in the Black community.Look at what 50 cent,Lil Wayne,and David Banner all said about the Rev Al Sharpton.So we have identified the main sources of conflict in Black America.The racist power structure who don't want us to control any wealth,either here on in Africa,we know what ethnic group that is.The extreme left wing and the extreme right wing both do not respect our community and its values.Then last we have the carrier sambos,coons,self hating people who think it is their job to clown our community with modern day minstrel comedy,and self degrading images.To all my Kala Nation warriors we have to fight the enemies in our community and outside our community for our great future.

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